Back to School

Back to School

Make the most out of the Back to School season

It's time to go Back to School... Excited kids are on the lookout for new trendy backpacks and pen sets, while parents seek offers, special deals, and discounts

Take this chance to position your brand in your target customers' minds! Use social media giveaways to showcase new product launches and bestsellers, boost sales with Back to School coupon campaigns, or entertain, engage and collect new leads with branded mini-games. Find out which application best suits your needs and launch a branded Back to School campaign. Engagement, new leads, and increased sales guaranteed!


Back to school resourcers

  • Run Back to School social media giveaways to boost engagement and promote products

    Invite your audience to comment on your social media posts for a chance to win new backpacks, uniforms, stationery items, or gift cards to your store or e-commerce. Boost social media engagement with comment-based giveaways or simply use the Back to School campaign to convert social media followers into qualified leads. Remember, a good prize is a key to your success!

    back to school giveaway

    • Engage your Instagram followers with Back to School giveaways. Use our ready-made Back to School Instagram giveaway template to save some time. It's fully customizable!
    • Launch a successful Facebook giveaway as part of your Back to School campaign. Simply use our Back to School Facebook giveaway template and reconnect with your community.
    • Looking to convert social media followers or anonymous website visitors into leads? Try the Back to School Entry Form Giveaway and then use our customizable template to launch your own branded promotion. Just share the link across your social media channels and watch your database expand!
    • Would you like to boost brand engagement and visibility? Run a Back to School Instant Win promotion and give away attractive prizes based on winning moments. Encourage participants to come back daily to try their lucky and maintain engagement.

  • Take your sales to the next level with Back to School coupon campaigns

    Are boosting sales and expanding your mailing list your main objectives? Take your sales through the roof with quick and easy Back to School coupon campaigns! Share discount codes and coupons with all users that share their contact details with you. You can also launch coupon campaigns for clients only with our newest OCR technology for ticket validation.


    back to school coupons

    • Distribute coupons to all users that register online with the help of our Back to School Distribute Coupon Code promotion. Get a taste of the real user experience and then fully customize our ready-made template to launch your own coupon campaign.
    • Find out more about Back to School Coupon campaigns. See real examples of fun promotions and get inspired for your own campaign.
    • NEW Back to School prize wheel with receipt validation! Boost sales, generate leads, and attract and retain customers with a client-exclusive prize wheel. The OCR system validates purchase receipts to confirm whether a participant spent a minimum required amount before they're granted access to your promotion.

  • Gamify your Back to School campaign to generate engagement and leads

    Online communities turn to social media for fun and entertainment. Implement innovative content marketing strategies and launch Back to School branded mini-games to boost brand engagement, improve brand and product awareness and generate new leads.


    back to school gamification

    • NEW: Use a customizable version of a popular switch and match game that engages users, generates leads, and better positions your brand. Our Slide & Match game comes with a ready-made template that you can use to launch your Back to School game in minutes. 
    • Promote your best-selling or newly released products with a Back to School Memory game. You can then launch your own branded game with our customizable template.
    • Give a go to our branded Back to School Puzzle and see how it can boost engagement and generate new leads. Create a Puzzle of your own to entertain your online community and convert them into qualified leads.
    • Wanting to promote a new Back to School collection? Do it with a branded Match It game! Try our Back to School Match It game and replicate real user experience. Customize our ready-made template to promote your brand and products.
    • Challenge your social media followers to a Back to School Word Search to test their visual skills. You can use our template to save up to 70% of production time.

  • Launch Back to School quizzes to facilitate lead segmentation

    Generate new leads and segment them in a fun and easy way with one of our Back to School quizzes. Invite your followers to answer some easy questions about their likes and preferences and offer them attractive prizes in return.


    back to school quiz

    • Test our Back to School Knowledge Quiz and find out how to use it for your Back to School campaign.You can then use our ready-made template for your own promotion and offer prizes based on your participants' answers.
    • Check your followers' knowledge about your products, brand, or another topic with our Back to School Timed Quiz. Allow participants to improve their score and reward the best player, or distribute discounts to all registered users.

  • Increase brand awareness with UGC-driven Back to School contest

    Did you know that branded contests can help you improve brand awareness? Launch contests to collect valuable user-generated content and reinforce customer loyalty by resharing pictures and videos submitted by your customers. You can also generate new leads!


    back to school contests

    • Why don't you organize a Photo Contest? By not just any Photo Contest... Try our Back to School PhotoFun and discover how to reinforce brand awareness with this fun app! Upload branded stickers and frames and encourage participants to share their decorated shots with their family and friends.
    • Interested to discover more fun examples? Head to our blog post with Back to School contest ideas.

  • Organize a fun Back to School Bracker Tournament to augment engagement

    Create an online Back to School Tournament Bracket to collect leads and generate long-term engagement for your brand. Encourage entrants to participate in each daily, weekly, or monthly round for their chance to win attractive prizes.


    back to school bracket

    • Invite your online community to participate in your Back to School Bracket where users vote for their favorite school subjects.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why organize a Back to School marketing campaign?

    Each year, millions of people spend hundreds of dollars on Back to School shopping. Take this opportunity to stand out and better position your brand in your target customer's mind. Promote your best selling school supplies, as well as shoes, clothes and other essential gadgets. Launch digital Back to School promotions and social media giveaways to convert followers into leads, improve brand awareness and boost sales. Back to School campaigns are all about brand and product promotion.

  • The type of promotion that will work best for you depends on your main marketing objectives. If you're looking to energize your social media networks and boost engagement, launch a comment-based giveaway. If you want to boost sales, organize a Back to School coupon campaign and launch branded mini-games to increase brand engagement, and provide high-quality entertainment to your online community. You can also conduct market research with various quizzes. Remember to enable the registration form if you wish to generate new leads.

  • Organizing a Back to School giveaway is a great idea to boost social media engagement, improve social media presence and connect with your online community. Run comment-based sweepstakes to encourage real conversations that lead to increased customer trust and strengthened customer relationships. Open-ended questions are the best engagement boosters. 

  • If you're looking to boost sales then distributing Back to School discount codes and coupons is the best idea, as it will also drive traffic to your business. You can raffle your best selling items to reinforce product awareness. Tap into your customers' loyalty by sharing codes with all registered users and then run a prize draw to choose a random winner of your main prize.