How to Promote an Inbound Marketing Strategy Using Surveys

Posted in: Digital marketingLast update: 27/03/18

For some time now we’ve been talking about Inbound Marketing on our blog, and about how you can use a tool like Easypromos to complement your inbound marketing strategy with surveys.

Today we’d like to focus on your brand’s leads and how you can use surveys to strengthen your relationship with the leads while learning more about them. If you play your cards right, the information that you obtain could even help you convert those leads into customers. Would you like to find out how? Keep reading.

Firstly, what is a lead?

A lead is a potential client: an individual who has displayed interest in your brand or product and provided their contact details, normally by filling out a subscription form. It’s a potential client who wishes to be kept up to date with the brand’s activity, content, offers and promotions. And if the individual likes what they see, then the likelihood is that they will end up becoming a client.
Leads can be found at any stage of the sales funnel, and the further we can get them to go through the process, the closer they’ll be to making their first purchase. We can break this down as follows:

  • Cold leads: they can be found in the first phase of the funnel – the TOFU (Top of the Funnel).
  • Warm leads: they can be found in the MOFU (Middle of the Funnel). They’ve shown interest in the brand content on more than one occasion and they might have requested information or contacted the brand to ask a question.
  • Qualified leads: these can be found in the BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel). They’ve advanced along the funnel and are now ready to make a purchase.

And what information does a brand have on its leads? A contact email? Information about their behavior? Or knowledge of whether they’ve opened the emails they’ve been sent, or of where they’ve shown interest by clicking on links. Learning more about your potential clients will help you to nurture them and encourage them to advance through the sales funnel.

This is where Lead Nurturing techniques can be used to achieve various objectives:

  1. Identifying the users who are ready to make a purchase.
  2. Working with contacts who are not yet ready with the aim of preparing them for the first purchase.
  3. Recovering lost leads and giving them a second opportunity.