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Announcing the new Easypromos List Giveaway App, a new tool which allows you, for the first time, to hold a sweepstakes by importing a list of participants from any Excel, CSV or Text file. You’ll be able to select winners and alternate winners randomly, generating a Certificate of Validity that guarantees your participants that the sweepstakes has been carried out in a transparent, impartial way.

If you already have a list of users and you are ready to run the sweepstakes, access the Dashboard and you’ll be able to carry it out in just a couple of minutes. And remember, your first sweepstakes is free!

While the opportunities are limitless, here are a few examples of how the new tool can work for you:

Some Ideas for When to Use the List Giveaway App

  • Random sweepstakes among users registered on a Google form. If you have a list of users that took part in a survey or completed an online form via Google Form, you can use the spreadsheet where these users are registered. The Easypromos tool will be able to directly import the users from the form and enter them into your giveaway. You can also try it with lists of users who have participated in online surveys via SurveyMonkey, Doodle, QuestionPro, Survio, Typeform, Pop Survey, and Survey Gizmo, etc.
  • Run a sweepstakes among all who comment on your blog. If you have a Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger or similar blogging platform, you can reward readers who comment on your posts by entering them into your promotions and sweepstakes. Copy and paste their names to enter them into the sweepstakes, or enter their names during the setup stage. The platform can then randomly select which of your followers gets the prize. If you have users’ email addresses, enter these during the registration process in order to notify winners via email.
  • Sweepstakes among attendees of an offline event. Perhaps you’ve held or been involved in a conference, festival or training program and you need an app to help you raffle a prize among the attendees to your event or booth. Import their names from a file, or enter them directly using the feature provided by the platform, and you’ll be able to carry out a transparent sweepstakes and select the winner at random.
  • Create a sweepstakes among subscribers to your newsletter. One way of incentivizing people to subscribe to your newsletter is by offering promotions and sweepstakes to your subscriber community. Any Mailchimp, Mailify, Aweber, Mailrelay or MDirector list can be exported to a CSV or Excel file, and uploaded to the platform to run a random sweepstakes among subscribers.
  • Sweepstakes among users of another application. All you need is a list containing users’ details (first and last name, email address) to hold a random sweepstakes with Easypromos. You’ll be able to import the file or copy and paste it directly. For example, your brand has its own app and you want randomly select a winner from all users who have downloaded it.

If you are most interested in running a giveaway among everyone who has commented on or liked a post on your Facebook Page, save yourself work with our Facebook Giveaway app. If you’d like to create a sweepstakes among all your Twitter followers, or among those who’ve retweeted one of your tweets, use our Twitter Giveaway tool to collect all your promotion participants.

Check it Out

Would you like to preview the process of running a giveaway? Watch this step-by-step video tutorial.

Features of the List Giveaway App

This sweepstakes tool includes a series of features and options which allow for more streamlined winner selection. The most important of these are:

1. Importation of any type of Excel, CSV or Text file; you can even copy and paste the details directly.

2. Control of duplications and extra participations.

3. Select the number of winners and alternates.

4. A Certificate of Validity issued by the Easypromos platform once the sweepstakes has been carried out, guaranteeing transparency to participants.

5. A template for publishing the winners.

6. Contacting the winners. If you’ve imported the email addresses of participants, you’ll be able to use the system to notify the winners via email from the platform itself.

If you need further information about the features of this tool, read more about the List Giveaway App.

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Publication date: 2016-10-11