Customer Loyalty Solutions

Looking for ways to increase customer loyalty? We recommend marketing campaigns which mix economic incentives with amazing experiences for your customers.

The challenge of customer retention is harder than ever, as discerning consumers demand brands with a unique identity and smart customer service. That’s why it’s so important to create positive experiences which reinforce your customers’ trust, loyalty and commitment to your brand. The same experiential campaigns can be used to learn more about your customers, segment your audience, and reach out with personalized messaging.


	repeat customers

Increase sales with repeat customers

When you run a marketing campaign aimed at repeat customers, you have a 60-70% chance of making the sale. Meanwhile, a campaign aimed at new customers has a 13% success rate. Selling to repeat customers takes less effort, costs less, and offers more potential for upselling and cross-selling.

	brand customer ambassadors

Increase brand awareness and reputation with customer ambassadors

A positive experience is good for you and your customers. Loyal customers will recommend your brand to their family, friends and colleagues, effectively becoming brand ambassadors. Every committed fan of your brand is a micro-influencer.

	brand public recommendations

Get public recommendations for your products and services

Public recommendations and reviews are one of the most important factors in consumer decision-making. So it’s essential for brands to campaign for more reviews and feedback, and share the results on social media. Public reviews and recommendations can also boost your brand visibility, search engine rankings, and ad conversion rates.

	improve products customer feedback

Improve products and services through customer feedback

Get more from your repeat customers when you reward them for sharing their opinion. Get reviews, ratings, and ideas to develop products through customer satisfaction surveys, exclusive events for VIP customers, and creative collaborations with your brand.

	customer loyalty predictable sales

Support business growth with predictable sales

Use your loyal customer base to support your business’ growth and ensure your cash flow. When you have a community of repeat customers, your business is in a stronger economic position, with predictable sales and income. This strong position enables you to enter new markets, diversify products, run more ambitious marketing campaigns, and more.

Our recommended apps for customer loyalty campaigns

  • Game Apps

    Games offer a new kind of experience for your customers. They can earn points, prizes or discounts as an incentive to take part. At the same time, your customers also receive the emotional rewards of entertainment and competition.

  • Quiz Apps

    Quizzes in the form of surveys, product recommenders, personality quizzes and predictions help you learn more about your most loyal customers. You can also use quizzes to educate customers about your products, services and brand. In return, Offer incentives to reward for your customers’ efforts, such as coupons, free gifts or exclusive content.

  • Contest Apps

    Contests are another way to promote and reward customer loyalty. Use these apps to collect user-generated content which highlights your brand and boosts your social media reach. Don’t forget to include a tempting prize!

  • Multi-Stage

    Multi-Stage applications are perfect for creating long-term promotions and advanced campaigns with various participation stages to reinforce stronger relationships with your audience.

Resources to include customer loyalty in your marketing strategy

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I integrate games, quizzes and giveaways in my customer loyalty program?

    There are many ways: the most simple is to send the link to the promotion microsite by email for the customers to participate. If your customer loyalty program is more complex, you can use the auto login API so that users first log in to your platform before participating, and that way you can link their participation with their customer data.

  • Giveaways and sweepstakes are good tools to build customer loyalty. You can give an entry or a code to enter the draw for each purchase, and that way reward and encourage loyalty. Futhermore, if you're giving away one of your own products, you're sure to get it right because the participants are customers that have shown interest in your product and have already purchased it.

  • Sharing discount codes, coupons or other special offers such as "free shipping", for example, is a dynamic that is used frequently to foster customer loyalty. This type of promotion can be optimized according to your needs and plans: you can offer a coupon as a PDF that users can download, show the code as a QR code or a barcode, allow users to redeem it on your ecommerce site, or let the employees at the physical store validate the codes easily. Furthermore, the coupon codes can be combined with other promotional actions. You can, for example, present the discounts in a prize wheel that the registered users in your online store can access. Or you can announce a photo contest to all customers and in return for entering a photo, you can give the participants a discount voucher for their next purchase. 

  • No, there are many other options. Coupons and discounts are used to build loyalty because customers usually appreciate economic incentives. But emotional factors also influence customer retention. This is why contests and games can also help build customer loyalty, especially if you top it off with a final prize draw among all the participants. 

  • Yes, games and quizzes are a fun way to offer the customers emotional incentives by offering them challenges and entertainment. They can also be part of an action to get to know your customers better and offer them customized offers and perks.