Ideas for Your Christmas Facebook Contest

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The most important campaign of the year for many brands and companies is getting closer: The Christmas campaign. If your online marketing strategy has Facebook as one of the anchors and you want to run a contest on this network during the holiday season, you can find inspiration in these real-life examples and plan your Facebook timeline contest. Boost your community and you will see that the visibility of your brand on Facebook will increase a lot during the campaign.


How to loyalize your blog readers with a social media quiz and sweepstakes
loyalize your blog readers

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Devising specific actions to loyalize your blog readers is an important task. When carried out effectively, such actions can provide helpful feedback from individuals who are genuinely interested in your brand or product. Because we know that preparing promotional actions can be a challenge, we’ve written this case study of a successful promotion carried out by Mocay Caffè called the Café Culture Challenge. How did they do it? Keep reading to find out!


Ideas for promotions for gyms and sporting organizations
Ideas for promotions for gyms

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We know that publicizing and promoting a gym or sporting organization is far from easy. There are myriad internal and external components that determine the definition and execution of your marketing campaigns: seasonal factors, changing trends, stiff competition in the sporting sector and so on. Below, we present some ideas and examples for creating promotions, contests and sweepstakes that will help you achieve your marketing objectives.


Easy integration of promo leads with your CRM is possible!

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The way people and companies use social networks has changed a great deal over a short period of time. For example, Facebook’s changes to its promotions guidelines at the end of 2014 led brands to establish new priorities for their social media promotions: it was no longer possible for brands to increase their fan base exponentially because Facebook didn’t allow pages to make it compulsory for users to become fans to participate in the promotion. So, which is the primary objective that has resulted from this change?


Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Contests This Halloween

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Autumn comes, leaves fall, and the days grow shorter and darker. What else does October bring? Halloween! Companies who know how to use key dates such as Halloween can achieve great results energizing their community. The biggest brands have already jumped onto the bandwagon of social media contests and promotional actions for Halloween. Would you like to know how to do the same for your company? Then keep reading!


How to Create Awareness with a Fun Hashtag Contest to Promote a Product

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With a range of new products aimed at the home cocktail market instead of trade customers, Funkin Cocktails needed a campaign to introduce the new Funkin Cocktails Mixers in a shaker in a fun and entertaining way that made people engage with the brand. The #Shakerface hashtag contest was the result.


Definitive Guide to Give Visibility to a Comments-based Instagram Sweepstakes

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These days, having an active Instagram profile is vital if you want to achieve visibility for your brand and products. And what better way to achieve this goal than to run regular sweepstakes among users who comment on your Instagram posts? Doing so will help you ensure that your publications achieve the desired reach – and at a very low cost. Read on to discover the good practices to follow when promoting your sweepstakes posts.


Commit to your top-quality leads
top-quality leads

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You think you’re on the right track. You’ve defined your Inbound Marketing strategy and your leads keep increasing. You regularly energize your community, your website and blog forms are going smoothly and your contacts database is growing all the time. And yet your sales are stagnant. What’s going on?


Instant Win contests, another successful Inbound Marketing strategy

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One formula that is effective when it comes to energizing your online community is that of the Instant Win contest. So, what’s special about it? Well, it’s a promotion – usually lasting a short time – in which prizes are distributed immediately among winners. Keep reading to find out more about this type of promotion and how it can boost your Inbound Marketing strategy.


What’s new in Instagram photo and video contests
whats new instagram contests

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Running photo and video contests with hashtags in Instagram has become one of the most effective ways for brands to obtain user-generated content (UGC). Participation is very straightforward because most users are accustomed to sharing their snapshots and videos on this social network. If you already use hashtag contests as part of your strategy for increasing brand awareness and boosting loyalty among your community of followers you might be interested in two new features we’ve recently incorporated into this app. Both features are designed to help you organize more original contests for your community.