Validate QR Codes with your Phone using the Validation Portal

Sílvia Martí
Many small businesses with brick-and-mortar stores use social networks and other online channels to incentivize purchases, attract clients, and encourage their followers and online fans to become paying customers. Distributing coupons or discount codes is one of the best ways of achieving this objective, but many clients ask us: How do I make sure that people don’t use the same code more than once? Good question! ;-)

You will need to start by registering the participants and giving each one a different code. This is the only way to differentiate each user. If you use coupons without any code to verify them, they could be used and shared without any restrictions. This could mean that there would be a high possibility that you could miss out on potential profits.

However, sometimes using the same coupon code will be your best option, especially when the discount still leaves a good profit margin. If you don’t mind your customers potentially using the same discount code again and again, then distribute the same coupon code to all customers. This is a great option for new businesses when you want to attract attention and potential customers. But this technique can also be used by businesses that want to get rid of their old stock or promote a new product. In this case, the same coupon code could be used multiple times by the same customer.

However, if you want the discount or gift to be strictly used by the users registered in your promotion, and redeemed only once, you need to distribute unique codes that are associated with each person.

But luckily this sort of promotion is now much easier to set up and monitor than ever before! The Easypromos platform transforms the information of each participant into a unique QR code. This QR code will then need to be presented by the participant at the shop or point of sale. That’s where it can be easily verified with a code reading app.

The Easypromos platform also provides verifying systems for other formats, such as alphanumeric codes.

How does the validating system work?

A user visits your store and presents you with a QR code. You then scan the code with your phone and an easy-to-use free app. Apps for reading and scanning QR codes can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. The app will immediately redirect you to the Validation Portal where the code will be validated. You’ll be able to quickly and easily verify whether the code is valid before applying the discount or advantage that you promised during the promotion.

Mobile validation qr codes

What should you bear in mind?

  1. Create your unique codes – start by creating unique codes that you wish to share with your registered users. You can use an app or a website that generates codes automatically like this section of
  2. Use the Easypromos app for code distribution.
  3. Upload the codes to the app and configure it to present user information in the QR codes format on the final page.
  4. Personalize the coupon in the PDF format so it can be downloaded and saved by the users.
  5. Activate the validating portal in the editor on the Easypromos platform.

The process is simple, quick and efficient, ensuring that your customers are treated professionally. If you’re ready to give it a go, access your Dashboard. And for more details and tips head to our app tutorial.

If you have questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team through our Online Chat!