Winter Holidays Campaign

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder... and your summer sales campaigns are over. It's time to launch your winter holidays campaign, and reach out to your customers. Whether your audience is coming together in family reunions, or visiting their favorite winter wonderland, Easypromos has the right promotion for you. Easy to set up, Easy to launch, Easy to manage. 


Use social media giveaways, games, and online contests to get leads, collect user-generated content, entertain your community, and share exclusive deals. Check out the sections below for inspiration, insider tips, and free design resources.

Winter Holidays Campaign

Inspiration for you winter holidays campaign

  • Gamify your winter campaign and engage your audience more than ever

    Looking to increase brand engagement this winter? Incorporate gamification into your marketing strategy and watch your brand awareness grow. Collect new leads while entertaining your online community and reinforce customer relationships.


    winter memory game

  • Boost social media engagement with comment-based giveaways on Facebook

    Increase social media engagement with Facebook giveaways and brighten up your page with regular winter promotions. Use open questions to start real conversations with your customers and generate engagement like never before.


    Winter Facebook giveaways

  • Reinforce social media presence with comment giveaways on Instagram

    Organize a winter giveaway on Instagram to grow your brand and attract new potential customers. Boost social media engagement and use promotions to promote your products online.


    Instagram winter giveaways

  • Collect valuable user-generated content for your winter campaign

    Get more newsletter sign-ups, share discount coupons and collect user-generated content for your marketing campaigns. Convert followers into customers and brand ambassadors.


    Creative winter contests

  • Organize Multi-Network Giveaways to engage followers from different platforms

    If you have followers on several social networks, you don't have to waste time with individual giveaways! Set up a multi-network giveaway to run a single contest across multiple networks, posts and profiles.


    Multi-network success stories