How to distribute coupons and discounts on Instagram

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Instagram is becoming the prominent social network. It now has more users than Twitter and is catching up to Facebook. The power that Instagram gives images and videos makes it extremely useful tool for visual marketing making it an important advertising platform for businesses. So, it’s no surprise at all that marketers are increasingly devising exclusive sweepstakes and contests for Instagram, as well as discount coupon giveaways. Giving away promotional codes and vouchers can be of great benefit to your business. With that in mind, here are some tips for carrying out this strategy successfully.

Why use Instagram to distribute coupons and discount codes?

Instagram’s prominence makes it an ideal channel for distributing codes or coupons and providing visibility to your brand. But not only that, you can also increase sales, generate leads and boost traffic to your website or online shop. The benefits of using Instagram to distribute coupons include:

  • It will help consolidate your Instagram profile and boost engagement.
  • A highly active social network where companies want to be. Given that they often share pictures of products they consume and tag brands, Instagrammers can become your allies.
  • Beat the algorithm. Instagram displays the posts that generate most interactions in the feeds of followers. One good way of grabbing users’ attention and generating interaction with a post is to publish a discount coupon alongside a text or question.
  • You can be featured in the Explore Tab of other users. To appear in Instagram’s Explore Tab, you need to generate quality content and encourage interactions. In this way you’ll have a better chance of being featured in the Explore Tab of your target audience. Giving away discount coupons on Instagram can help you double, or even triple, your community of followers and gain relevance.

Now that you know the benefits of giving away discount coupons on Instagram. Let’s look at how you can go about distributing them in the most attractive way possible.

Tips and Ideas to share discount coupons on Instagram

Take advantage of specific date and holidays

Take advantage of specific dates or holidays associated with shopping or giving gifts like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, etc. Add a text to the image indicating the value of the coupon and the code for redeeming it. The code could also appear in the description of the photo, but it’s important that the image clearly presents the discount. Be concise and direct: “Free shipping!”, “2×1”, “-15%”. Use the description to add validity and terms of use. If you want to attract customers to your store, encourage them to come and present the coupon at the checkout when making their purchase.

Make sure your post’s design is attractive

A coupon or discount on its own is not enough to capture users’ attention, you will need an attractive and well designed image. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help you come up with a professional looking and attractive design. Canvas is an online design app that offers templates specifically designed to distribute coupons on Instagram.

Use Instagram Stories

Since Instagram Stories are only visible for 24 hours, you can use them to give your followers a sense of “urgency” to redeem their coupons. That feeling of “it’s now or never” might be the nudge that users need to make the purchase. Make sure the code is visible on the post and that you include the link to your online shop.

Team up with Microinfluencers to spread your post

Team up with Microinfluencers to give your post a wider reach. Send them samples of your product for them to try and ask them to tag you and share the discount code on their post. Here’s an example of a brand collaborating with a local microinfluencer to distribute coupon codes.

Promote you post

Invest in promoting your post on Instagram so it appears on the feed of users that match your target audience and users who could be interested in your brand. It will also be shown to users who share interests with your followers.

How to give away discount coupons on Instagram and obtain quality leads

Now that we’ve looked at the most common ways of giving away coupons on Instagram, how about taking a step further and looking for a way to share coupons while boosting your database?

Instagram itself does not support lead collection. However, you can use some the ideas above to lead users to your website or promotion’s landing page. Once there, they can sign up to obtain the discount or prize and allow you to obtain high quality leads. For example, use an image to ask: “Would you like a 10% discount in our store?” Add a link in your biography that leads straight to a registration form where users can download a discount coupon in exchange for their information

Our Coupon codes app will help you design your campaign, configure the form with the fields of your choice and edit the voucher simply and effectively. In this way you’ll be able to attract high quality traffic and obtain the contact data of future clients. You’ll also be able to give away coupons with unique codes for each participant or create coupons with QR to validate at the point of sale, etc.


Combine coupons with sweepstakes and contests

Once you’ve chosen how to distribute discount coupons on Instagram, decide which hashtag you want to use to viralize the vouchers. Effective use of hashtags is a vital part of increasing your visibility. Giving away discount coupons on Instagram can be even more successful if you also increase your activity on this social network by running contests and sweepstakes. The contest or sweepstakes prize could be a coupon redeemable for a prize or discount.

We hope you find this tips and ideas useful, if you have any question don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team via live-chat, we will be happy to help.

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