Back to School Marketing

It’s Back to School time! Kids are on the lookout for the latest trends in school bags and accessories, and if these feature their favorite characters, even better! Meanwhile, parents are looking for promotions or discounts to tackle the back to school shopping.


For brands interested in the Back to School campaign, this is the time to position themselves top of mind of their target audience. Promotional actions such as giveaways and games with prizes on social media can be used to showcase new releases or highlight best-selling products. If you are looking for ideas for your Back-to-School campaign, keep on reading. Here you will find plenty of examples and proposals to launch an interactive campaign that will help you achieve the marketing goals of your back to school campaign.

Back to School Marketing

Back to school marketing resources

  • GIveaways to promote Back to School products

    Nothing fosters social media engagement as giveaways do, as users interact with the brand for the chance of winning a prize. Make the most of the Back to School season and grow your follower base with this type of action: organize a comment giveaway and offer an attractive prize. 

    back to school giveaway

    Take a look at the example above, a Back-to-School giveaway promoted on Instagram. Many brands offer products suitable for the Back-to-School marketing campaign as it's a period when children need new clothing, footwear, school supplies, backpacks, etc. One of the simplest and most effective digital promotions is to organize an Instagram giveaway. It helps improve brand recognition and showcases your product.


      sorteo de la vuelta al cole con registro


    • Are you looking into converting your social media fans into leads? If that is the case, you should consider a digital promotion with a registration form. Offer a compelling prize, and users will be willing to provide their information to enter the giveaway.
    • Try the Back to School Entry Form Giveaway and then use our customizable template to launch your own branded promotion. Just share the link across your social media channels and watch your database expand!
    • Would you like to boost brand engagement and visibility? Run a Back to School Instant Win promotion and give away attractive prizes based on winning moments. Encourage participants to come back daily to try their lucky and maintain engagement.
  • Grow your sales with Back to School promotions and discounts

    Do you want to increase sales and nurture your database with potential customers? Use discount coupons as part of your Back to School campaign. Distributing coupons and promotional codes among users who share their contact information is one of the most effective actions to boost sales.


    back to school coupons


    Create a microsite with a registration form and easily design discount coupons using the coupon editor. Users who register will automatically receive a coupon, which can be issued in various formats for redemption: a personalized QR code, or alphanumeric codes to be redeemed at your e-commerce platform or store. This is also ideal for distributing discount codes generated with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.

    • Try this Back to School Distribute Coupon Code promotion DEMO. Use this kind of promotion to distribute discount coupons and prizes to encourage purchases all while gathering contact details of potential customers.
    • There are other ways to distribute direct purchase incentives, as you can see in this Back-to-School Scratch & Win demo. Participants try their luck by scratching the panel to see if they have won a prize, and in return, register and provide their information.

    Back to school Scratch&Win discounts


    These Instant Win dynamics can be promoted on social media to convert followers into leads, but they are also very useful to present on your e-commerce platform, website, or blog and turn anonymous visitors into identified contacts.


    If your brand has brick-and-mortar shops and your goal is to incentivize offline sales, use prizes and discounts to do so. Distribute incentives to be redeemed in-store using Easypromos' validation tools. For example, with the express validation system, the user presents the prize screen on their mobile device and validates it in front of the cashier to instantly claim the prize.

    Mobile Phone Prize Validation



  • Gamify your Back to School campaign to generate engagement and leads

    Online communities turn to social media for fun and entertainment! To incorporate this type of content into a brand strategy, create branded games with incentives to encourage user participation. Use gamification to reinforce brand visibility, enhance product awareness, and generate leads.


    back to school gamification

    • Entertain your audience with a matching game that will keep users playing and, even better, being exposed to your brand and products. Try this Slide & Match game demo with Back-to-School elements. It's a creative and engaging way to introduce your brand and products to your target audience. Additionally, you can hold a prize draw among the participants or offer direct rewards to increase participation.
    • A puzzle is another game that perfectly fits a Back to School campaign. Try this Back-to-School puzzle demo where you can showcase your flagship product or your campaign’s concept. 

    There are many online games that can be customized with your brand's products and corporate image. Take advantage of this gamification opportunity to launch an interactive Back-to-School campaign that connects with your audience and provides great fun. You can configure all of the games to motivate participants by awarding points, direct prizes, or giving them a chance to enter a final draw. Explore more types of interactive Back-to-School promotions that you can implement in your campaign.

  • Back to School promotions to gather UGC

    Did you know that photo, video, and text contests can help you gather user-generated content (UGC)? Use this type of promotion to turn customers into brand ambassadors and help increase brand awareness. By encouraging users to participate and share their content related to your brand, you can leverage their creativity and enthusiasm to widen your brand's reach.


    back to school contests

    • You can organize a contest to gather UGC in several ways. The example below comes from an offline event held to launch a new brand for three schools. All attendees who took a photo at the event and posted it on Instagram with the campaign hashtag and a mention to the educational center's profile entered the contest.
    • Another option to encourage participation is to request a photo and allow users to personalize it online. For example, in this Photo Fun Back to School contest demo, users upload a photo and decorate it with frames and stickers featuring the brand's products and corporate image. Additionally, this approach helps generate new contacts for your databases!
    • Interested to discover more fun examples? Head to our blog post with Back to School contest ideas.
  • More creative ideas for your Back to School campaign

    Every brand has its main objectives when launching a promotional campaign. Here are three more ideas that fulfill several of these objectives and are specific, original, and easy to customize.


    back to school bracket

      • Invite your online community to participate in your Back to School Bracket where users vote for their favorite school subjects.
      • Online prize wheels are not only a widely used dynamic to incentivize sales by distributing coupons and discounts, but you can also use them to foster customer loyalty. How? In this Back-to-School Spin the Wheel demo, you will see how it becomes an exclusive dynamic for those who have already purchased one of your products. By requesting a receipt upload to access the prize wheel, you are only rewarding paying customers. Additionally, this tool allows you to automatically validate the receipts, significantly reducing processing time, and in return, you gather more data from customers.  
      • Back-to-School is closely related to education and knowledge. If you believe that your audience is motivated by this, you can create a timed knowledge quiz to challenge and educate users on a topic related to your business or brand's activity. Try this popular sayings Timed Quiz demo to get an idea of how you can approach this type of promotion.
      • And if what you are looking for is to engage your audience for a longer period of time, you can create an elimination tournament for Back-to-School. Participants must vote in each round to predict the outcome and have a chance to win a prize. This allows users to return to the promotion every time a new voting stage opens. Try this Tournament Bracket demo about favorite school subjects to get a feel of what you can easily develop with the platform. This type of promotion is innovative, and your brand will get the attention it deserves.

    back to school bracket


Back to school marketing FAQs

  • Why organize a Back to School marketing campaign?

    Each year, millions of people spend hundreds of dollars on Back to School shopping. Take this opportunity to stand out and better position your brand in your target customer's mind. Promote your best selling school supplies, as well as shoes, clothes and other essential gadgets. Launch digital Back to School promotions and social media giveaways to convert followers into leads, improve brand awareness and boost sales. Back to School campaigns are all about brand and product promotion.

  • The type of promotion that will work best for you depends on your main marketing objectives. If you're looking to energize your social media networks and boost engagement, launch a comment-based giveaway. If you want to boost sales, organize a Back to School coupon campaign and launch branded mini-games to increase brand engagement, and provide high-quality entertainment to your online community. You can also conduct market research with various quizzes. Remember to enable the registration form if you wish to generate new leads.

  • Organizing a Back to School giveaway is a great idea to boost social media engagement, improve social media presence and connect with your online community. Run comment-based sweepstakes to encourage real conversations that lead to increased customer trust and strengthened customer relationships. Open-ended questions are the best engagement boosters. 

  • If you're looking to boost sales then distributing Back to School discount codes and coupons is the best idea, as it will also drive traffic to your business. You can raffle your best selling items to reinforce product awareness. Tap into your customers' loyalty by sharing codes with all registered users and then run a prize draw to choose a random winner of your main prize.