Best 2023 Ideas for Mother’s Day Social Media Giveaways

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Whether you’re celebrating on fourth Sunday of lent in the UK, on second Sunday in May in the US and Canada, or May 26 in Poland, it is important that your business marks Mother’s Day. Read on to discover how to organize Mother's Day giveaways on social media and reconnect with your audience with fun prizes.

Important events like Mother’s Day are fantastic opportunities to work on your online presence and brand image. And what would be the best way to boost social media engagement right in time for Mother’s Day? We say Mother’s Day giveaways! They not only increase the number of likes and comments on your social media profiles but also improve your brand’s trust and credibility, especially if you use a reliable and transparent giveaway app.

Before committing to a purchase, customers like to research their possibilities. One of their go-tos is social media, where potential clients check brands’ credibility and opinions left by previous customers. Social media giveaways are also a great way to show how you connect and engage with your audience; that’s an important thing to remember as brands that are active on social media attract more customers than those that rarely post.

In this blog post, we take a look at ideas for Mother’s Day social media giveaways. We will go through different examples and explain how each one of them can help your strategy and goals! You can also visit our Mother’s Day hub for ideas and resources for your campaign.

Do you want to convert social media followers into leads? Launch a Mother’s Day Entry Form Giveaway where users register their contact details for a chance to win attractive prizes for their moms.

Mother’s Day Instagram Giveaways: reconnect with your audience

Top Dog Social Media reports that accounts that run giveaways grow up to 70% faster than those that don’t. Giveaway posts also obtain 3.5 more likes and on average 64 comments more. So if you’re looking to increase social media engagement, start thinking about a Mother’s Day Instagram Giveaway!

Here’s an example of a Mother’s Day Instagram sweepstakes organized by a stationary shop. The promotion is aimed at children looking for presents for Mother’s Day. By giving back to the community, the brand is also looking to increase its social media following and engagement. To join the promotion, the entrants followed the organizing account, mentioned a friend, and explained why their mom is special. 

Example of Mother's day giveaways on Instagram

By asking your audience to answer an open question you automatically set for a boost in engagement. Real conversations are always rewarded by the Instagram algorithm; they’re better positioned and therefore more visible, meaning your post is more likely to get more views, likes, and comments.

Real conversations are always rewarded by the Instagram algorithm; they're better positioned and therefore more visible, meaning your post is more likely to get more views, likes, and comments. Click To Tweet

Trust us when we say that any brand can organize a Mother’s Day giveaway on social media! Glow Workwear is a clothing brand producing comfortable workwear for professional women working outside. So to celebrate and empower all women working in typically gender-stereotyped jobs, they teamed up with DeWalt to give away a set of professional working tools. 

Mother's day comment giveaway on Instagram by Glow Worker and DeWalt

The giveaway organizers were looking to boost engagement and grow their audience; they asked the participants to follow their account and mention two friends in the comments. They also allowed their male followers to participate, as long as the prize would be gifted to a woman!

Any brand can organize a Mother’s Day giveaway and offer an attractive prize, as long as it is presented and pictured in a nice way. Glow Workwear did its job perfectly by adding flowers to the DeWalt products. This simple action added to the Mother’s Day theme. 

And what about brands that think their product is not an adequate prize for a Mother’s Day giveaway? We have a tip for you. Throw in something that moms will love for sure! Have a look at this Mother’s Day Instagram giveaway organized by a coffee shop. 

Mother's Day giveaway idea on social media

Cafe Martinez San Antonio decided that they wanted to give their followers something more than just coffee. They gave them a chance to win a designer bag! The prize motivated more users to join the promotion, therefore the brand grew its audience and boosted engagement. Remember that the incentive is the biggest motivator to join a giveaway.

Are you planning to organize a Mother’s Day Instagram Giveaway? Use our ready-made Instagram template for your Mother’s Day promotion! 

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a giveaway on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become one of the most popular posts on the social network and with Easypromos you can now run a fully automated and reliable giveaway on Instagram Stories. There are two participation dynamics available with Instagram Stories givieways.

Post a Mother’s Day Story on your Instagram account and ask your followers to reply to participate. You could ask them to share how they will celebrate Mother’s Day or to say what they like the most of this day to participate. Or you could ask your followers to post their own Story with a mention to your brand showing how they will celebrate Mother’s Day.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Facebook giveaways to grow your brand

The Facebook algorithm works on the same basis as the Instagram algorithm. Therefore, in order to get good positioning in the newsfeed, your posts need to be engaging. And Mother’s Day Facebook giveaways can boost your engagement! 

Here’s an example from Chicco, a baby care brand that was looking to celebrate motherhood and moms. 

The main objective of this Mother’s Day Facebook giveaway was to promote the brand’s products, but also to increase engagement and strengthen customer relationships. The organizers asked their followers to share their favorite childhood memories in comments. This open question not only encouraged real conversations but also created a sense of belonging with the brand.  

Ideas for Mother's Day Social Media Giveaways

Save time and use our ready-made Facebook template for your Mother’s Day giveaway! Just edit the dates and describe your prize, and you’re ready to go!

The next example is another proof that any brand can give away any product as the prize of social media Mother’s Day giveaway. Titan Fitness launched a new barbell, designed especially for women. In order to promote its new product to its target audience, Titan Fitness organized a Mother’s Day giveaway on Facebook. 

To enter the sweepstakes, the participants explained who is the “strong and beautiful mom” in their lives. The lucky winner got one of the new Bombshell Cerakote Barbells, while the brand improved its brand and product awareness

Promote your new product with a Mother’s Day Twitter giveaway

Twitter giveaways are very easy to set up and even easier to take part in! They’re also the perfect tool to promote new product launches. And Mother’s Day is a great reason to advertise your new release on Twitter.

Let’s take a look at this Mother’s Day giveaway organized by BumbleZest Drinks on Twitter.

mother's day giveaway on Twitter, example from BumbleZest Drinks

In order to participate in the Mother’s Day giveaway on Twitter, interested users were asked to interact on the promotional post. This requirement helped increase the brand’s number of followers, but also the product and brand awareness. And most importantly, someone lucky got to try the new line of drinks! 

With our Twitter Giveaway app, you can transparently draw winners of your Twitter sweepstakes! And your first giveaway is free!

Mother’s Day Raffle Ideas

If your aim is to generate leads or collect user information an Entry Form Giveaway is the way to go. Giveaways run directly on social media do not allow for data collection. Hence, they are a good option if you’re looking tp grow your follower base, engage your audience, or boost brand awareness. However, if first party data collection is your objective, you can run an Entry Form Giveaway and share on your social media accounts with a link to your sweepstakes registration page.

That’s exactly what Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics, a Miami based medical spa, did for their Mother’s Day campaign. The sweepstakes offered the lucky winner a $500 certificate for their center and the promotion was shared on their social media accounts.

Feeling inspired? We hope so! We highly encourage you to take advantage of the upcoming Mother’s Day to give back to your community, but also to work towards your objectives set for this year! Remember, in case of any doubts or questions about your Mother’s Day giveaways you can chat with our Support Team!