Instagram Sweepstakes

Create a sweepstakes among the users who comment on a post on your Instagram profile or those who use a specific hashtag. You can ask as a requirement that they follow your brand and filter the finalists based on number of mentioned friends. Includes tool to pick winners randomly, automatically and transparently.


Instagram Sweepstakes

Application to select winners from an Instagram Sweepstakes among all the users who comment on a post on your brand’s profile or those who post a photo or a video to their own timeline using the hashtag the organizer specifies. Get more followers on Instagram by running a prize draw. First plan your Instagram sweepstakes campaign and access your Easypromos account when you want to select the winners at random.

You can select as finalists only those who have commented on the post, are followers of the brand profile and have mentioned a minimum number of friends defined by the organizing brand. In the case of hashtags sweepstakes you can import all the users who have posted a photo or a video with your hashtag. Publish the winners page and show the Certificate of Validity to give transparency to your sweepstakes.

Main Features

  • import_instagram_comments

    Imports all the comments from the post

    The platform includes a system to import all the comments on a post on Instagram during the participation period of the giveaway. For business profiles, there’s no limit to the number of participants. You can also download an Excel file with all the users and comments.

  • hashtag_instagram_sweepstakes

    Import all users who post with your hashtag

    The application lets you import all the users who have posted a photo or a video with your campaign hashtag from a certain date automatically and run a random sweepstakes among them.

  • instagram_follower_required

    Ask users to follow one or more brands

    In addition to commenting the post, you can require the user to be a follower of your Instagram profile and/or other profiles, includes ones you’re not the administrator of. The platform will automatically exclude users who don’t meet these requirements. Ideal for co-branding actions and to increase the number of followers.

  • hashtags_tags_filter

    Filter by number of mentions and use of hashtags

    You can apply automatic rules of exclusion depending on the number of friends tagged or the used hashtags by each user. The platform allows to gather mentions and hashtags per user. Ideal to make your Instagram giveaway organically viral. More information.

  • instagram_comments_picker_app

    Select winners and alternate winners randomly

    The random picker app has been designed so that you can select between one and 1000 winners and alternate winners automatically. It’s a 100% random process that you can carry out with just a few clicks following the guided process at all times. To increase security, the platform includes a test system that you can use before the final draw.

  • certificate_of_validity

    Winners page and certificate of validity

    Once you’ve carried out the giveaway you will get a link to a web page with a list of the winners ready to communicate and publish the winners of the sweepstakes. This page is 100% customizable. Furthermore you will get a link to a certificate of validity that guarantees that the draw has been carried out randomly and transparently through the Easypromos platform.

Complete features

  • Easy and rapidly accessed configuration
  • Import of all the comments on an Instagram post What is it?
  • Automatic selection of winners and alternates
  • Management of the blacklist of users
  • Filter to exclude for not being follower of one or more accounts
  • Filter to exclude by minimum number of mentions
  • Filter users by use of hashtags in comments
  • Filter comments by date
  • Exclusion filters for previous winners
  • Manual exclusion of winners
  • Issue of a certificate of validity
  • Carry out a giveaway in test mode
  • Perform multiple giveaways from the same post What is it?
  • Customizable page to publish the winners
  • Publication of winners in Facebook and Twitter and url to share
  • System to notify winners
  • ‘Claim your prize’ system to confirm the contact details of the winners What is it?
  • Manage the replacement of winners for alternates
  • Tool to create and host the terms and conditions What is it?
  • Export a list of users and their comments to an Excel file
  • Export the list of winners and all their contact details to an Excel file

The first sweepstakes is always free

Start now and carry out your first free Instagram sweepstakes in just three minutes


$29 USD/month or $290 USD/year 29€/month or 290€/year
Basic Subscription *
  • Unlimited sweepstakes
  • Unlimited Instagram accounts
  • Comments-based sweepstakes: Unlimited number of comments for business profiles
  • Hashtags sweepstakes: Limited to 200 entries
  • Download participants to Excel
  • The Basic subscription also includes sweepstakes on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pick-a-winner app to select winners from a list More information
(*) The subscription doesn’t have any minimum period. You can cancel it at any time.
View prices in euros VAT not included

Do you want to run giveaways in all networks? Purchase the monthly subscription for 29$/month which allows you to run unlimited number of sweepstakes on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for any account you manage.

See prices

Resources and help

Comments-based sweepstakes tutorial

Learn step by step how to carry out a random draw among comments on an Instagram post.

View tutorial

Hashtags Sweepstakes tutorial

Follow this tutorial to run a random sweepstakes among all users who use your hashtag on Instagram.

View tutorial


All you need to know before you begin to create your first Instagram Sweepstakes among comments on a post.

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