Summer Marketing Ideas for your Brand

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
Summer is just around the corner, and that means it's time to plan and execute your summer marketing campaigns! In the age of digital media, businesses and brands have an incredible opportunity to captivate their target audience and make a lasting impression through digital promotions. Not to mention gathering leads, building customer loyalty, and boosting brand awareness, among others. So get into your best summer attire and embrace the power of digital promotions to make this season sizzle!

The summertime brings a peak of user engagement online and consumers are more willing to spend and share their holiday photos, videos, and experiences. However, this alone does not guarantee the success of any given campaign. So, if you’re looking for summer promotion ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Not only because we are bringing some creative ideas and resources, but also because we will go over what a successful digital marketing campaign entails.

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The key to summer marketing: choose the right dynamic for your objectives

We might be stating the obvious here, but it’s worthwhile mentioning it anyway. The first step to launching your marketing campaign is to set its objectives. Ask yourself what it is that you want to achieve. Are you looking for social media engagement to build brand awareness? Or maybe you aim to promote your product, reward existing customers, and build customer loyalty. The list of objectives goes on, but once you’ve decided what they are, the next decision you make is crucial. Namely, choosing a dynamic that ensures achieving them.

So, let’s go over our summer promotion ideas to help you achieve your digital summer marketing objectives.

Instant Win Promotions to promote sales and customer loyalty

Instant win promotions add an element of surprise and excitement to your summer marketing strategy. Offer customers the chance to win prizes instantly by visiting your website or making a purchase. Easypromos offers you several possibilities to make your summer marketing ideas a reality. Create a Spin the Wheel or a digital Scratch & Win promotion to offer discounts or prizes for customers who make a purchase. What’s more, you can customize every single element of the promotion with your brand imagery, colors, and font to strengthen brand awareness as well as the odds and frequency of the prize or reward distribution among participants.

Summer Promotion Ideas: Instant Win Promotions

Summer Marketing: Gamified Promotions

If you want to stay on top of your marketing game and make the most of the current digital marketing trends, gamification is the name of the game. Games do a fantastic job of captivating your audience and creating a sense of fun and adventure. Create interactive branded games or quizzes that align with your brand and summer themes. Incorporate points, levels, and rewards to incentivize participation and foster a competitive spirit. It’s up to you how to reward participants but luckily for you, Easypromos offers a variety of prize distribution options: reward the users that score the highest points, carry out a random prize draw among the top-ranked players, or even among all participants.

Summer Promotion Ideas: Gamified Promotions

It is also worth mentioning that the way you set up the participation flow will have a big impact on participation. When setting up your promotion, you can choose from three different configurations:

  • Participants register first and play the game after. It’s a good option if you’re aiming for Zero-Party Data gathering, but it may discourage some participants from moving on to the game itself.
  • Participants play first and register after the game. This option will help bring down the participation barrier mentioned before as users go to the game right off the bat. You can make the most of this option by displaying a message informing participants that they can have a chance to win a prize if they register. 
  • Anonymous mode. This mode does not require any registration, it’s a good option if your aim is solely to engage and entertain your audience and you’re not interested in gathering user data. 

Summer Marketing Ideas: Photo and Video Contests

As we previously said, no season motivates users to produce and share content as summer does. After all, who doesn’t like to boast about their amazing vacations and adventures? This fact alone provides your brand with several too-good-to-miss opportunities: promoting your brand and products, engaging your online audience, and collecting authentic, high-quality user-generated content.

The Easypromos Voting Contest app checks all the boxes of what a contest like this should include: 

  • Public galleries to display the participating entries
  • Voting system with anti-fraud control
  • Share button for participants to share with their network and get votes
  • Multi-Stage voting capabilities. E.g., a first open round to select the finalists followed by a closed jury selection round to choose the winners.
Summer Marketing ideas Photo Contest

Organize a Photo Contest asking participants to include your product in their picture. It will provide you with the best advertising you could wish for. If Instagram is the channel where the bulk of your community is, a Mention + Hashtag contest is the solution you’re looking for. Simply ask users to include a mention of your brand and your campaign’s hashtag and you will be able to collect and share all participating entries.

Last but not least, you don’t need to stick to only one media format in your contest. You can create a Multimedia contest in which users can participate by submitting photos, videos, or texts.

Giveaways as part of your summer marketing campaign

Summer is a season of giving and sharing, so why not treat your audience to exciting giveaways? However, not all giveaways are created equal. Hence, it is essential to pick the giveaway dynamic that best suits your summer marketing goal. If your aim is collecting user data to nurture your email marketing database or gathering useful segmentation information, an Entry Form Giveaway is the way to go, and the best part? It’s Easy as pie!

The Easypromos Entry Form Giveaway app provides you with all you need to make it happen. The registration form is fully customizable to include all the information you wish to collect, you can even add a quiz to test or educate participants on your brand or product and make participation more engaging too! Your giveaway will have its own dedicated URL for you to share on social media. Additionally, you can also embed it on your website, blog, or newsletter for easy access.

Summer Promotion Ideas: Entry Form Giveaway

Social Media Giveaways

Are you more interested in generating online buzz and engagement? Then a social media giveaway is the way to go. Choose the right channel depending on the characteristics of your audience and product. You can choose between Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, and Twitter giveaway. Want to reach a wider audience? The Multi-Network Giveaway allows you to run a single giveaway on Instagram and Facebook.

Anguilla travel Giveaway

We all know that protecting your brand reputation is a must and your giveaways should always project a sense of fairness and transparency. But worry not! We will make it Easy for you to do it with our notary-certified random winner picker and its certificate of validity. You can also exclude black-listed users or previous winners from your giveaways. And finally, there’s no reason why fairness and transparency should have a boring look, use the Show Mode to create a customized video to announce the winners with a bang!

Need some more inspiration? Check out these summer campaign ideas!

A final word on summer marketing ideas

We are going to wrap up this post with some key issues that will help your promotion be a success. They might seem a bit obvious but bear with us, it’s well worth keeping them in mind

  • Choose a prize that is both relevant and attractive to your audience and in line with your brand’s values and image.
  • Make sure that participation requirements are clearly stated, including start and finish dates and Terms & Conditions in accordance with your local legality.
  • Once you have created your promotion, share it! Use your social media profiles, newsletters, website, etc. 
  • Pick the right platform to create and manage your promotions. Your ideas are valuable and take work, make sure they pay off by choosing Easypromos! 

You can set up your Easypromos account to create and test your promotion for free without providing billing information. You will only be required to pay when you activate your promotion. If you need more information or would like to delve deeper into our platform, you can also live chat with us or request a personalized demo. 

Allow yourself to embrace the power of these dynamic digital promotions and get ready to elevate your summer marketing to new heights. It’s time to create unforgettable experiences and build meaningful connections with your audience. Let the summer fun begin!

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