How to create fashion giveaways on Instagram and Facebook?

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Nowadays, the dream of starting your own online fashion shop is much more realistic and easier to accomplish that before. However, being an experienced merchant is much more challenging. The fashion sector is one of the most competitive markets online, with millions of people making clothes purchases every day. How to drive them to your online store and convince to purchase from you? Try to organise fashion giveaways on your Instagram and Facebook profiles and see how your brand awareness starts to grow more and more...

Instagram is a very dynamic social network with a very idyllic relationship between brands and users. More often than not, Instagram influencers share their perfect lifestyles illustrated with ideally edited pictures. Meanwhile, brands expose their collections to a wide audience, building a stronger relationship with their potential and existing customers.

Facebook was the very first social media channel, thus it has the highest number of users. If your online clothing shop targets adults from all walks of life, then Facebook is your go-to social network.

Having in mind both social media platforms and their different dynamics, we will show you a few different examples of great social media promotions. And they can be organized by any owner of an online clothing store.

Tips to grow your audience and stand out from the crowd:

  • Post consistently – keep your audience engaged by keeping your accounts active. Plan your esthetic strategy, as well as publication criteria. Your posts should be easily recognizable and well-presenting.
  • Interesting content – share news about collections, offers, tips, and fashion trends. Ask questions and talk with your audience. Be active!
  • Create high-quality visuals – fashion is ideal for creating attractive images and videos that catch the eye. Don’t forget to share this content on your stories, to drive traffic to your profile.
  • Know when to post – find out when your audience engages most with the content you post. Post at the most popular times to gain more views, likes, shares, and exposure. Review the previous posts to know, which types of promotions and content were the most engaging and use the same techniques for your future posts.
  • Collaborate with different brands and influencers – you will expose your brand to a wider public, gain more prestige and loyalty.
  • Use Ads to boost some publications – if you want to target a new market or send a message across to a specific segment, try the ads. But first, you have to specify who you want to target and why!
  • Promote your social media channels offline – spread the word about your social pages. In-store posters, packaging, bags, leaflets, price tags, catalogs – use it all to let your audience know about your Instagram and Facebook! Also, don’t forget to promote your social media online: email signature, newsletter, website.
  • Humanize your brand – if you want to establish a great relationship with your audience and create a sense of belonging within your community you have to humanize your brand. Show your offices, people behind the company, share “good morning messages”. But remember to keep it professional, modern and attractive.
  • Award your followers with discounts and prizes – it’s always a great way of promoting your brand and gaining engagement, exposure, followers, leads, and loyalty! Organize giveaways to promote your new products and collections, or boost your sales by gifting discounts.

Examples of fashion giveaways on Instagram

So you want to know more about organizing giveaways for your clothing store? Then carry on reading because we’re about to share and explain some great examples!

Claudia Giraldo Bridal

Getting brand recognition is a laborious but not impossible task. The draws are a fantastic tool to publicize your brand, especially when one of the participation requirements is tagging friends in comments. That’s extra traffic to your page and more exposure! Do as Claudia Giraldo Bridal and organize a fashion giveaway in the form of raffle and give away vouchers to spend in your store. Of course, the prize will depend on the type of products that you have for sale! But not everyone can afford to gift $500 and $1000 gift cards. Start with as little as $10! Use the Easypromos Instagram raffle tool to choose the winner in a transparent and easy way.

Tip from Easypromos: use the most original and attention-calling picture to draw more attention to your fashion giveaways!

Dockers Europe

If you want to stimulate more sales of your new collection come up with something creative! You can follow the example of Dockers Europe and ask your followers to become… Personal! Ask them to share their stories, opinions, thoughts, dreams. That’s how you create brand belonging, which leads to engagement and sales!

Dockers Europe Instagram Giveaway

Dockers Europe regularly organizes Instagram Giveaways. Their followers know they can expect a new chance to win every couple of weeks. This keeps them coming back for more!

DOckers Europe

Decide on how many pieces of your new collections you want to give away to your audience and based on that number, decide how many winners you will draw. To draw the winner of your Instagram fashion giveaways, use the Easypromos Instagram tool.

Edinburgh Cashmere

Here’s another great example of a very similar fashion giveaway was organized by Edinburgh Cashmere. However, instead of asking their followers to share their stories, they asked for their favorite design of the scarf. That way the brand knows exactly what their target audience likes and wants to see. Therefore, their future posts and offers can target the segment even more precisely!

Instagram Fashion giveaway

Commenting on the post should be the main requirement to enter an Instagram giveaway. You can also ask the followers to tag a friend in a comment, and to follow your account in order to enter. To learn more and get some useful tips, read The Ultimate Instagram Guide to Organizing an Instagram Giveaway.

Examples of fashion giveaways on Facebook

Inherit Clothing Company

If you want to get as much engagement as possible, you must organize Facebook fashion giveaways that are easy to enter. And what’s easier than asking your Facebook audience to simply like the post? Here, you can follow the example of the Inherit Clothing Company that organized this quick and easy to enter giveaway.

You can ask your audience to comment on the post in order to enter the prize draw. This action normally creates more engagement and better quality content. And then you can reply to the winner’s comment and sent them information on how to claim the prize.

Are you interested in creating your own Facebook fashion giveaways? Head to this post to find some helpful tips! Register now, and organize your first Facebook giveaway completely for free!