How to Create a Digital promotion for Your Video Contest on Facebook

Easypromos team
Easypromos team
Creating a digital promotion for your video competition is an essential step to promote not only your contest but also your Facebook page. Here is a handy guide to creating a digital promotion for your social media contest.

Make your target audience know

A rookie mistake that is easy to commit but is fatal for any kind of promotion is not letting enough people know about your contest. This is crucial on Facebook as your page can easily get lost in the flood.

It sounds obvious but make sure that your target audience knows about your contest. This could be a small group or bigger and more global. It ensures that they are informed about the contest but also that they can share your page to their contacts. Try not to bombard people with messages or posts but use the smart features of Facebook to tailor your post to your target audience.

Using a digital promotion app also ensures that your social network participates by enabling a contest tab on your page.

Contest on Facebook

This digital promotion app can also help you administer your mailing list. You can send a message to your subscribers, informing them of your video contest. This type of promotion will also allow you to touch base with your subscribers and followers. They are more likely to enter and share your contest amongst their own followers and friends.

Using a third-party app will also help you to gain new followers. You cannot request that anyone who wants to enter the video competition must follow your Facebook page to be able to sign up, but you can suggest it, so the participants that are in fact interested in your product or brand will like your page. This way you can kill two birds with one stone: you promote your contest and also win some new followers! The trick is to take advantage of all the features. Take some time to see exactly how the digital promo app can work for you.

Tips to create a digital promotion

You can also widen the network. Select some close friends to be brand ambassadors, which allows them to share your contest and to promote your page. Utilize all your resources to ensure that everyone you can possibly reach has the chance to hear about your contest. Each of your followers can help you with this. 

Let’s not forget the logistics. Keep the rules and submission guidelines clear. You can do this by making a short video beforehand to facilitate the process. Easypromos also allows you to moderate the submissions so that only the approved videos are shown in the gallery. In the gallery users can view, comment on and share the videos, and this way promote your contest and page even further. Importantly, the app allows to participate by submitting a video directly from the app or to link Youtube and Vimeo video links. This opens the door to promoting your video contest to a whole other online audience. The key is engaging your followers whilst promoting your activities to an even bigger crowd.

It can be overwhelming but in the end, when you have reached your subscriber goal and everyone is talking about your contest, it will be worth it! Happy posting!