Celebrate Hanukkah with these social media giveaway ideas

Corinna Keefe
Corinna Keefe
Hanukkah sometimes gets overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the winter holiday season - but it's still an opportunity to share special moments with your followers and build customer relationships. We suggest three easy ideas to start celebrating Hanukkah online.

According to Business News Daily, Hanukkah presents a unique challenge for retailers. It’s a vitally important moment in the Jewish calendar, which deserves celebration – but has often been neglected. Now, brands are starting to wake up to the magic and meaning of the eight-night festival.

Hanukkah (sometimes written “Chanukah”) is not as commercialized as other holidays during winter, such as Christmas. But you can still tap into Hanukkah colors, themes, and traditions to show your followers that you respect their traditions and want to take part. Let’s take a look at some simple social media giveaways to start.

How to run a Hanukkah giveaway on Facebook

We know that Facebook is the most popular social network for giveaways – and that giveaways can get up to 1000% engagement compared to standard posts. The best part? You can create a powerful Facebook giveaway in minutes.

All you have to do is publish a post and encourage people to comment. Then use an automatic app to pick a winner from the comments!

Try asking a question about Hanukkah, such as people’s favorite traditions, treats, or plans for this year. Get people’s attention with an image that shows off the prize with classic Hanukkah symbols and colors.

Hanukkah Facebook giveaway cookies

When you invite people to comment, you’re not just trying to boost engagement numbers. Facebook giveaways are also an opportunity to start conversations and build a genuine relationship with your followers online.

Hanukkah Facebook giveaway comments

How to run a Hanukkah giveaway on Instagram

Instagram is another popular channel for social media giveaways. And it works in just the same way: create a post, collect the comments, and pick a winner on Instagram.

Because Hanukkah runs for eight nights, it’s a good idea to share small prizes. Many brands choose to run eight days of giveaways, usually with prizes linked to the holiday.

Like this adorable picture book about the importance of family at Hanukkah:

Hanukkah Instagram giveaway books

Or this giveaway from a cosmetics brand, which shared small gifts each night of the festival:

Hannukah Instagram giveaway cosmetics

Or this delicious box of treats, decorated in classic blue and white for Hanukkah:

Hannukah Instagram giveaway candy

How to run a Hanukkah giveaway on Twitter

Finally, Twitter offers even more options for your Hanukkah giveaway. You can pick a winner based on:

  • retweets
  • replies

And because of the quick, short-form style of Twitter posts, it’s another great channel for sharing mini-giveaways during the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Twitter giveaway

You can also collect user-generated content for Hanukkah on Instagram. Just ask people to share photos with your brand mention and hashtag! Collect content into a public gallery, and choose a winner with a prize draw or public vote.