Sonia Travaglini

Managing director of Promosfera. Sonia founded the company after having gained experience in publishing, advertising and marketing. She did it with an international vision, achieving her goal of creating a very specialized promotion agency. Sonia is the mother of 3 and she holds a degree in economics and legal management. She spends her free time experimenting with international recipes and studying positive psychology.

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Keys to Organizing International Promotions

Publication date: 20/10/2021

Do you work for a company with a presence in several countries and want to launch a multinational promotion? Do you want to carry out a contest in a country other than that of your fiscal residence? There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when organizing international promotions. Some of these include: Which legal frame applies? Are some countries more complicated than others? How to draft the terms and conditions?

How to run contests, sweepstakes and social media giveaways in Italy

Publication date: 23/01/2017

In Italy, contests and sweepstakes are subject to complex regulations. And you must respect the regulations if you wish to avoid the severe penalties under Italian law. Sonia Travaglini from Promosfera, a specialist Italian agency which organizes contests and sweepstakes, takes us through the steps involved in organizing a promotion in Italy.