Which type of “Pick Your Favorite” contest is right for me?

Sílvia Martí
Would you like to present a series of photos, texts or videos which your users and followers can vote for and choose their favorite? This is what we call the Voting app: a type of contest that enables you to generate a high level of participation and viralization.

A Pick your Favorite contest can be launched in two different ways:

  1. As an administrator, you upload users’ entries to a public gallery where they can be voted for.
  2. Voters have to pick their favorite from a variety of options presented by the brand. You could for example ask your followers to help you choose a new logo for your brand.

This means that ‘Pick Your Favorite’ contests can be organized in two different formats: gallery mode or survey mode. The choice of one format or another will depend on the needs of your campaign. If you have planned to organize a Pick Your Favorite contest, this post will help you learn which mode will best fit your objectives and what type of voting will work for you.

If you’re about to launch a Pick your Favorite contest but you’re unsure about the best mechanism, then this blog post is about to help you. The Pick Your Favorite application can be set up via two different mechanisms:

It enables you to present photos, texts or videos in a public gallery. You can completely customize the gallery and activate voting so that photos, texts and videos can be voted for. The vote counter can be configured to display the results of the votes in real time. This is the recommended application for when participants’ entries are voted for and it is the administrator who is responsible for uploading the content to the application. See demo.

Pick Your Favorite: Survey mode

It enables you to present the content in an attractive, visual way, by using the questionnaire system. After selecting their favorite entry, users must complete the registration form, which you can customize completely with the information that interests you most. This is the recommended application for when you want users to vote for their favorite item. It’s a great way to get to know the opinion and preferences of your followers. See demo.

Decide which mode to use

Depending on the objectives and needs of your campaign, you should choose one or the other type of ‘Pick Your Favorite’ contest. Take a look at the following table, which compares gallery mode and the survey mode, to help you choose which suits you best.

CharacteristicGallery modeSurvey mode
Who will win the prize?The participant (text/photo/video) who obtains the most votes is the winner.A giveaway will be carried out among all users who vote.
What information can I obtain from voting users?Users vote with their email address, which you can then download.Users fill in the 100% customizable registration form – you can download the data.
Can the text/photo/video be shared individually?Every text/photo/video has a unique URL in order to share it individually and obtain votes. See example.There is not a unique URL for each photo/text/video. Users can share their choice after they have voted. See example.
How would you like to present the status of the voting?In vote-counting mode, within the gallery itself. The gallery can be arranged in order of the most voted participations. See example.In graphic mode, with the visual results. See example.
How many photos/texts/videos will you present for voting?Not recommended for fewer than five options.Not recommended for more than 20 options.
Does it have a search option?Yes. See example.

See example.