Make your own coupon

Make your own coupon

Make your own coupon to distribute online and incentivize purchases and increase visits to your point of sale. Making and giving away discount coupons or promotional codes to your customers is a great strategy, and even better if you can customize the coupon with the brand's corporate image and the data of each customer to create personalized coupons that are easy to redeem.


The new Coupon Editor is the most comprehensive tool for creating customized promotional vouchers, either for the Digital Coupon Book, or any other promotion that distributes coupons as prizes. Here's all you can do with the editor!

Table of contents

Make your own coupon - Main features

  • Use the editor menu to modify the elements

    Add, modify or delete the elements of the coupon in a flexible and easy manner using the options in the menu. Every time you select an element or add a new one, all the options available to configure that element will unfold. You can modify the coupon when you want.

  • Add a background image

    Apart from giving the coupon shape and style, you can also use the background image to link the coupon to the overall style of the campaign, to the brand image or to the prize. That way we help you to achieve that all the elements of the promotion follow the same graphic code and that the users recognize your brand by a glance.

  • Modify and add text, images, lines and squares

    Create a coupon with balanced design and with all the information you need in a flexible way. Adapt the text to the format of the page, create several texts and place them where they fit best, add resource images in JPG or PNG format, insert lines to separate the information and arrange the coupon in sections, highlight the code or important elements by adding a square etc.

  • Customize with the data of each participant

    Display the data of the participants that you want on the coupon. With the "smart tags" system, you can decide which data to show and where. When you add a new text field, by default you will see all the fields of the entry form and other important information. You can for example show first name and last name, date of participation and of course, the assigned code.

  • Insert the code to redeem

    Configure the promotion with the type of code that you want to use -alphanumeric, QR code or barcode- and insert it on the coupon on top of a white square or you can change the size to highlight it. When redeeming the coupon, the code is the most important element as it allows to identify and validate the coupon holder. So give it the importance that it deserves!

  • Change the style of the texts

    Highlight the most important information and give less importance to the complementary information, by making some words bold, changing the color and size of the letters or by changing the text font. You can for example insert the instructions to redeem the coupon in the bottom part of the coupon and in italic.

  • Download the test PDF and other features

    Do you want to see the result of your work before activating the promotion? Use the tool to download the coupon to see it in real size. While editing the coupon, you can also see or hide the guides to place the elements, and zoom in and out to work more easily.