Promotion group

Present a collection of promotions or individual contests on the same page to form a single campaign. In this way, users will remain interested in your promotions and actively engaged during the whole campaign. You can use a single link to communicate all your planned promotions to your followers.

Use the Promotion Groups app to present a group of promotions or individual contests on the same page to form a single campaign: category-based contests, contests by phases, multilingual campaigns, quizzes with new questions, daily/weekly giveaways, promotions with different geographic locations, sports betting pools over various days, etc. You will be able to keep your users engaged and interested during the whole campaign. In addition, a group of promotions offers a unique URL to spread and communicate the campaign. This URL can be customized with your own domain in order to centralize all the promotions you organize for a brand or a specific campaign in a single URL.

Main Features

  • Add as many promotions to the group as you like

    Add as many promotions to the group as you like

    You can group as many promotions as you want on the same page and put them in whatever order that you think is best. They will also be presented according to their state: open, closed, or coming soon, so that users can quickly see which promotions to take part in.

  • Customize the home page of the group

    Customize the home page of the group

    All the graphic and text elements that appear on the home page of the group are customizable: the title and description, the header image, the image and text of each promotion, and the background.

Try it now to see how it looks!

Access the setup page to test all the options and preview how it will look when you publish the promotions group on your Facebook Page.

Promotion groupAvailable in these versions:

  • More options, more possibilities and more control.

  • The big brand option. Full customization.

Complete features

  • Responsive design, mobile-device compatible
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Embed in any website with Widgets
  • Install in a tab on your Facebook page
  • Full design customization
  • Full entry form customization
  • Export data and advanced statistics
  • Multiple giveaways among participants More info
  • Multi-language support
  • Present various promotions in a campaign on a single screen
  • Customize the home page of the group
  • A single link that serves to communicate the whole group
  • Enable one-time registration across the promotions in the group
  • Same terms and conditions for all the promotions in the group
  • Publish the promotions group as an application installed on a Facebook Page
  • Embed the promotions group in a webpage, blog or microsite
  • Share and follow on social networks

Is this your first time using Easypromos?

The first promotion with the basic version is free.

Case studies

  • Group of promotions with quizzes

    Followers of Chicles 5® (Wrigley’s) were challenged for a few weeks to demonstrate their knowledge about various destinations in the world by using different quizzes that were presented as a single campaign by creating a Group of promotions.

    Territorio creativo
    Chicles 5®

Resources and help

  • Technical tutorial

    If you have any technical questions about promotion groups, this tutorial will explain how to set them up.

  • Need some ideas?

    Discover 7 ideas for applying a Group of promotions in your online marketing campaigns.

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