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NAF NAF Spain carried out an online campaign that had a huge impact on their fans. The theme was cinema and they took advantage of the premiere of 50 Shades of Grey and the Oscars to generate excitement around the campaign. The name of the campaign was “Movie February” and below you can read about how it was put together.


The Agency

Logo Social universe2Social Universe is an agency that specializes in Social Media. It has over 5 years of experience in campaign management and social network strategies.



The Client

naf-naf-logoNAF NAF Spain is a multinational textile manufacturing group. The NAF NAF brand is well-known internationally in the world of ready-to-wear fashion for women. The brand is aimed at today’s woman – chic and modern.


The Online Campaign

The theme of the “Movie February” campaign, designed by Social Universe, was cinema. This theme was then connected to three events – all excellent occasions for promotional actions – Valentine’s Day; a much-anticipated movie premiere (50 Shades of Grey in this case) and the Oscars.

The five actions that formed part of the strategy were presented simultaneously so that users could get to know the content and contribute towards the viralization process. The online campaign was supported through the social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The participation of each promotion was only open for one week.

Week 1: Sweepstake for tickets for the movie 50 Shades of Grey, coinciding with Valentine’s Day
Week 2: NAF NAF Oscars betting pool
Week 3: Your favorite Oscars movie
Week 4: An image from your favorite movie
Week 5: The best outfit at the Oscars Gala


The Challenge

The objective set by the agency and the client was to obtain the maximum degree of participation from the 35,000 Spanish fans of the brand. By using such highly topical themes they aimed to encourage maximum interaction with the promotion by fans.

All actions were supported by various publicity campaigns in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The Solution

The agency settled on the following solution: they created a Promotions Group made up of five individual Premium promotions.

Promotion 1: Celebrate Valentine’s Day! We invite you to watch 50 Shades of Grey. The promotion permitted two types of participation: the first consisted in filling in the registration form, and the second in taking part via Twitter with the hashtag #NafNafGrey

Promotion 2: The NAF NAF Oscars betting pool. The second action consisted in creating a multiple choice quiz in Facebook and asking participants to make seven predictions about Oscars winners.

Promotion 3: Your favorite Oscars movie #NafNafOscars. In this case, the participation had to be made exclusively through Twitter, via the hashtag #NafNafOscars, by sending a tweet or retweeting the promoted tweet.

Promotion 4: An image from your favorite movie via Twitter or Instagram. In the following action, the participation could be made via Twitter and or Instagram. Users were encouraged to upload photos of their favorite movies with the hashtag #OscarsNafNaf.

Promotion 5: The best outfit at the Oscars gala #NafNafLookOscars. In this last promotion, users were able to participate via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The idea was that users should upload a photo of the outfit that they liked most from the 2015 Oscars Gala. The hashtag was #NafNafLookOscars.


In the first promotion of the campaign, two tickets to see the movie were raffled off. In the remaining actions, various garments from NAF NAF’s new collection were given away.

It should be noted that, in addition to the highly effective planning, other contributing factors were of vital importance to the campaign. These include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram integration, and, of course, the recruiter system, which boosted the virality of the promotion and ensured that the users themselves helped disseminate the campaign.

post your favorite look


  • A significant level of participation and interaction generated in all the promotions
  • An increase in the number of fans: more than 2,000 fans in Facebook, 600 in Twitter and over 100 in Instagram
  • Loyalization of the community of followers
  • A large and detailed user database was obtained



In Social Universe we have been using the Easypromos tool for creating promotions and contests for several years; almost as long as the tool has been available.

The evolution of this tool has reached its zenith over the past year thanks to integration with the three most important social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, generating a significant and effective viral movement for any promotion that we organize.

For this reason we believe that Easypromos is an indispensable tool for successful management of social networks for any brand or company.

-José Mª Ara-

CEO of Social Universe


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Silvia Marti Ferrer

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Publication date: 2015-03-26