How Users Share Online Contests They Participate in – Infographic

Sílvia Martí
Sílvia Martí
Users who participate in online sweepstakes and contests are proactive when it comes to sharing the promotions with their contacts and friends across the social networks. According to data extracted from more than 200 Premium promotions, in which over 140,000 people have taken part, 54.40% of users viralize the promotion link in at least one of the proposed social networks. When contests reward users who manage to convert their friends into participants via the recruiting system, this percentage rises to 99.31%. But even when the promotion doesn’t offer this incentive, an average of 45.76% of users share the promotion link at some point during their participation.
Infographic about how users share online contests they participate in

According to data extracted from the promotions analyzed, 15.48% of participants are recruited by other participants. This is a direct result of sharing actions.

Offer your promotion participants extra chances to win for referring new entrants; it will tap into their loyalty and encourage social media sharing. It is also a great tactic if you’re looking to viralize your promotion.

Mobile device versus desktop

The type of device used to participate is no impediment to sharing. 51.81% of participants share via their desktop computers, while 57.82% share from mobile devices. Facebook remains the social network through which most people share promotions (78.40%), although other social networks have gained ground very quickly.

On January 20th, Easypromos introduced instant messaging applications as another option for mobile users to share the promotion, thus improving the virality and recruitment system. In this short time WhatsApp has become the second most-chosen channel for sharing promotions from a mobile device: 17.19% of shares are carried out through this application.

But when do users share?

While users are participating they get the opportunity to share the promotion on every screen. However, 94.46% of the time users share the promotion just after they register. Of these users, 62.13% share the promotion with a friend in order to suggest they take part too. The remaining 37.87% share their result or participation in the contest.

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