How to improve the results of a promotion using Visitor Statistics Analysis

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Below, we’ll look at visitor statistics for two promotions carried out with Easypromos. Both promotions share a common feature: they use the Recruiters System to boost promotion virality. At first glance, the statistics may seem very similar: both promotions achieve a comparable number of unique visits, and the total page view figures are also quite close. If we look at the conversion funnel (the percentage of visitors who progress from one page to the next) we can also see a similar percentage of visitors advancing from the landing page to the registration page.


Promotional codes: attract, convert and loyalize
promotional codes

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Brands are locked in a constant struggle on social media to attract the attention of their target audience and boost sales. They also face the problem of competitors waiting in the wings to tempt their valued customers away. For this reason, irrespective of whether you have an online store, it’s important that you think about specific campaigns to help you increase sales and keep your customers interested. What better way to achieve this than using promotional codes?


New Prices for Long-Running Promotions

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97% of promotions run on social media last less than 2 months. This is the conclusion of a study that we performed in November 2015 where we analyzed more than 100,000 promotions divided between sweepstakes, contests, quizzes, surveys and other types of promotions. The remaining 3% are the long-running promotions with a duration of more than 2 months. In this post we will announce the new prices for long-term promotions that will be valid from August 1, 2017.


Adapt the Entry Form to fit your campaign objectives and discover the treasure you have at your disposal
entry form

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When defining an Inbound Marketing strategy, one of the actions you should keep in mind – and attempt to define in as much detail as possible – is lead attraction. How you approach this task and the type of campaigns you launch as a result will determine the main sources of lead contact and capture.


Tools for Day-to-Day Survival in a Marketing Agency
Marketing Agency

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If we had to describe, in a single phrase, the day-to-day experience of working in a Digital Marketing Agency we could perhaps sum it up as: the pace is frenetic and lead times are short. There are invariably a lot of tasks that must be performed with immediacy, and clients expect swift responses. In this post, we give you some tips to help your agency succeed.


We have renewed the Promotions Editor. This is what it looks like from now on!

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The Easypromos DNA predisposes us to use active listening towards our users and whenever it’s possible we integrate new options fast to respond to their requests and suggestions. Even though the platform is in constant evolution there are moments when it has to be adapted to a global vision and we need to bring order, simplicity and coherence to the tool. This is the goal of this update because the Editor had become one of the interfaces where the users spend most time customizing the promotion and it should give you a good experience and allow to configure the promotion in a more intuitive way to help you in your work process.


Make the most of your website and get leads for your Inbound strategy using Widgets

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One of the pillars of any Inbound Marketing strategy is to capture the attention of potential customers. This isn’t always easy because there’s lots of competition out there. A brand should always offer something interesting that users will find appealing and worth spending time on. It should be a relationship in which all parties benefit; otherwise, it won’t be sustainable over time. Let’s think about your Inbound Marketing strategy for a moment. What do you hope will happen when people visit your website or blog?


3 Examples of how to Use the New Quiz Summary Page

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The constant evolution of our platform is our way of providing optimized applications guaranteed to meet our clients’ needs. And what better way of evolving than adding new features to our applications? In this post, we present the new Quiz Summary Page, usable in applications such as quizzes, surveys, multiple-choice tests and predictions promotions such as betting pools.


Case Study of an Annual Photo Contest: Miss Diving Specials

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The photo contest Miss Diving Specials has become an annual recurring marketing action for the website Diving Specials that help them obtain user generated content and email addresses for their email marketing.


New Easypromos API for Developers

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We’ve launched an updated version that makes the use of and the integration with our API easier. The Easypromos API allows developers to program automatic export of the users that register in a promotion to integrate the data in external or third party platforms.