Video Hosting

Video Hosting

Are you organizing a video contest? Would you like participants to be able to upload videos directly from mobile devices, tablets and computers? We’re offering you a comprehensive video-hosting, conversion and streaming solution for just $99 USD / 99 EUR per contest. The main benefit for participants is that they’ll be able to upload the video to the contest directly from their mobile devices, without having to first upload it to an external platform such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Table of contents

Main features

  • With the video hosting extension enabled, participants will still have the option of participating with YouTube and Vimeo videos, but they’ll also be able to upload videos directly from any device. This includes videos saved on telephones or tablets, videos recorded on the spot with a smartphone, camera or webcam, videos that have been saved and edited on a computer, and so on.

  • We provide unlimited storage space for as long as the promotion remains active, so you won’t have to worry about the number of videos uploaded or the space being taken up. And all this for a fixed price of $99 USD with no additional costs.

  • For the same price of $99 USD, you’ll have unlimited bandwidth for streaming your videos. No matter how many visits and views your contest videos generate, we won’t limit bandwidth or add any extra costs.

  • Users will be able to upload videos of up to 150 MB in any format. The video hosting extension will convert the format of the video to ensure optimal display and playback. Video formats supported.

  • The video player adapts itself to all types of screens. It contains no brand logo or watermark and is totally ad-free. In addition, it’s possible to customize the controls of the video player to match your brand colors.

  • The video-hosting extension also allows you to link to a Dropbox account so that original videos uploaded by users get sent to a folder in your Dropbox.

  • Multi-language video contests; pre-moderation of videos; an anti-fraud system for voting contests; a tool for running random giveaway; options for carrying out a contest by phases; and lots more.

Resources and help

  • Demo

    Find out what it’s like for users to upload a video from a device; test a variety of video formats; and preview gallery playback.

  • Technical tutorial

    A step-by-step guide to creating your first video contest. Don’t leave out a single feature!