Can Gamification Increase Engagement?

Easypromos team
Easypromos team
Increasing engagement is one of the biggest challenges for companies. Do you know how to achieve it through gamification? Here we share some ideas with you!

Engagement is a very broad concept with which we can refer to the commitment of employees to the company or the level of interaction of a user with a brand on social networks. To increase engagement, human resources managers and marketing managers opt for gamification, a tool that, among other things, helps to improve the image of the brand both internally and externally.

Likewise, gamification allows companies to optimize processes between departments, promote new behaviors, motivate employees to achieve better results, and build both employees’ and clients’ loyalty. If these are also your goals, read on and learn how gamification and marketing can help you increase engagement.

Increase interactions on social networks thanks to gamification

Likes, shares and comments are fine, but, going further and getting our audience to empathize with our values and with our content, will be our guarantee that we will be building lasting relationships based on experiences loaded with dynamism. This is where gamification plays a critical role. By transferring game mechanics to social networks, we will be generating attractive content for users and, at the same time, building loyalty to our community. After all, our followers connect to social networks to entertain themselves and consume valuable content.

Increasing engagement through gamification will not only positively impact social media metrics. In fact, when we increase user engagement with our brand, we will be able to offer new experiences, even outside the online arena.

With a good gamification strategy, we can: gain more visits to our profile, capture leads, increase the number of followers and the scope of our actions, and, as we have said before, build a solid relationship with our clients, which will increase the possibilities of coming back and end up buying our products or paying for our services over and over again. So, do you dare to integrate gamification into your social media strategy? If so, write down these actions and examples of engagement and get to work!

Roulette with prizes

We love them! It’s a good way to attract your current and potential customers and surprise them with discounts, gifts, product tests, etc. They work really well for companies in the retail sector that seek to improve the customer’s shopping experience and ensure they come back to the store.


Imagine that you have launched an app and you need to make sure that your potential customers find out about it. Through dynamics of accumulating points to exchange them for discounts or prizes, you can increase interactions and achieve real sales growth.

On social media, games, contests, and challenges are also very powerful tools that help boost engagement and expose your brand image. Keep in mind that these types of dynamics, in addition to generating entertainment, create healthy competition among participants. The result? A significant increase in engagement and conversions.


Giveaways on social networks are the ones with the highest engagement ratio, mainly those in which the call to action is simple: ask for a comment, tag friends, etc. A simple mechanic that does not require a high effort, will encourage participation of your followers who will even share your giveaway with other users in an organic way.

One of the advantages of giveaways is that, using applications such as Easypromos, you will be able to choose the winners in an automated way and with the guarantee that you are complying with the regulations of each social network. Do you already know what is the prize you are going to give in the next giveaway? Bet on alliances with other brands and launch a collaborative giveaway. They always give good results!

Gamification helps to increase employee engagement

If you thought that when we talked about increasing engagement we were only referring to social networks, we have good news for you: in the organizational sphere, we can also improve the commitment, motivation, and involvement of our employees. And, a happy worker is an employee who will feel pride in belonging to the company, which also makes him an innate ambassador of the organization. Is there better advertising than that?

It has been shown that there is a direct effect between employee engagement and income statement, so if we have a motivated sales team, it will surely be reflected in the fulfillment of sales objectives. On the contrary, job dissatisfaction increases absenteeism and sick leave.

New call-to-action

Therefore, it is essential that you not only focus on increasing the commitment of your external clients, but also the commitment of your internal clients. Develop internal dynamics and take advantage of all the possibilities that gamification offers. At Easypromos, we develop powerful actions so that your employees perceive ordinary work as a challenging opportunity to grow and have fun. Do you need help to start a gamification action? Use our chat to answer your questions. Our experts will guide you to choose the dynamic that best suits your goal.