Mother's Day promotion ideas

Mothers and grandmothers bring out the tenderest side of us, and on a day as special as this, it's only natural to show them how important they are with a surprise.


The Easypromos tools will help you ensure that your product doesn't go unnoticed and gains visibility online. A good promotion is the key to building brand awareness, acquiring new leads, and boosting sales. Seize this opportunity to launch an online game, a contest, a giveaway, or a survey to celebrate Mother's Day. Your customer database will thank you for it, and your fans will be delighted. With that in mind, here are some ideas, examples, and resources to create Mother's Day promotions to fit your campaign goals.


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Mother's Day promotion ideas

Mothers' day promotion ideas

  • Gamify your Mother's Day promotions and entertain your audience with fun mini-games

    Online games are the perfect tool to increase engagement and entertain your audience to celebrate Mother's Day. Additionally, they allow you to collect contact information through the registration form and help you promote your brand and products. Join the digital marketing bandwagon and celebrate this important date. Create interactive games such as Puzzles, Memory, Wordsearch, Match-it, etc.


    Mother's Day games

    • Entertain your audience and collect leads with a Mother's Day Hidden Objects game! Try the DEMO and download our pre-configured template.
    • Try our Mother's Day Word Search demo in which users have to find some tender words for mom. Entertain your audience and reward their participation with a final prize draw.
    • Launch a memory game and customize the cards to feature your products and the prizes that participants might win. 
    • Need some more inspiration? Check out these ideas for Mother's Day games.
  • Boost social media engagement and collect leads with our Mother's Day promos

    Do you have the ideal product for Mother's Day and want to promote it? Run a Mother's Day giveaway on social media. Besides generating interest in your brand and showcasing your product offer, you'll increase the viral effect of your posts, reaching more people and making them more effective.


    Mother's Day giveaways

    • Organize an Instagram comment giveaway for Mother's Day. Use the Instagram giveaway template to save yourself some work and have a starting point to set it up.
    • If you have an active community on Meta, why not launch a giveaway on Facebook to celebrate this date? Use the Mother's Day Facebook giveaway template to save time and work.
    • You can also organize a giveaway on other social media like X or TikTok. Some of them allow you to do it directly on the social network, or you can run a Mother's Day Entry Form Giveaway and share the link on any channel. In addition to promoting your products, you will collect data from potential customers.
  • Collect UGC with our Mother's Day promotion ideas: run branded contests

    If your goal for Mother's Day is to nurture your contact database or to engage your online community, digital promotions or contests are your best bet. Launch a fun contest with an appealing prize, and users will be encouraged to participate.


    Mother's Day contests

    • Organize a photo or video contest and make users the protagonists of your campaign. Make them feel part of "something bigger" on such a special day.
    • You can also launch a comment-based contest, ideal for bringing out the most sensitive side of people. Here's all you need to know to launch your own.
    • With the PhotoFun application, users decorate their photos with frames and stickers. Try our Mother's Day Photofun demo, and if you like it, download the preconfigured template.
  • Boost sales with original Mother's Day promos

    Generally speaking, every promotion aims to attract new customers and engage with them throughout the purchasing process. The willingness of users to make purchases for Mother's Day will help you increase sales. You just need your promotional actions to stand out from your competition. And this is where Easyypromos steps in to help.

    Boost sales with promotions

    • If you aim to boost sales and build customer loyalty, make the most of Mother's Day with an online Scratch & Win game and generate excitement among participants as they scratch to find out if they've won a prize.
    • Use a Spin the Wheel promotion to reward users with prizes or discounts. This fun approach will make them focus on your products, as users will benefit from a discount.
    • You can also build customer loyalty by giving out coupons after they purchase your products and encouraging visits to your physical stores to redeem them.
    • A Mother's Day product recommender is the ideal solution to offer your target audience a suggestion for the perfect gift. Use a questionnaire to learn about users' preferences and recommend the best gift for mom.

Mother's Day's Promotions FAQ's

  • What are the best promotion ideas for Mother's Day?

    There are many different Mother's Day promotion ideas and it all depends on what objectives you're looking to achieve. You can run Mother's Day social media giveaways to boost engagement, launch fun branded mini-games to entertain your audience and collect sales leads, or you can organize photo contests to obtain user-generated content. If you're looking to increase sales you could distribute discounts and coupons as Mother's Day prizes.

  • Of course! Branded mini-games are highly popular with online audiences. They engage and entertain users while exposing them to your corporate image. You can use the Easypromos game applications to fully customize your game (for example Puzzle, Memory, Word Search, Minesweeper, etc). In addition, you will get to grow your database as users participate by sharing their contact details.

  • There are many different ways to promote your products for Mother's Day. For instance, you can run comment giveaways on social media where you raffle your best-selling or newly launched product. Another popular Mother's Day promotion idea is to organize a Mother's Day Product Recommender; users answer a few closed questions to see a personalized message. You can customize the final messages to recommend different products, as well as provide discount codes or links taking the user directly to your e-commerce.

  • The most effective giveaways on social media are comment-based. Create a captivating image showcasing the prize and ask users to answer an open question - it will further boost engagement and possibly start real conversations. You can also ask users to mention their friends in the comments section so that you can attract more participants. See ideas and real examples for your Mother's Day giveaway on social media.

  • You can give away many different things! Raffle your best-selling or newly released products or a product bundle, or team up with another brand to offer even a bigger gift box. Discount codes and vouchers are great if you're looking to increase sales. Experiences and merchandise also do the job.