How to Create a Daily Trivia Quiz: Generate and Maintain Brand Engagement

Posted in: Digital marketingLast update: 03/08/22

Want to increase engagement, educate your customers, and keep them coming back to your website? A daily trivia quiz is a quick, fun way to keep all eyes on you.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what a daily trivia quiz is, how to use a question of the day app, and some examples of marketing campaigns with daily quizzes. Plus a few tips to get the most out of your quiz with timed questions and multi-stage campaigns.

What is a daily trivia quiz?

Quizzes are one of the most popular and effective forms of interactive content. Whether you share them on social media or include them in your content marketing strategy, there are a lot of benefits on offer.

And it’s surprisingly easy to create and share an online quiz. Easypromos has a range of quiz and game apps with all the programming already set up. All you have to do is finish the design and write the content. Then you can share the quiz on your website, post it on social media, or send it to email subscribers.

Let’s quickly review why quizzes are so useful:

  • They’re easy to create and share.
  • Easy to play. If you want to make a quiz harder, you can adjust the content or type of questions, but the basic user interface will stay the same.
  • They’re interactive. People are more likely to remember content when they’ve interacted with it, instead of passively reading or watching.
  • You can learn more about your audience by adding a registration form to the quiz. Ask targeted questions so that you can segment leads as they come in.
  • You can follow up with quiz players, offering rewards, discounts or product recommendations.

A daily quiz has all the same benefits, with one extra feature. Instead of taking the quiz all in one go, people answer the quiz over the course of several days.

You can even set the quiz up as a Multi-game promotion, so people can log in each day and build on their score. 

Result: they spend even more time on your website, engaging with your marketing, and thinking about your brand. 

Would you like to try a real example of a daily trivia? Try our Daily Trivia Quiz DEMO to discover how you can generate and maintain high-quality engagement by publishing new questions every day. You can even download our pre-configured template to launch your trivia quiz.

Ideas for branded trivia quizzes

Sounds good so far, right? Next, let’s think about how you could use daily quizzes in your marketing strategy.

1. Give away daily rewards

There are lots of different ways to reward people for playing a quiz. You could send a discount code to everyone who tries their luck or award a grand prize for the top score. If you want to add an extra challenge, you could set up a Timed Quiz that factors in the speed of players’ answers, too. 

If you run a daily trivia quiz, then you can give away prizes each day. You could use the same criteria each day or change them up. For example, you could give away a discount code on day 1 and free gifts on day 2.

You could also mix things up by using different quiz types in your campaign. Start with a quick knowledge test, then share a memory game or a personality quiz!

Finally, you have the option of giving away a big prize at the end of the campaign. So you could share small rewards and promotional codes each day… then enter all the players from each day into a final, massive prize draw.

2. Celebrate an occasion

You can use daily trivia as part of a content campaign to celebrate a particular event, holiday, or festival. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • A daily trivia for each day of Advent, preparing for Christmas
  • Daily trivia to educate your followers about Pride month
  • A daily quiz to count down to a new product launch

The goal is to build engagement over time. Because the campaign runs for a week or even a month, you can also maximize the number of leads you collect.

Quizzes like this are also a great way to demonstrate your values as a business. Customers can see that you’re interested, knowledgeable, and engaged with the issues in question.

3. Educate customers

Daily trivia is a highly effective way to educate your social media followers, sales prospects, or customers. It’s just like any other form of content marketing: it educates people to become highly qualified leads, and it adds value for existing customers.

However, quizzes have an extra advantage because they’re interactive. It’s easy and fun for people to learn about your brand by playing a quick game.

Try asking a question a day about products, services, or features that you want to highlight. You could offer a relevant reward for each quiz, such as discount codes for a specific product, or complementary services to help people enjoy their purchases.

daily trivia quiz about healthy eating

4. Run a drip campaign

Daily trivia quizzes can be extremely effective as part of an email drip campaign. You can use just one quiz in the campaign, or set up a sequence of quizzes.

For example, here are two suggestions for drip campaigns:

  • Welcome email > recommended blog post > product recommendations > quiz with discount code reward
  • Welcome email > Personality quiz to qualify lead > knowledge quiz leading to recommend blogpost > product recommendation quiz

Both campaigns are designed to guide customers towards a purchase. But the flow which includes more quizzes offers a more personalized experience. Each stage of the campaign is controlled by the user’s response to the quiz questions, so that they see perfectly targeted content every time. 

Daily trivia quiz examples

Actions speak louder than words, and examples speak louder than theory. Let’s take a look at how some brands and publishers are using regular quizzes as part of their content campaigns.

Quizlet celebrates Women’s History Month

Quizlet is a website full of free learning tools such as pop quizzes and online flashcards. Their target audience is educators and students. So their content marketing strategy is designed to be educational and informative – while building a learning community and showing off their latest product features.

educational daily trivia quiz organized by quizlet about women's history month

This year, they celebrated Women’s History Month by creating free study sets about famous women and key moments in women’s history. Their followers could return to the study sets through the month.

daily trivia quiz about womens history month

Catche up on the news with daily trivias

Trivia quizzes are especially popular with some demographics, especially young students and seniors. And AARP, a non-profit that supports senior citizens in the US, has not missed out on this trend.

daily trivia quiz

The AARP blog runs a weekly news quiz to keep their readers engaged and informed on current affairs. While this isn’t a daily quiz, it ticks the same boxes:

  • It’s interactive, engaging and memorable
  • It keeps users coming back regularly
  • It showcases AARP as a source of education and entertainment

Offer personalized recommendations with daily quiz questions

As we’ve seen, product recommender quizzes can be a powerful element in email marketing campaigns.

Here’s the online learning website Skillshare, showing how it’s done:

This is an example of timely trivia content, tapping into the general malaise that we all felt in the 2020-2021 lockdowns. Skillshare offered a personality quiz that assessed each subscriber’s mood… and offered the perfect class to perk them up again.

At the same time, the brand collected valuable information about new sales prospects. They’ll be able to use that data to target future emails and content marketing.

If you wanted to apply for this for your own brand, you could try spreading the quiz out over several emails, asking one question a day instead of several questions at once. You could also offer discounts or promotional codes for the recommended products.

Ready to build your own daily trivia quiz? Make sure to live chat with us in case of questions or doubts!

Corinna Keefe

Content marketer at Easypromos

Publication date: 2021-07-27