Promotion ideas for your Easter campaigns

The shops are stacked high with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, and school's out for the Easter holidays. It's time to reconnect with your audience with our favorite Easter promotion ideas!

Launch branded mini-games, online Easter egg hunts, Easter competitions and chocolate giveaways from the Easter Bunny, and more.

With an Easypromos app for every promotion, you can entertain and engage your audiencecollect new leads and user-generated content securely and easily. Get free design resources for your Easter campaigns on social media. Read inspiring case studies from popular brands, and learn how to make Easter promotions work for you.

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Promotion ideas for your Easter campaigns

Promotion ideas for your Easter campaigns

  • Branded mini-games to brighten your Easter campaign

    Implement gamification into your Easter campaign! Entertain and engage your audience with gamified promotions while giving them a chance to win. Reinforced brand awareness guaranteed! “online

    • New! Challenge your audience to gather as many Easter eggs as possible with our Tap Tap game, tha latest addition to the Easypromos game catalog. 
    • Try our Easter egg hunt DEMO to discover how easy it is to entertain your audience with this fun promotion. Use our pre-configured template to run your own Easter egg hunt.
    • Easter is all about eggs... And so is our Easter Minesweeper! Challenge your followers to uncover all squares without smashing any eggs - and don't forget to reward their effort.
    • Promote your products with a branded Easter Memory game! Run a fun pair matching promotion to better position your brand and reinforce product awareness.
    • Learn more about how to create interactive online Easter egg hunt in this article. 
  • Distribute fun and prizes among your customers

    Boost brand visibility and keep customers engaged with your brand during Easter by giving away prizes. How? With digital interactive actions! Create an Easter calendar or a digital prize wheel and share it on your social networks, website, newsletter, or messaging app. Are you up for it?


    distribute prizes among your customers

    • Launch a promotion to entertain users and give away prizes during Easter. Keep your customers engaged with your brand every day with an Easter game calendar. Try out the games, and if you like the idea, use the pre-configured template to create your own promotion easily.
    • Generate fun and excitement among your audience by launching a "Reaveal & Win" to try their luck at winning a prize. Want to see what this type of promotion is about? Try our Find the Easter Egg demo and get a feel of the user experience.
    • Another idea to give away prizes and discounts during Easter is to launch a Spin the Wheel promotion. You can customize the wheel with your brand image and give away merchandise, discount coupons, gift cards, prizes, or whatever you feel to treat your audience to!
  • Easter promotion ideas to gather User-Generated Content

    Launch contests and dynamics involving photos, videos, and texts to gather user-generated content. Additionally, you will collect contact details of your target audience as they share content with you to win a prize.Easter contests

    • An Easter Voting Contest is an effective and straightforward strategy to collect high-quality UGC. Use the voting contest app to create photo, video, or writing contests. Ask your audience to share their Easter holidays to win a prize. 
    • Collect high-quality user-generated content with our Easter egg decorating contest idea. Reinforce customer relationships by resharing the Easter UGC on your social media channels.
    • Learn how Lamb Brand made the most of its audience's Easter traditions to launch a successful campaign in this case study: Easter Photo Contest: Figolla cake competition.
  • Social media giveaways to boost engagement during Easter

    Engage your followers with comment-based giveaways! These types of giveaways generate interactions on your profile, increasing the relevance of your posts - according to social media algorithms - and will show more organically. Additionally, you'll build loyalty among your followers and attract those who aren't followers yet.Click here for Easter giveaway templates

    Easter eggs, chocolate boxes, discount coupons, or even an Easte weekend escapade. Whichever prize resonates with your brand or engages your audince, Easypromos will make your giveaway easy to launch and manage, and 100% fair and reliable. 

FAQ's about Easter Interactive Promotions

  • Is it a good idea to organize an Easter marketing campaign?

    Of course! Any reason is good to engage your audience and reconnect with online communities. Don't miss out on any opportunity that allows you to better position your brand, stay top of mind with customers and boost sales. Online users love promotions, giveaways, and discounts - for Easter too! 

  • There are many different Easter promotions that you can organize for your online community. Easter social media giveaways are great for reactivating your followers and contests will allow you to obtain UGC for your future marketing campaigns. But if you want to engage your audience, maximize lead generation and boost your brand you should opt for an interactive Easter promotion. Organize an online Easter egg hunt or invite users to decorate their Easter eggs. Engagement and fun guaranteed! 

  • The prize is always the best motivation to participate in online promotions - so attract more entrants with attractive incentives! Raffle Easter chocolate bunnies, give away product bundles or distribute discount codes for your online shop. You can even team up with another brand to reach a wider audience and offer a more attractive prize. 

  • Organizing an Easter giveaway on social media is a great way to generate engagement, brand visibility and customer trust. Online users love winning, therefore they love sweepstakes! Invite your social media followers to participate in comment giveaways - they're easy to organize, participate in and finalize! You can use an online tool like Easypromos to draw a random winner of your Easter giveaway.