4 Ideas for Rewarding Winter Giveaways on Twitter

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As the cold weather sets in, we’re all happy to stay home, curled up on the sofa with some digital entertainment. Now is the time to reach new followers with fun online contests and generous giveaways – and Twitter is the social network to watch.


7 Twitter Giveaway Ideas to Make Your Brand Go Viral
Twitter giveaway

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2022 will go down in history as the year of the acquisition of Twitter. It’s time to take this social network seriously – but how? Here are 7 ways to run a Twitter competition, tailored for 7 different marketing objectives.


Run a World Cup Betting Pool on Twitter to Boost Engagement

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Lots of businesses are making the most of the World Cup in their online marketing strategy. Let yourself get carried away by World Cup fever and take advantage of the fact that during the tournament, soccer fans are likely to be more active on social media than ever. There’ll never be a better time to woo soccer fans, make them fall for your brand, and become loyal followers. One of the simplest ways of pulling this off is to launch a World Cup betting pool on Twitter. Twitter is probably the social network most commonly used by soccer fans to share their thoughts on the matches as they take place. So, lay down a challenge to soccer fans on Twitter, offer them a reward and invite them to take part in your betting pool. Read on to find out everything you need to know about World Cup betting pools!


The Hows and Whys of Launching a World Cup Giveaway on Twitter

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The World Cup provides the perfect opportunity to give a boost to your online marketing. Contests and sweepstakes are always a great option for digital marketing campaigns, but during global sporting events like the World Cup, they become even more powerful tools. And if you run them through your social media channels, the sky’s the limit! Twitter is, without a doubt, one of the most-used social networks for commenting on and discussing sporting events as they happen. Let us show you how to get the most out of your World Cup-related Twitter giveaways.


What are the Best Prizes for Twitter Contests and Giveaways
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Running a Twitter sweepstakes is one of the best ways of bringing your business to the attention of internet users. A Twitter sweepstakes can help you accomplish your strategic objective: whether this be to generate more traffic for your website; achieve greater visibility for your brand or product; gain more followers; or loyalize the followers you already have.


How to Prevent Fake Accounts from Disrupting your Twitter Giveaway

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Twitter Sweepstakes based on Retweets are one of the most effective tools for viralizing the content you share with your community while growing your number of followers. If you use Twitter Sweepstakes as part of your marketing strategy, then this new feature is for you. It will help you to manage your sweepstakes and minimize bad practices by users.


How to Project Photos in a Wedding: Projector Ideas
Fullscreen tool in a wedding

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Like many couples in the 21st Century, David and Blanca met through online social networks. In their case it was all thanks to a Facebook photo. The photo was nothing special, just a typical Facebook picture of a group of smiling friends. It had the usual selection of tags, likes and comments.

It’s surprising where a simple photo like this can lead. David, who wasn’t in the photo, posted the following comment: “Is that brown-haired girl on the left wearing a limited edition Blues Brothers t-shirt?” Blanca, the brunette in question, replied: “Yes! I saw it in a flea market and knew I had to make it mine!” And, as the saying goes, the rest is history.


How to Project an Image Gallery as a Slideshow
How to project a gallery of images with fullscreen mode

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In any type of event or celebration – annual fairs, conferences, football games or family parties – people like to take photos and share them, enabling their friends and wider social circle to find out about the event in real time.

Have you ever needed to project photos of a place or event onto a screen? In this article we introduce a tool that will enable you to create a slideshow presentation and project it on any type or size of screen, monitor or television in real time.


Why Having Alternate Winners Can Save Your Sweepstakes
Why are alternate winners needed in a Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes?

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If you frequently organize sweepstakes as part of your marketing strategy for dynamizing your social networks and increasing your community of followers, you have probably found yourself, upon occasion, with the problem of not being able to contact one of the winners, or with the need to replace a winner at the last minute after finding out that he or she is not eligible for the prize. It’s in these sorts of situations that alternates come into play. An alternate is a participant you can keep in reserve in case you have to make a substitution when awarding your prize/s. In this post we will look at some situations in which it might be useful to have alternate winners for your sweepstakes.


Best Practices For Contacting your Sweepstakes Winners
Best Practices When Contacting the Winners of a Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes

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Have you organized a sweepstakes on your Facebook Page and now want to get in touch with the winners? Once you have a list of the winners and alternates for your sweepstakes it’s time to let the victors know so they can get their hands on their prize as soon as possible. This is probably the most enjoyable aspect of any promotion, but it can also be the most time-consuming. What’s the best way to contact the winners? In this post we explain everything you need to know to communicate with your prizewinners quickly and efficiently.