Gamification on Twitter: Boost Engagement and Get New Followers

Easypromos team
Easypromos team
Increase brand recognition, built customer loyalty, increase engagement, entertain… These are just some of the advantages of betting on gamification on Twitter. And it is that gamification is not only relevant in the educational field on in the business training, but it has also become a very powerful tool for brands that seek to interact with their audiences through disruptive unconventional dynamics.

Gamification on social networks and, especially on Twitter, has become one of the best alternatives when it comes to energizing communities. We cannot forget that it is a platform where thousands of people interact daily around the world and where immediacy is the king; therefore, proposing actions that help us boost engagement on Twitter and built a community loyal to the brand is, today, more important than ever.

What is gamification on Twitter?

Social networks and gamification share the same objective: if you have many clients on Twitter and you need to publicize new products and services or you simply want to boost your brand awareness and get new followers, gamification is the way.

In one way or another, games are present in the life of all human beings. Why not bring playable dynamics to the field of social media? Gamification on Twitter allow us to create actions that generate interaction and engagement in our audience. If your goal is, for example, to build customer loyalty, a correct gamification strategy designed from a full knowledge of your audience can bring very positive results.

Twitter Giveaway

Ideas to gamify on Twitter


Giveaways on social networks are the order of the day and, who does not like to win a prize, more if it is from your favorite brand? For the marketers, giveaways are the type of action that helps to increase interactions and reach new users who eventually become followers of the account.

With Easypromos, launching a giveaway is very simple. You can activate a dynamic in which the followers have to retweet a post, comment or generate their own content with the official hashtag of the campaign. It is simple, inexpensive and very effective.

To boost your giveaway, you can think of ideas for tweets that are attractive enough so that more people, in addition to those who already follow you, are interested in participating. A good paid media strategy can also help you get your message to reach a greater number of people.

Gamify offline events

But without forgetting the online component! Imagine that your brand is going to participate in a fair or that you have a launch event where you will present a new service or product. How could you interact with attendees, live, via Twitter?

Days before the event, launch tweets that generate some expectation and enthusiasm among the guests and when the big days arrives, use the social network as a direct communication channel in real time. Surprise your audience like Cisco did with games or challenges that they must overcome throughout the event to win a prize. Do not forget to have an official hashtag!

These types of ideas for Twitter help increase interactions, but also impressions. Do you dare to add that disruptive component in your next event?


What if you challenge your followers to score points and obtain achievements based on their activity and interaction with other users? You can reward those users who have obtained most retweets and favorites. Nothing better to encourage participation in the network, increase engagement on Twitter and get your message or campaign to reach more people.

Tips for gamifying your Twitter strategy

  • Before getting down to business, think about your goal. Do you need to capture leads, gain followers or boost your brand awareness?
  • Know your audience very well. Think about their motivations and empathize with them through dynamics that really grab their attention.
  • Think about a simple but fun and challenging dynamic. The more complex your gamification action, the further you will be from reaching your goal.  
  • Do not forget the copy! It seems that writing persuasive texts in some contexts is not important, but nothing is further from reality. Without a doubt, it will help you encourage user participation.
  • Promote your action on social networks. Cross communication will allow you to reach more people and attract users who may not follow you on Twitter, but do follow you on Instagram. 

Our last tip: enjoy the process, have fun and never stop measuring. Along the way, you will explore and identify those actions of gamification on Twitter that best suit the interests of your community.