How to Offer Coupon Codes on Facebook with Easypromos

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Coupon codes are a marketing tool that enables you to attract new users to your business by offering them discounts or gifts. With Easypromos you can distribute coupon codes among participants of your promotions, and ensure that the points of sale are able to verify the codes with our efficient and easy-to-use Code Redemption Portal.

In this post we’re going to explain the following:


What is the difference between a coupon and a promo code?

A coupon is an image with a message that you give to a user when he/she has taken part in the promotion. It can then be redeemed for a discount or gift at specified points of sale.

A promo code is a string of numbers, letters, or both combined, an alphanumeric code, that gives its bearer the right to a discount or free gift. Promo codes are generally used in online sales. Many internet companies offer customers the chance to insert a code made up of numbers and/or letters to obtain a special discount when they’re going to pay. However, Easypromos also provides the option of allowing a customer to download this code and use it for purchases at a physical store or other point of sale.

You can see how coupons and promo codes are displayed in the final screen of the promotion at the following link.

The principal objectives:

  • They act as a focal point when planning promotional activities.
  • They increase the number of fans of your Facebook page and help you loyalize them.
  • They direct online users to your points of sale.
  • They enable you to collect information about users who enter the promotion, such as their name, city of residence and email address.

Note: In the Basic version of the platform, the app allows to distribute one single coupon that the users can download, and this coupon will be the same for all participants that register. In Premium and White Label version you have the possibility to distribute a unique code to each participant. See the differences and characteristics of the different versions here.

Screen flow of a promotion with a coupon

Below we’re going to show you how an Easypromos promotion with coupons or codes works from the point of view of a participant. The promotion can be divided into three steps – each with a different screen:

Step 1: Welcome page

This screen is where the promotion is first introduced. Using a title, description and image you should explain what the promotion consists of. For example:

  • Title: “Win a 20% discount in our online store
  • Description: “Take part in this promotion to win a discount voucher. Simply click on the ENTER button, fill in the form with your information, and at the end you’ll obtain a discount code that you can redeem in our store. It’s that simple!”

On the screen there is an “ENTER” button, and when the user clicks on it, he/she progresses to step 2.

Step 2: Entry form

In this screen the user should fill out the form with his/her details.

How to offer coupons and promotional codes


Step 3: Viewing the coupon or code and inviting friends

When users fill out the form, they access the new window where they are thanked for taking part and where they can view the coupon or discount code, as well as the instructions for use. They will also be offered a variety of ways to save the coupon or code: printing it out, downloading it as a PDF, or having it sent directly to their email address. In this screen users will have the chance to share the promotion on their wall or recommend it to their friends by sending invitations. These tools help viralize the promotion.How to offer coupons and promotional codes

For promotions that distribute different promotional codes there is an optional fourth step: code validation. The user might conclude his/her experience by making a purchase in the online store or at the physical point of sale, depending on the instructions provided with the code. If it’s at an actual sales outlet, the sales personnel can now verify the code by accessing the Code Redemption Portal – via any desktop computer or tablet with an internet connection – before presenting the customer with the gift or applying a discount to their purchase.


Basic options for distributing coupon codes

  • Customize an image for your coupon code. You can upload a coupon image containing your brand logo and information about the amount of discount or the type of gift that the user can redeem it for. How to set it up.
  • Add instructions for use of the coupon code. Outline all the options and characteristics of the coupon or code so that the participants will always have the instructions on hand. Learn how to set them up in this link.
  • Send and download the coupon code. The application provides the tools to enable the user to send, retrieve and download the coupon or code via email, PDF or printed copy.
  • 100% compatible with mobile devices. Easypromos has been designed so that the experience of obtaining a coupon or code is also excellent via mobile devices. This allows for the creation of campaigns in which coupons can be obtained anywhere.


Advanced options for distributing coupon codes

  • Distribute unique promotional codes. In the Premium and White Label versions, the administrator can preload a list of unique codes for the application to distribute among those who enter the promotion. How to set up this option.
  • Validate codes at the point of sale with the Validation Portal. The Premium and White Label versions allow you to activate a URL where the codes can be validated. Follow our tutorial for setting up the Code Redemption Portal. Get a taste of the experience that your users will have of the Validation Portal via this infographic. (Link to blog about the Validation Portal).
  • Send the promotional code via email. The application provides the Emails Platform, which will help you automate the sending of an email to users upon registering in the promotion, and include in this email the unique promotional code that has been assigned to each user. In this way, the user will be able to have its code at all times by checking the email via their smartphone. Learn here how to create the email to send users their promotional code.
  • Show the code in barcode or QR code format. Automatize and speed up the code redemption process in the stores by showing the codes in barcode or QR format. In this way, all codes that have been previously inserted in the application will be displayed to the user in barcode or QR code format. This will help users to redeem their code in the store. In addition, you will be able to automatically send the barcode via email by using the Emails Platform.


Learn how to set up a coupon codes app with Easypromos

Online DEMO of a Coupon Codes promotion

Ideas and case studies

Below we explain the four most common case studies about how to apply promotional codes in a Facebook Page with Easypromos:


1. – I have a unique discount code that I want to give to my fans.

Compatible with all versions of Easypromos [Basic – Premium – White Label]

In this case the administrator has a code, for example “FB-FREE-SHIPPING”, which, when it is applied in the store, will provide the user with free delivery of any product he/she purchases. The administrator only wishes to provide this code to fans of the Page.

The administrator must first create an image that is 728 pixels wide and 360 pixels high, in which the FB-FREE-SHIPPING code is displayed, and then follow the instructions that can be found in this link.


2. – I have a unique discount code that I wish to give away to 100 fans.

Compatible with all versions of Easypromos [Basic – Premium – White Label]

In this case, the administrator has a discount code that can be redeemed on their website or in a physical store. However, only 100 users may benefit from the discount.

The process is the same as in the previous case but the “Max. users” option in the “Entries” section of the promotion Editor is used to limit the maximum number of individuals who may benefit from the discount to 100.

In this way it is possible to limit the promotion to 100 people by ensuring that the coupon will only be displayed 100 times. Once 100 people have entered the promotion, it finishes.


3. – I have 100 different discount codes and I want to give them away to 100 fans.

Only compatible with the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos

In this case the administrator has 100 different promotional codes which he/she wants to give away to 100 users. This could be the case of a business that wants to give away 100 codes for purchases and discounts in its iTunes store. In such a case, iTunes works with a unique promotional code for each customer.

To set up this type of promotion with Easypromos, you should access the promotion Editor, and in the “Options” > “Coupons and codes” section you will be able to upload the 100 codes in the “Promotional Codes” field. In this link, we explain how to do this step by step.

A common practice is to close the promotion once 100 codes have been assigned. To do this, access the “Max. users” field in the “Entries” section of the promotion Editor and fix it at 100.

As users join the promotion they will each be assigned a promotional code in the order in which these have been introduced in the editing form.

From the control panel the administrator can download the list of registered users in a CSV document. The administrator will have the registration details of each user, plus the promotional code they have each been assigned.


4. – I want to give away a discount coupon to all users who fill out a survey.

Compatible only with the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos.

In this case the administrator wants to reward all participants who fill in the survey. The administrator should follow the steps outlined in the following link about how to set up a survey, and activate the section of the promotion Editor entitled “Coupons and promotional codes” in order to upload a “coupon image” that will then be presented to all the participants in the final “thank you” page.


Other possible cases with Easypromos:

I want to organize a sweepstakes to give my fans the chance to win an iPad, and I’d also like to reward the first 10 who enter by giving each one a different discount code that can be redeemed in my store.

This case is very similar to case study 3, in which we offered 10 codes with different discounts. In this case the big prize is the iPad which will be raffled among all the participants, but the administrator also wished to reward the first 10 participants with a discount code.

To set up this promotion you should upload the 10 promotional codes in the editing form and not place any limit on the number of users who can sign up. In this way, only the first 10 users who enter the promotion will be assigned a discount code.


I have 3 discount codes that correspond to 20%, 30% and 50%, and I want to assign them randomly to all fans who enter a promotion.

This type of promotion requires a more sophisticated delivery of promotional codes. This can be set up with Easypromos. The administrator has various discount codes and wants to assign them randomly among all the fans that enter the promotion.

In this case, you should upload the three promotional codes in the “Promotional codes” field in the promotion Editor and also mark the “Repeat codes?” checkbox. In this way, when all the codes have been assigned once, they will then be assigned again in the same order. This ensures that all users who enter the promotion receive one of the three codes on offer. If a coupon image is uploaded to accompany the codes it should serve for all three discounts since it is not possible to upload various images of different types of coupon in the same promotion. The code itself should provide the information about the type of discount that is to be applied. All the details of registered users, plus their assigned promotional codes, will be exported to the CSV file.

I have just one discount code and I want to offer it as the prize in a draw among all my fans

In this case the prize of the promotion is the discount code itself. The best way to do this is by creating a draw in which the user is required to provide his/her email address in the discount form. The “Coupons and promotional codes” module does not need to be activated.

Once the winner of the prize draw has been determined, the promotion administrator will send the discount code to the email address of the winning participant.

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Easypromos CEO and co-funder