Cyber Monday promotions to boost your online sales

Gabriel Cruz
Gabriel Cruz
Following on from Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become an important date in the online sales calendar. Three days after the massive sales enjoyed by shops, malls and department stores during Black Friday, it’s the turn of ecommerce. Cyber Monday is now a global, online shopping spree.

Cyber Monday promotions have a huge appeal because of the deals and discounts on offer. Promote your e-commerce and grow your sales with targeted Cyber Monday promotions, the possibilities are wide and varied. Check out these ideas and plan your strategy!

Promote your brand with a Cyber Monday social media giveaway

Social media giveaways are among the easiest social media Cyber Monday promotions to organize and participate in. Users enter by commenting on the promotional post, that’s it! So, if you’re looking to boost brand awareness right in time for Cyber Monday, launching a simple but effective social media giveaway, is a great idea for your Cyber Monday marketing strategy.

These kinds of giveaways are very popular among social media users and Giveaway posts have a much wider reach than others. This is a great advantage, but be mindful of your brand’s image. Make sure the prize and participation dynamic is explained clearly and make your e-commerce URL available either on the post itself or in the case of Instagram, on your profile BIO or linktree.

A great way to boost social media engagement is to ask an open-ended question. They’re great conversation starters! The next example might not be a Cyber Monday giveaway but it perfectly shows how to use open questions for Facebook giveaways.

Brintons at home, Cyber Monday

Use our Cyber Monday giveaway ready-made templates and launch your Facebook or Instagram giveaway in minutes!

Cyber Monday promotions: distribute coupons and discount codes

Without a doubt, one of the most common Cyber Monday promotions offered are coupon codes or gift vouchers. Create a simple but effective promotion, where users fill in their details in exchange for an online discount code. As well as growing your database of potential clients, you’ll substantially increase sales in your online store.

If your aim is to promote several different products within your brand or shop and make them available to users so they can choose the ones they prefer, the Digital Coupon Book app is the solution for you. This app allows you to create a coupon directory to display and categorize all the coupons and discounts that you are offering.

Digital Coupon Book

Use a Digital Prize Wheel to distribute coupons and discounts

Many brands opt for interactive solutions when it comes to coupon and code distribution. Create a Cyber Monday prize wheel to share discount vouchers and coupons. Users register to spin the wheel, leaving you with new sales leads and potentially increased sales. You can even use our Black Friday template! Just edit the text and launch a Cyber Monday promotion in minutes!

Cyber Monday Promotion Idea

Cyber Monday is a particular campaign in the sense that it is entirely focused on online shopping and it lasts only for one day. With Easypromos you can include a countdown timer in the coupons you distribute so that they are only valid for this specific day. Thus, creating a sense of urgency that will nudge potential customers to make a purchase.

Promo Code App

Offer incentives in exchange for consumer data during Cyber Monday campaign

Customers want to get the best deals on Cyber Monday – and that’s a powerful incentive. Use the opportunity to learn more about your target market, customer base, and competition. With the winter holidays coming up, you could also collect valuable information to prepare your Christmas marketing campaign.

Cyber Monday Survey

For example, you could run a survey to find out what shoppers think about your brand. In return, offer them a discount or deal, such as free online shipping.

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