How to Pick the Winners of an Instagram Sweepstakes

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Are you tired of gathering the comments of your Instagram Sweepstakes manually? Had you never thought a sweepstakes could be so much work? Don’t you know how to select the winner of your sweepstakes on Instagram randomly and transparently? Use the application Instagram Sweepstakes and find the random winners easily, transparently and quickly. The app will import all comments on a post from it’s published so you don’t miss any comment and you can apply exclusions by mentions and used hashtags, among other features.


How does the Instagram Giveaway work?

One of the most used promotional actions on a brand’s Instagram profile is giveaways. The dynamics usually consist of commenting on a post and tagging friends. Furthermore, it’s normally asked that the users should follow the brand as a requirement to enter the prize draw. But what’s very easy and simple to do as a participant, can become very complicated for the organizing brand, right? To make it just as easy to carry out a sweepstakes on Instagram as it is to participate in one, we have created the application Instagram Sweepstakes which allows to import all the comments the participants make on a post from the moment it’s been published and pick the winners of an Instagram Sweepstakes.

To use it, you just need to write and publish your post on Instagram. When the end date of the sweepstakes is reached, you access your Easypromos account and create an ‘Instagram Sweepstakes’. Choose the post that you want to use for the sweepstakes and import all the comments.*  You can then apply exclusions and select the winners and alternate winners. Like in all Easypromos sweepstakes, you get a unique url to publish the winners page that you can customize  and a link to the Certificate of validity that you can publish to give transparency to the sweepstakes. A good practice is to publish the winners page with a link in the BIO of your brand’s Instagram profile.

*If you have a personal Instagram account, you will only be able to import the last 150 comments, so if you want to obtain all the comments, you should switch to business profile, read more about this here.



What can I ask as requirements to enter the sweepstakes

There are 4 actions that you can require the Instagram users to take to enter the sweepstakes:

  • Comment on the post. It’s the only mandatory action given that the app imports the comments and considers as participants the ones that have commented. You can ask the users to comment as they wish or to answer a question.
  • Mention friends. It’s a complementary action that you can ask the users to do in order to participate in your sweepstakes. The Easypromos tool allows you to exclude those who do not meet this requirement. You can ask to mention up to 5 friends, but it’s a variable that you need to consider well according to the brand and the prize. Keep it in mind when you write the post and explain the rules for participation as asking many mentions can become a barrier for participation. If a user mentions friends in more than one comment, the system will automatically gather the mentions from that user.
  • Be a follower of the organizing brand(s). Ask the users to be a follower of the organizing brand or brands as a requirement to enter the sweepstakes. Write it in the post of the sweepstakes and apply it before selecting the winners when you go through the exclusions that you can apply to the participants. Are you not the manager of the collaborating brand’s profile? No worries! The platform lets you send a link to the collaborating brands’ administrators so that they can connect their account to the app. This way, Easypromos can verify which users are followers of the two or more organizing brands.
  • Use the sweepstakes’ hashtag. If in addition you ask that the comment should include a specific hashtag, you can also apply that exclusion so that only the comments that contain that hashtag enter the draw. If a user writes hashtags in more than one comment, the system will automatically gather the hashtags from that user.


How to select the winners at random

The fact that the users participate easily in online promotions without giving it much thought, doesn’t mean they are not demanding. The participants are more and more conscious that they want guarantees when entering a sweepstakes and they want to see the results. Using the Easypromos Instagram giveaway picker app gives you an efficient way to manage all the comments but also a transparent and easy way to select the winners at random.

The Easypromos tool to pick the winners randomly lets you:

  • Import all the comments. The platform allows you to import all the comments that are made on the sweepstakes post. The app imports all the content and you can get a list of all participants and their comments in the control panel of the promotion, that you can even download as an Excel sheet. Much faster, easier and reliable than doing it manually from Instagram.
  • Filter by followers and mentions. In the exclusion menu of the app, you can apply many types of filters so that only the users that meet the requirements enter the final prize draw. Among other options, you can exclude for not being a follower of the organizing brand and other profiles that are collaborating, or for not having mentioned a minimum number of friends. Here you can see all the exclusions that you can apply with the app, and that will make the process much easier for you.
  • Exclude specific users and save a list of non authorized users. Additionally, the system allows you to exclude users one by one and you can also create a blacklist so that users included in the list, can’t participate in future sweepstakes.
  • Exclude previous winners. If you run giveaways on a regular basis, this filter will be helpful for you to automatically exclude users who have already won in previous sweepstakes organized by the same brand.
  • Exclude comments after date. You can set a date after which new comments will be excluded from the draw. This option is useful if you have included an end date in the terms and conditions of your sweepstakes.
  • Select winners and alternate winners. Do you still carry out sweepstakes by copying all the users and comments and using a random tool that is not specific for sweepstakes? Run a more transparent and professional action this time by using the Instagram Sweepstakes app. Once the participation period is over and you have applied exclusions, you can select how many winners and alternate winners you want to pick, up to a maximum of 1000. Picking the winners is an important moment that can be nerve wracking and that’s why you have a tool to run a test before carrying out the final draw.
  • Get a Certificate of validity of the sweepstakes. All the Easypromos sweepstakes are carried out randomly and published in a public list which creates great trust and transparency. This is why we put a link on the winners page that goes to the certificate of validity of the sweepstakes. Use it to publish the winners and add security and seriousness to your Instagram Sweepstakes.
  • Template to publish the winners. Upon carrying out the sweepstakes, a template with the result of the draw is automatically generated where winners and alternate winners are listed. This template is a website with its unique URL that you can use to disseminate the result of the sweepstakes. The texts and images of the template are 100% customizable. Tip: Use the link in the BIO of your Instagram profile to publish the result of the sweepstakes.
  • Notify the winners with a comment. You will have access to a tool that allows you to publish the winners of the sweepstakes with a new comment on the sweepstakes post. The winners will appear in the comment as a mention which means they will get a notification in their Instagram app from the organizing brand.
  • Obtain additional data from the winners. You can activate the ‘Claim your prize’ system and configure a registration form that the winners have to fill in to accept the prize. This way you expedite the prize fulfillment management process.

Read here for more tips on announcing the winner of your Instagram Sweepstakes


Rates and prices

Your first Instagram sweepstakes is free. From the second one, the app is available for all clients who have an active Easypromos Basic Subscription plan (US$29/month, US$290/year). The subscription allows to run unlimited Instagram Sweepstakes and it doesn’t have any limits to the number of participants nor to the number of accounts managed, nor to number of followers of the account. Besides the Instagram Sweepstakes, you can also run unlimited number of sweepstakes on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and sweepstakes with registration and from an Excel sheet (Pick-a-winner App), photo contest, writing-based contest and coupon app (in basic version).


What are you waiting for? Do you need more information?

Are you convinced that you’ll run your next Instagram giveaway with Easypromos? Publish the post and start monitoring the comments of the post from the beginning by entering you Control Panel and set it up. Follow this step by step tutorial of the sweepstakes.


Randi Jensen

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