QR Codes and Barcodes: New Developments for August

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One of the most-used marketing strategies by businesses is the “price discount”. Companies use discounts to sell high quantities of products at low prices, and in doing so they are able to increase sales over a specific time period, capture new customers and loyalize existing ones.

These types of promotional actions have an important characteristic: if the discount is sufficiently attractive there could be an increase in customers at the point of sale. With the aim of streamlining and automating the process of discount redemption at the point of sale, and improving customer service by reducing waiting time, we have incorporated an improvement in the promotional codes application, which consists in facilitating users with the promotional or discount code in the format of QR codes and barcodes.

How does it work?

Easypromos provides an administration panel. From here you can preload all the promotional codes that you wish to share among participants and indicate in which format you would like to display the discount code to the user.

The application will always present the promotional code in the format in which it was pre-loaded. However, you will also be able to present it in a QR or barcode format. The formats supported are:

  • QR Codes
  • EAN-13 Barcodes
  • CODE 128 Barcodes
  • CODE 39 Barcodes

In order to obtain a code the participant should complete the registration form, which you can customize completely with the registration details that you require of your participants. You can enable all the data fields that you need (email, city, telephone, etc.), ask them to upload a photo or video, fill out a survey, or answer a question.

After completing the registration form, the user will obtain the promotional code with the chosen format of barcode. From this same screen, the user will be able to print the code, download it in a PDF format and send it by email. Here is an example:

final page promotional code

The user will also be able to automatically receive an email with their assigned promotional code and the image of the corresponding barcode or QR code. This enables the user to keep the promotional code in his or her email account and access it directly from his or her smartphone, making in-store redemption of the code quick and easy. To do this, the application provides the Email platform to automate the sending of the barcode or QR of the promotional codes by email to all users who register for the promotion.

Benefits of this feature

Displaying the promotional code in form of a barcode or QR code simplifies and streamlines the process of redeeming discounts at the point of sale, both for the brand/retailer and the user/consumer.

Benefits for users

  • Simplicity: after completing the promotion registration process, the user will receive an email with the promotional code and QR or barcode. This means that the user, once registered, need only go to the point of sale and show the email in his/her cellphone in order to redeem the code and enjoy the discount or free gift.
  • Multi-format: The user can go to the point of sale and redeem the barcode via a variety of methods, enabling him/her to choose that which is most convenient: printing the email and taking along the printout, saving it as a PDF in his/her cellphone, or simply showing the barcode in the email directly on the screen of his/her smartphone:

email code mobile

Benefits at the point of sale

  • Speed and simplicity: with this new system it’s possible to detect the discount associated with each promotional code by way of a barcode reader. Upon streamlining and automating the process you can avoid queues and reduce waiting time, thus improving customer service.
  • Reliability: QR codes or barcodes are trustworthy because they are difficult to manipulate. They also eliminate the chance of human error at the point of sale.
  • Greater control: You can use the Validation Portal to verify the QR code of each user: by simply scanning the QR with a mobile app, the system will inform instantly on screen if the code is valid or if it has already been used. This will help us quantify the number of discounts that have been redeemed once the promotion period is over.


Who is it aimed at?

This new feature is aimed at all establishments that have a discount system via alphanumeric codes and a barcode reader to enable automatic information capture.

It’s also requires the product or service to be paid for at a physical establishment. As such, it’s the perfect tool for brining potential customers to the point of sale.

Examples of businesses which might find it useful to carry out promotions with this feature

Cinemas or theatres

Do you want to carry out a promotional action in a cinema? You can offer a special price on the day of the week on which you usually sell the fewest tickets. Another option would be to offer a 2×1 on the popcorn and drink menu, or a discount for the purchase of your next ticket, and so on. The user will have to come to the cinema with the promotional code on a printout or in their telephone. Once the code’s validity is verified the discount will be made at the moment of purchase. By using the Validation Portal we’ll be able to make sure that a user can’t redeem the same promotional code several times.

Theme parks or leisure attractions

Promotions in theme parks and leisure attractions are often used to combat seasonality and encourage winter visitors.

You can organize promotions via your social networks which are valid on specific dates. These promotions can take the form of discounts on tickets, free meals at specific food establishments in the festival, free tickets for kids, etc. The options are infinite but you should bear in mind one particular feature: the user should actually come to the venue in order to enjoy the discounted ticket.

Pharmacies or perfume stores

Do you want to give away free samples enabling users to try out a new product? We are seeing more and more actions on social networks aimed at introducing new products to the public. Without a doubt the most-used resource is the sending of free samples. It is efficient, although in many cases there is the inconvenience and cost of paying for postage and packaging.

If you want to promote products on sale in your pharmacy (kids’ cereals, sun cream, toothpaste, etc.) or perfume, make up and cosmetic products (cologne, aftershave, etc.) you can encourage users to download the promotional code and bring it to your sales outlets in order to pick up a free sample. In this way, you will save on postage and packing.

Joint promotional actions carried out by brands and supermarkets

Not just small businesses are subject to these types of actions. The large supermarkets are the perfect place to carry out similar promotions. In such cases they often use coupons which customers can find in magazines, on marketing leaflets or even on product packaging.

The advantage, in this case, is that discounts can be obtained on social networks, which means they can reach far more users. Another benefit is that users can display the promotional code on the screen of their smartphone, automating the redemption of the code or coupon at the point of sale.

If you need more information about this tool, or if you have any questions (How many codes can I give away? How can users download the code or coupon? How can I send the promotional code via email to registered users?) we suggest you carefully read the information provided in this link. Give it a try!

Silvia Marti Ferrer

Marketing and Customer care Easypromos’ team

Publication date: 2015-08-07