How to Create An Online Soccer Pool

Marta Roura
When the big soccer tournaments come round each year, big brands boost their online marketing spend to make the most of the occasion. But you don't need a million-dollar budget to take advantage! Learn how to superpower your marketing strategy and convert soccer fans into brand fanatics. Ready for kick off?

How do online betting pools work for brands?

For players, online betting pools are pretty much the same as traditional, offline ones – just more convenient. But for marketers, the switch to online soccer pools has changed everything.

Online promotional campaigns offer many more advanced features. An online soccer pool can be a sophisticated, social media-first way to build your online reach and reputation.

The idea behind an online soccer pool is simple. Just ask your followers to predict the result of a match or tournament.

You can offer your target audience all kinds of rewards and incentives for taking part, such as discounts, prizes or experiences. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get in return:

  • Increase engagement by tapping into users’ passion for soccer. Then keep them hooked with daily campaign updates.
  • Give participants a competitive thrill by ranking them in order of who made the most correct predictions. Reward correct guesses on an individual basis, or award one big prize at the end of the tournament or season.
  • Collect leads and then maintain them by offering high-quality soccer content.
  • Customize the experience to maximize the fun and maintain a consistent brand image. Use photos, branding, texts, open questions, closed questions and drop-down lists.

This year’s Champions League is one for the history books. Try out our Predictions contest for the final – then create your own Champions League sweepstake and prizes!

Get the benefits of an online soccer pool promotion

Example of an online soccer betting pool. The background image shows three men in white soccer uniforms celebrating in a stadium. The quiz question reads, "Group G. Which two teams will make it to the knockout stage". Possible answers: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia and England.

Now let’s focus on what you can achieve with an online sports promotion.

  • Fans spend more time on social media when they’re getting excited for a tournament, watching a match, or sharing post-match analysis with friends. Brands that make the most of these special occasions can get attention and share their campaigns with a bigger audience.
  • Relate your content to hot topics. You can encourage followers to like, comment, share and more when you produce content that links to their interests. In marketing language: it helps boost engagement!
  • Increase brand awareness. By linking the activity of your brand to big competitions, you’ll achieve top-of-mind awareness. Fans and followers will then associate your brand with the fun and excitement of soccer season.
  • Encourage customer loyalty. If you’re active on social media, produce great content, link your brand to high-profile events, and offer desirable rewards, your sports promotion is sure to be a success. Your followers will feel valued, welcomed and rewarded. In other words, the loyalty ratio grows.

7 simple steps for an online soccer pool

So the time has come to set up your online soccer pool. Here are 7 simple steps for a successful campaign:

  1. Choose which event to highlight in your promotion. First, come up with a sports marketing calendar to plan campaigns and pick launch dates.
  2. Pick a format for your online soccer pool. How many questions will participants answer? Will you use open questions, drop-down lists, autocomplete, or radio buttons?
  3. Select the prizes and frequency. Will you offer prizes for every correct guess, or just at the end of the season? Maybe you could incentivize participants with a discount coupon or promotional code.
  4. Set up metrics to measure your success. Make sure you keep track of the number of participants, increase in followers on social networks, new leads obtained, interactions and more.
  5. Design your app to suit your brand. You can tailor every detail with the Easypromos predictions app. No graphic design or programming skills required!
  6. Set down clear rules. Easypromos offers a completely free tool for creating, editing and hosting legal details. This includes terms and conditions, privacy policy and cookie policy.
  7. Share the promotion… everywhere! Broadcast your online soccer pool on every social media channel. Consider paying to promote your posts, in order to achieve greater reach, visibility and participation.

Are you ready to make the most of Champions League and Premier League season? Don’t wait a minute longer. Create an account and start designing your online soccer pool for free.