Grandparents’ Day Ideas: Celebrate Online with Giveaways

Corinna Keefe
How will you celebrate Grandparents' Day this year? We've put together fun ideas for fun events and contests to celebrate at school, with families, or with social media marketing.

Grandparents’ Day social media giveaways

Let’s start with the most dynamic Grandparents’ Day social media contests: giveaways. If you’re looking for National Grandparents’ Day ideas that are a low commitment for you and your followers, then Facebook and Instagram are good places to start; they’re the most popular social media channels, which means that your target audience is most likely to be there, too!

The idea behind a social media giveaway is really simple. You just publish a post about Grandparents’ Day, invite people to comment, and then select a winner from that list of comments.

If you use a giveaway app for Facebook or Instagram, then you don’t even have to copy out the list of usernames – it all happens automatically.

Mobile screenshots of a Grandparents Day giveaway on Instagram, using Easypromos templates for posts and Stories.

And to make things easier, we’ve created instant templates for you to use on Facebook and Instagram! Use or edit the images and recommended text to run a Grandparents’ Day giveaway that will get plenty of attention online.

Use our ready-made Grandparents Day templates to start your own Grandparents’ Day giveaway on Facebook or Instagram.

Not sure how to get started with your Grandparents’ Day giveaway? How about asking an open question, for example:

  • What’s your favorite memory about your grandparents?
  • What makes your grandparents special?
  • Describe your grandparents in three words.

These kinds of questions work great as they encourage social media users to start sharing with your brand. It’s a fantastic way to establish customer relationships and tap into customer loyalty.

Take for example the above Grandparents’ Day giveaway organized by a stationary shop in Uruguay. They invited their audience to follow their account, like the post, and tag in comments two friends or family members. In return, participants had a chance to win a fancy notebook for their grandparents, so that they can write down their favorite memories and stories.

What are the best gifts and prizes for National Grandparents Day?

The key to choosing a prize is understanding the importance of National Grandparents’ Day. It’s an opportunity to celebrate family ties – so the best prize is one which promotes family time together, and shows grandmoms and granddads how much they are loved.

Try these ideas on for size:

  • personalized or monogrammed gifts
  • activity kits for families to do together. Think baking, crafting, or board games!
  • restaurant vouchers or day passes for family-friendly events
  • flowers & chocolates

But what’s the best way to hand out those prizes? If you want to make sure everyone gets a gift – or share just a few prizes – then you’ll need some kind of contest or giveaway system.

The good news: contests are easy to organize. And you can even make them part of the Grandparents ‘Day celebrations!

Here’s another example of a Grandparents’ Day giveaway, in which the organizer gave away a floral arrangement for a deserving grandmother. Users were asked to follow the organizing account, tag two friends, and write a comment sharing the grandma’s name and why she deserved to win a bouquet.

National Grandparents Day games and puzzles

In the modern age, you can now move away from physical games and move on to online games and puzzles. Organize promotional campaigns in which users play for a chance to win fantastic prizes for their grandparents, such as cozy blankets, essential diet supplements, or chocolates! There’s a variety of different branded games to choose from: Puzzles, Memory games, Word Search contests, or even Spin the Wheel promotions.

grandparents' day puzzle

But there’s an option also for those who don’t want to raffle prizes but would rather promote quality family time: EasyGames. We created a platform full of interactive games for the whole family! Share them with your online community to engage grandparents and grandchildren in fun and educational games.

Craft and baking competitions for the kids

If you work with children, or in a brand aimed at kids and young families, then competitions and activities are bound to be popular.

Choose something that’s easy to do, or kids can work on it with their parents. We’re thinking drawing contests, easy baking recipes, or craft challenges.

So how does the competition part work?

Ask people to upload photos or videos of their creations. Then you can let the public vote for a favorite – or just pick your own. The winner receives a gift to share on National Grandparents Day!

Discover how to organize a children’s drawing contest online.

Grandparents’ Day: story-telling contests

So we’ve discussed contests for grandchildren – but what about a challenge for grandmom and granddad?

Try running a story-telling contest. You could collect original stories with a Writing Contest, or ask grandparents to read a story out loud in a Video Contest. Once again, you could put the entries to a public vote, or select your favorites to win prizes.

If you want to get more participants, try offering small rewards as an incentive to sign up. So as well as a grand prize, you could offer a quick discount code or National Grandparents’ Day e-card to all your users.

We hope we have inspired you enough to create your own Grandparents’ Day promotion! Don’t worry if you have doubts or questions, you can always contact our Support Team!