How to Run a Sweepstakes for your Newsletter Subscribers

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Would you like to run a sweepstakes for all your newsletter subscribers? Would you like to increase your subscriber community? Would you like to carry out a random and transparent sweepstakes between subscribers? If you’re looking for a promotion to loyalize readers of your newsletter, we suggest you launch an online sweepstakes for them. Export a list of your newsletter subscribers to an Excel, CSV or Text file, and then import their details to Easypromos and randomly select one or more prizewinners. Share this promotion across your channels and you’ll be guaranteed to boost your newsletter subscriptions.

A quick and easy way to expand your community of subscribers is by regularly running sweepstakes between them. This type of action will incentivize your community to attract new emails. Reward subscribers with the chance to win exciting prizes. Run a weekly or monthly sweepstakes between everyone registered in your database of subscribers, or carry out a sweepstakes aimed specifically at new subscribers who’ve signed up this month.

Another way of using sweepstakes is to create promotions based on the geographical location of your subscribers. For example, if you’d like to offer theatre, cinema or show tickets in a particular area, you can segment your subscribers by their addresses before entering the final list into the winner selecting tool. This method can also be effective for offering discounts in stores based on geographical location. Instead of running the sweepstakes between all your subscribers, you can filter the emails by geographic location to ensure that prizewinners are able to enjoy the prize.

If you have a different subscription list for each of your products or services, you could also carry out a sweepstakes aimed only at users who are interested in one specific product, offering a sample of the product as a prize. This ensures that the winner is excited about the prize and happy to have taken part. If your pre-sweepstakes communication is effective, all the subscribers of this segment will know that they have a chance of winning and they’ll be looking forward to seeing the promotion results.

Are you ready? All you have to do is access the Easypromos Platform, select “Pick-A-Winner App” and configure it in a few simple steps. You’ll be able to import the details, copy and paste the information and the system will randomly select as many winners and alternates as you need. In addition, you’ll obtain a Certificate of Validity guaranteeing your subscribers that the sweepstakes has been carried out transparently.

¿Do you think this tool could be just what you need? ¡Access the Dashboard and launch a sweepstakes in minutes!

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Publication date: 2016-11-16