We’ve Moved to Google Cloud! What does it mean for your promotions?

Posted in: Business newsLast update: 26/08/22

Our mission is, and always will be, to deliver tools that offer businesses, marketing teams and agencies the best technology to support online contests and sweepstakes as an impactful part of their marketing strategies. We want to be your technological partner, but this can only happen if we offer the most reliable service with guaranteed effectiveness.

As our business continues to grow rapidly, we’ve been processing an ever-increasing number of promotions and participants. As a result, our infrastructure requirements have expanded as well and we need to adapt to meet this demand and keep pace with our growth.

Today we are announcing that we’ve completed the final phase of our Google Cloud migration with Easypromos’ entire technological infrastructure now moved into the Google Cloud. This means enhanced scalability, reliability and technological security, allowing us to focus on what we do best: developing new features to help you create better promotions for you.

What will this mean for your promotions?

Greater bandwidth for Easypromos to handle any volume of traffic in the promotions. There’s now no technical limitation to the capacity of traffic or users that can be supported by the platform.

  • The quality of the promotions created with our platform is NEVER affected by the growth of the company.
  • Promotions can be supported more quickly, from anywhere in the world.
  • Software used to run Easypromos will be consistently up-to-date.
  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure issues are resolved quickly.
  • A technological infrastructure that can expand in tandem with the evolution of our software.

Early results speak for themselves

In just three months of being in the Google Cloud, we’ve seen

  • A 90% reduction in the time our engineers spend maintaining our technological infrastructure. This has meant that we’ve been able to dedicate this time to improving the Easypromos software.
  • Reduced time for uploading promotions by a third, on average.
  • Increased operating time of the Easypromos platform to 99.99%

In short, our move to the Google Cloud offers even greater reliability, security, speed, functionality, enabling us greater bandwidth to listen to the needs of our clients and offer the most advanced promotions platform in the market.

You can read detailed technical information about the new Easypromos infrastructure here.

Thank you very much for your trust and confidence!

PS: I’d also like to take this opportunity to address three questions that I’ve been asked by clients regarding this new development:

I have an active promotion. How will this change affect it? It won’t affect it at all, you don’t have to do anything. Promotions have been operating from Google Cloud since 8 May 2016.

Is my promotion participants’ data still being held within the European Union? Yes. Easypromos users’ data has always been hosted within the EU. Data is currently stored in Google’s data center in St. Ghislain (Belgium).

Can your new providers use our data? Agreements have been signed with both Google and ACKSTORM, guaranteeing that they will not make any use of the data hosted by Easypromos. Similarly, as outlined in our data protection policy, we will not use the data either. You can view the agreement signed with our providers here.

Carles Bonfill

CEO and co-founder of Easypromos. He holds a degree in Computer Science, with a focus on network management, architecture and security. In 2009, he developed Easypromos, one of the first global platforms for promotions and since then he has been the technical and development director. He closely follows the evolution of digital marketing in order to adapt the promotions to it. Carles loves sports and his family.

Publication date: 2016-09-13