4 Ways to Celebrate Geek Pride Day with Your Followers

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Geek Pride Day is a fun event for… well, geeks! If your audience is full of Star Wars or anime fans, Geek Pride Day is a date on your calendar that you just can’t ignore. In this blog post we share 4 ways to celebrate the day with your online audience. Let’s take a look!

Geek Pride Day originated in Spain in 2006 and thanks to the power of the Internet it has now spread around the world, reaching all the corners of the planet. And the fact that every year the event gets more visibility comes with no surprise. The more movies, books, and series there, the more chances for new geek communities. Let’s take a look at some ways to celebrate Geek Pride Day this May 25

Organize social media giveaways to celebrate Geek Pride Day

You might think that geeks are not active on social media but you couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re not geeky yourself, chances are you don’t see much geeky content. However, once you explore some social media hashtags, you will realize that social media is where the geeks gather! 

geek pride day - screenshot of Instagram hashtags showing the number of posts with geek as hashtag

So with the number of social media active geeks, organizing social media giveaways for this fun event is definitely a great way to generate engagement and give some extra visibility to your brand. 

Instagram Geek Pride Day giveaways

Without a doubt, Instagram is now the most popular social media platform for sweepstakes. Instagram’s audience is young, vibrant and happy to engage with their favorite brands and accounts. 

geek pride day giveaways on instagram

The Nerd Kings – a UK “nerd” shop – and a popular account of a Star Wars fan are both great examples of how to successfully organize Geek Pride Day giveaways. Star Wars and Batman fans were invited to participate in Instagram comment sweepstakes for a chance to win gadgets from their favorite movies. All they had to do was follow the organizing accounts and mention a friend in the comments. 

Do you want to launch an Instagram giveaway? Use our Geek Pride day giveaway templates – they come with suggested texts and free to edit images! 

If your account is not directly connected to geek topics but you’d like to reconnect with your audience you might be asking yourself the following question: What’s the best prize for Geek Day giveaway? We put our bets on… Funko products! As the company’s slogan says “Everyone is a fan of something”. You can raffle a Funko figure of the winner’s choice! 

Twitter giveaways for Geek Pride Day

Now that we’ve mentioned Funko, we must show you their great Twitter strategy! The pop culture collectibles brand regularly runs Twitter giveaways to energize their audience and grow their following

geek pride day - funko twitter giveaways

Here’s a great example of how Funko organized a giveaway for Pokemon fans. All they had to do was follow Funko and retweet the giveaway post! 

Collect UGC with Geek Pride Day photo contests

The internet is full of pictures of people dressing up as their favorite movie or comics characters. Take advantage of that trend and invite your audience to share their pictures with your brand. All you have to do is organize a Photo Contest

The secret to successful contests is the prize. The better the prize, the more participants your contest will attract! So raffle merchandise, gift cards for geek shops, or entry tickets to places like the Warner Bros Harry Potter studios! 

Ask your followers to share pictures of their costumes, make up or even geeky collections! Here’s an example of how we celebrated Geek Pride Day at Easypromos a few years ago…

geek pride day easypromos la casa de promos

What geek doesn’t like to play dress-up? A great idea would be to organize a photo contest for the best impersonation. We’re sure your gallery would be full of Money Heist and Breaking Bad suits, as well as Hogwarts students and mangas! 

A year before the Money Heist dress-up day, we also celebrated Geek Pride Day (yes, we’re all geeks here!) but this time the theme was different – we showed off our love for our favorite series and movies!

easypromos dia del orgullo friki

Check the knowledge our your geek followers with a Quiz

Are your followers fans of a specific series or comics? Do you want to reward the real die-hard fans? Organize a quiz to discover the biggest geek of your audience! Take a look at the following example of a Game of Thrones Knowledge Quiz. You can use our ready-made template with questions and images ready to be published!

game of thrones knowledge quiz

Would you like to generate more buzz and rivalry? Opt for a Timed Quiz – where users have a time limit to answer each question!

Generate engagement and maximize lead generation with mini-games

Do you think your audience will respond well to branded mini-games? If the answer is yes, you should launch a gamified campaign for Geek Pride Day. You will not only boost brand engagement and customer loyalty but you’ll also get to maximize lead generation!

Here are just a few ideas for your games:

  • Word Search with names the characters of your favorite series or movies
  • Puzzle game with an imagine of your favorite scene or character
  • Memory game with all the geeky characters
  • Match It with characters and their weapons or favorite gadgets

We hope that this blog post has given you an idea for your Geek Pride Day campaign! Do you have some further questions? Contact our Customer Support Team!

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Publication date: 2021-04-23