How to create Instant Win promotions on Facebook

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Do you have various prizes to give away and want your users to know immediately if they have won? In all versions of Easypromos you now have the opportunity to create an ‘Instant Win’ promotion on your Facebook page. Surprise your fans with a contest in which only those lucky enough to enter during the period you’ve defined as a ‘winning moment’ will win a prize. Below we will explain how it works and reveal all the options available, as well as give you recommendations on how to create your ‘Instant Win’ on your Facebook page.

1. Description of Easypromos ‘Instant Win’

Do you want to give your audience a chance to win a prize with our Instant Win app? Fantastic! Instant Win promotions allow you to give prizes to the users who register in the promotion during certain periods of time pre-specified by the administrator.

Via a simple form, you, as an administrator, can program in advance the exact dates, hours, minutes and seconds you wish to give away the prize, or, if you prefer, you can leave it to the application to randomly decide when the prizes will be awarded.

How are prizes awarded to the participants?

The prizes will be awarded to the first user who registers for the promotion during the winning moment. If no user registers at this time, the prize is awarded to the first user who registers.

Example: the administrator has defined one winning moment at 10h:00m:00s. User A registers at 09h:59m:59s. User B registers at 10h:00m:01s. User C registers at 10h:00m:02s. In this case, the prize will go to user B.

With Instant Win promotions the user will find out right away if he or she has won any of the prizes, without waiting for a sweepstakes to be held.

With the Premium and White Label promotions you will be able to define as many winning moments as you wish. For the Basic promotions you will only be able to define one winning moment per promotion.

Instant Win promotions

2. Basic characteristics

1. Up to n winning moments. In the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos, if you have various prizes to give away, you will be able to define as many winning moments as you wish, with the opportunity to individually set up each moment.

2. Number of participations per user. You can decide if you want the user to be able to take part more than once, thus increasing the chances of winning a prize. This option is available in the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos.

3. Frequency of participation. If you’d like your users to be able to try their luck a number of times during the promotion, you can define the frequency of participation. They could participate n times a day for example, or share the participations throughout the promotion.

4. Single registry per user. In the case of defining multiple participations, this option allows you to disable the registry form after the second participation, so that the user can participate without having to complete the registry form again.

5. Randomly generated winning moments. Enter a time interval and let the application randomly decide at which moment to award the winning moments.

6. Message for the winners for every winning moment. The user who wins the winning moment will instantly see the message in which he/she is notified of having won. You can customize this message with HTML text and accompany it with an image of your choice.

7. Publication of winners on your Facebook page. Once the campaign is finalized, use the tool to publish winners of the application itself to notify the lucky winners of the ‘Instant Win.’ That way, all the other users can see who has won.

3. Advanced characteristics

1. Advanced statistics. How many times a day, on average, have users participated in the promotion? What is the average number of entries per day? What is the average number of entries per user? These and other questions can be answered with the statistics included in the “Instant Win” promotions. Check out all the statistics you can obtain.

2. Automatic publication of winners. Administrators can decide to make public the names of the users that have won any of the prizes. With the option ‘Publish the winners automatically’ the last six winners will be shown in the promotion landing page.

3. Possibility to assign multiple prizes. In ‘Instant Win’ promotions administrators can choose if they want users to win one prize only during the whole promotion, or if they can win several prizes.

4. Possibility to leave prizes unawarded.  Administrators can enable void prizes, that is, to leave a prize unawarded if any user registers into the promotion at that moment.

Find out more about Prize Management System.

4. When to use “Instant Win”

1. To generate visits to your promotion

You want to organize an ‘Instant Win’ type promotion that lasts various days and in which users can take part multiple times.

Each time a user wishes to register, he/she must return to the promotion on your Facebook page. Take advantage of this flow of visitors to enhance the promotion page and present new content to your users each day: information about your products, new presentation videos, new questions, etc. In this way, you will be able to increase the interest of your users in your brand and products, at the same time as they increase their chances of winning.

2. To compliment other contests

You have 50 cinema tickets to give away during the course of one day. You also want to raffle off a pack of movies among all the users who take part.

Compliment your winning moments with other types of contests, like holding a quiz to find out opinions regarding your products, and raffle a prize among all users who register for the promotion. This double prize will increase participation, given that users will see more possibilities for winning one of the prizes and will be encouraged to take part.

Upon finalizing the promotion, you can use the tool for randomly selecting winners provided by the application to carry out a sweepstakes.

3. Small prizes: Give away one per day

You have various small prizes, such as promotional coupons or tickets to an event, and you don’t want to wait until the end of the promotion to know the winners.

In ‘Winning Moment’ promotions the user who takes part knows right away if he/she has won. This immediacy allows you to improve the user’s experience and better manage his/her expectations as it will not be necessary to wait and carry out the sweepstakes in order to know who has won.

Also, if the user wins a ‘winning moment,’ he/she will see a customized message. This will be further reinforced if you contact them via email to confirm that they have won a prize.

Try this online DEMO of an ‘Instant Win’.

5. How do I set up an ‘Instant Win’?

Once you have decided what prizes you wish to give out, and at which times of the day you would like to award them, as administrator you can create your ‘Instant Win’ via the promotion editing form.

We invite you to view an infographic about how to set up an ‘Instant Win’:

Instant Win promotions

To learn how to set up your ‘Instant Win,’ visit this link.

‘Instant Win’ type contests are available in Premium and White Label versions.

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2013-09-30