Promotional Codes: How QR Codes and Barcodes Work

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One of the most popular marketing strategies by businesses is the “price discount”. Companies use bargains to sell high quantities of products at low prices, and by doing so they are able to increase sales over a specific time period, capture new customers and loyalize existing ones.

Promotional discounts and offers have an important characteristic: the more attractive the discount, the more chances for driving more customers to the point of sale. With the aim of streamlining and automating the process of discount redemption and improving customer service by reducing waiting time, users can now obtain their promotional codes, in the format of QR codes and barcodes.

How does it work?

Easypromos provides an administration panel where you can preload all the promotional codes that you wish to share among participants. This is also where you choose in which format you want to display the discount code to the user.

The application will always present the promotional code in the format in which it was pre-loaded. However, you will also be able to present it in a QR or barcode format. The formats supported are:

  • QR Codes
  • EAN-13 Barcodes
  • CODE 128 Barcodes
  • CODE 39 Barcodes

In order to obtain a discount voucher, participants complete a registration form, which you can fully customize with details like name, email, city, telephone, date of birth, etc. You can also ask the users to upload photos, videos, fill out a survey, or answer a simple question.

After completing the registration form, the user obtains the promotional code in the format you previously specified. From this same screen, the user will be able to print the code, download it in a PDF format or send it to their inbox. Here is an example:

promotional codes

By sending the coupon straight to the participant’s inbox, the redemption process becomes much easier as the user can access it directly from their smartphones. The Easypromos Email platform enables the automatic sending of the barcode or QR of the promotional codes to all registered users.

QR and barcodes: benefits for users

  • Simplicity: after completing the promotion process, the user receives an email with the promotional code and QR or barcode. This means that the only thing the user must do is go to the point of sale and redeem the code to enjoy the discount or free gift.
  • Multi-format: The user can choose which format is the most convenient: printing the email, saving it as a PDF on their phone, or simply showing the barcode in the email directly on the screen of their smartphone:

discount code on the mobile phone

QR and barcodes: benefits at the point of sale

  • Speed and simplicity: shop assistants can easily scan the QR code or barcode to check whether the code is valid, and to apply the discount. Upon streamlining and automating the process you can avoid queues and reduce waiting time, thus improve customer service.
  • Reliability: QR codes or barcodes are trustworthy because they are difficult to manipulate. They also eliminate the chance of human error at the point of sale.
  • Greater control: You can use the Validation Portal to validate the codes. By simply scanning the code with a mobile app, the system will instantly inform if the code is valid or if it has already been used. This helps quantify the number of discounts that have been redeemed once the promotion period is over.

Who is it aimed at?

The QR codes and barcodes are a fantastic solution for establishments that have an alphanumeric discount system and a barcode reader to enable automatic information capture. It is also a great way to drive footfall to your store, as the codes must be redeemed in-store.

What businesses can use QR codes and barcodes?

Cinemas or theatres

Looking to run a promotion for your cinema or theatre? Offer a special price on the least busy day of the week to attract more customers and therefore boost sales. Another option would be to offer a 2×1 on the popcorn and drink menu, or a discount for the purchase of your next ticket, and so on.

How does it work? Users come to the cinema or theatre with the promotional code on a printout or their telephone. Once the code is validated, the discount is applied. By using the Validation Portal you’ll make sure that users can’t redeem the same promotional code several times.

Theme parks or leisure attractions

Promotions in theme parks and leisure attractions are often used to combat seasonality and encourage winter visitors.

Organize social media promotions to attract more visitors on specific dates. Offer discounts on tickets, free meals at specific food establishments in the festival, free tickets for kids, etc. The options are infinite but you should bear in mind one particular feature: the user should actually come to the venue in order to obtain their discounted ticket.

Pharmacies or perfume stores

Do you want to give away free product samples to promote your new or bestselling products? Launch an online registration form and ask users to share their contact details in order to download promotional codes. It’s a great way to attract more customers to your premises and showcase the products you wish to promote.

Joint promotional actions carried out by brands and supermarkets

Not just small businesses are subject to these types of actions. Large supermarkets are the perfect place to carry out similar promotions. In such cases, they often use coupons that customers can find in magazines, on marketing leaflets, or even on product packaging.

But nowadays brands choose to share discount vouchers on social media because it means they can reach far more users. Another benefit is that users can display the promotional code on the screen of their smartphone, automating the redemption of the code or coupon at the point of sale.

Here’s an example of how home decor brands can attract more customers by distributing discount vouchers.

discount code home decor brand

Give a go to our Distribute Discount Codes DEMO to test the user experience. And in case of questions don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team!

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Publication date: 2015-08-07