Summer promotions

Did you know that social media users are most active in the summer? People are more likely to share snaps from their holidays, adventures, and family gatherings, which puts your brand in the driver's seat; organize summer-themed promotions like photo contests, giveaways, and branded mini-games that will help you connect with your audience, generate new leads, and reinforce customer relationships by collecting UGC.

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Summer promotions

Summer Promotions Ideas and Examples

  • Summer promotions and giveaways on social media to boost engagement

    Entertain your audience with the most engaging promotion of the summer! Invite participants to help you count down the days left until summer by playing daily games and challenges and reward their participation with fun prizes to further work on customer trust and loyalty.

    summer calendar template

    • If the aim of your summer promotions is to collect leads, an Entry Form Giveaway is the solution you are looking for. The promotion works like a microsite with its URL which you can share on your social media profiles, website, e-business, or blog. Customize the entry to collect the data you are interested in.  
    • Organize an Instagram Giveaway as part of your summer campaign and use our summer Instagram Giveaway template to launch your comment promotion in no time.
    • Would you like to engage your Facebook audience? Use our ready-made Facebook Giveaway template for summer.

  • Maintain brand awareness of your travel and transport business

    It's time to promote travel destinations and tourist spots with summer promotions. Here's how to generate new leads and engage your online community. Social media giveaways and contests will also help you collect user-generated content.


    summer photo contest

    • Is your focus more on travel and tourism? Visit our Tourism Marketing Hub where you will find lots of ideas, tips, and resources to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. 
    • If you want to specifically target travel lovers, a Travel Timed Quiz will not only catch their attention but can also help you segment your audience by their traveling preferences to better cater to them. 
    • Does your audience need a little nudge? Organize a fun travel puzzle to entertain or promote popular tourist attractions. Offer an attractive prize to incentivize participation!

  • Resources and Ideas to promote summer events and festivals 

    It's the perfect season for outdoor concerts and open-air festivals. Nothing stops you from taking the celebrations online. Connect with your audience and celebrate with games, contests, and giveaways. Raffle entry tickets, gadgets, and accessories!


    Summer festivals

    • Create a virtual countdown to summer: launch a new game every day and attract more participants with attractive prizes and freebies. This summer promotion keeps users coming back on a daily basis, which leads to a spike in brand and user engagement. 
    • Summer promotions featuring interactive games provide a great opportunity to showcase your products and build brand awareness while entertaining your audience. 
    • Maximize brand exposure and promote popular tourist attractions with our tourism Tournament Bracket template. Let participants decide which tourist destinations are most appealing or take advantage of one of the many sports competitions that take place during the summer. 
    • Music festivals are one of the season’s highlights and go hand in hand with interactive summer promotions. Whether you are looking for ways to promote a music festival or if you want to engage your music-loving audience with a Refer a Friend ticket giveaway for a music festival, Easypromos has a solution for you!

  • Summer Promotions based on instant prizes, rewards, and coupons

    Summer is the feel-good season and Instant Win promotions are the perfect fit. Reinforce existing customers’ loyalty during the summer with direct prizes, rewards, and coupon codes. Limit the validity of the coupons or codes to the summer season to increase sales during this period. 


    Fashion and Accessories

    • Looking to boost sales and brand visibility this summer? Create a summer prize wheel to engage your audience and distribute attractive prizes and discounts! Users can participate through their phones or you can set up a tablet at the checkout to give paying customers a chance to win a prize. 
    • Launch a summer promotion to drive traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar business and increase sales with coupons, samples, and free gifts.
    • Learn how the waterpark Aqua Park attracted new customers and grew its email marketing database through a coupon distribution campaign prior to its Summer opening.

  • Family-oriented summer promotions


    Summer break and school holidays can be a stressful period for parents. They need to organize more activities, plan the holidays, and do outdoor activities with their children. So offering kid-friendly summer promotions is a great idea to build your brand's reputation and connect with parents. 



    • A good tip is launching games and giveaways for all the family! Check out our EasyGames - an online platform with free games for families to show why you should gamify your marketing strategy. Get more brand acknowledgment, and keep your brand top of mind.
    • Organize online drawing contests for children. It can very well be a good fit to get more brand awareness and connect with families to offer your products.
    • Seasonal gadgets and beauty products, especially sunblock and skincare, have their prime sales season in summer. Connect with your customers with summer promotions for skincare, beauty products, travel, and outdoor essentials. Reinforce customer trust by giving your audience a chance to win their favorite products or share coupons in exchange for answering a survey
    • All things come to an end, and so does Summer. By then, your Back to School campaign should be ready to go. Get inspiration to drive sales and engage your audience when the back-to-school shopping for gadgets and clothes kicks off.

Summer Promotions FAQ's

  • What are the best ideas for summer promotions?

    There are endless summer campaign ideas and it all depends on the objectives you wish to achieve with your campaign. If you're looking to boost social media engagement, then opt for a comment giveaway on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. However, you can also launch coupon campaigns to increase sales, prepare branded mini-games to expose your brand and engage your audience, or you can even opt for photo contests to obtain user-generated content. 

  • Organizing social media giveaways is not complicated. All you have to do is prepare a post announcing your giveaway, choose a prize and promote it to your followers and customers. Make sure you post an image that attracts attention and also ensure that the prize will appeal to your audience. You can raffle your bestselling items, product bundles or attractive discounts. You can also use our ready-made social media templates for your giveaways.

  • Summer is a perfect occasion for organizing various contests. Invite your audience to share their favorite summer pictures or decorate postcards. You can then reshare the user-generated content on your social media channels to further boost brand loyalty and customer trust. See ideas and examples of contests

  • Of course, branded mini-games are now extremely popular with social media users - take advantage of the excitement they generate and entertain your audience with a summer Memory, Puzzle, or Minesweeper game. Apart from exposing and positioning your brand, you will also get to create strong customer relationships.