How to promote books online

How to promote books online

Ideas for libraries, bookstores and publishers

In the digital era, books still appear to a large part of society, although time and other forms of entertainment steal time and quota from reading. Like many other industries, the book sector hasn't disappeared but evolved, and there are currently many different ways to promote a book online. 

Social media giveaways, contests, branded mini-games, and other interactive apps can now be used as perfect tools to promote your literary work, and wow your audience. Dive in to discover ideas, tips, and resources to help your book promotion. 

Main features

  • Social media giveaways to promote your book online

    Use your social media channels to promote your newly released book, or a popular bestseller! Give your followers a chance to win a piece of your literary work to create buzz around your book and increase social media engagement! “online

  • Use mini-games to promote your book and collect new leads

    Gamify your marketing strategy, and promote your book with branded mini-games. Entertain and engage your audience while also generating new leads for your future campaigns. “match-it-game“/

    • Try our Match It DEMO and connect books with their respective authors. And if you like the game you can use our ready-made template to create your own promotion.
    • Do you like online knockout tournaments? You can now organize book Brackets. Just ask your audience to vote for their favorite titles!
    • Invite your audience to check how well they know the most popular books. Organize a World Book Day Timed Quiz to collect leads, boost engagement and promote your brand.

  • Contests and other ideas to promote your book online

    Collect user-generated content for your future marketing campaigns, and collect new leads. Give your online community a chance to win to increase customer loyalty and trust. “writing-contest-demo-world-book-day“/