Linking Facebook and Instagram: A Good Strategy?

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We expect you’ve heard about linking Facebook and Instagram accounts, right? And you’ve probably been wondering… is it really worth it? You’ve come to the right place to find out more!


How to use Easypromos to Create an Interactive Experience in a Museum
Interactive museum visit

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Easypromos’ Multi-Stage promotions are a flexible, easy, and simple solution to enrich in-person visits to museums or any other kind of exposition. The main idea is to create an online activity that will go along with the physical visit. Our recommendation is to go beyond merely offering additional content to the visit and add an interactive and gamification layer.


Multi-Stage Prediction + Tournament Bracket for EURO2020. Confortauto’s Success Case

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In the summer of 2021, the long awaited Eurocup 2020 was finally celebrated and Confortauto wanted to make the best of it to interact with its clients and work on its branding strategy. Consequently, they asked TARSA agency to come up with an entertaining campaign that also fostered some competitiveness.


How to organize a yearly online contest
How to create a yearly online contest

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How many events have you attended in the last couple of years? Surely, you have your favorite. Have you noticed that many of them take place yearly? Have you ever wondered how to improve your company’s anniversary event or any other yearly event in your sphere? Which do you think are the most effective strategies to make a celebration successful? We have chosen a set of yearly events for you to analyze, implement into your marketing strategy, and hopefully find the answers to those questions. Let ‘s get started!


How to organize a promotion on a Twitch live stream

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Twitch is having a moment. It’s one of the fastest growing social networks this year. Want to know how to promote your brand or business on Twitch? Keep reading!


Interactive marketing ideas and useful resources for your Christmas campaign

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As you very well know, traditional marketing has given way to digital marketing as the main tool to efficiently promote a brand or business. New technologies have opened up a world of online opportunities and have brought about the emergence of new digital trends such as interactive marketing. Do you want to know what interactive marketing is and how to use it for your Christmas campaign?


Differences between Multimedia contest and Photo and Video contests
Differences between multimedia contest and photo and video contests

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Are you thinking of running a multimedia contest but can’t decide among the options that Easypromos offers? In this article, we will explain the differences among the multimedia contest and photo and video contest. Keep on reading to figure out which app better fits your contest’s needs.


How to Integrate Easypromos into Mobile Apps

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Contests, quizzes, games and all the rest of Easypromo’s solutions can be integrated into a mobile phone app. Discover how you can link the promotion to your app and what the user experience is by participating in it.


Promotion Ideas for your Diwali Campaign

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Festive celebrations are a great opportunity to promote your brand, increase awareness, interact with customers and generate new leads. Diwali is no exception, it is estimated that 40 to 50% of retail sales in India happen in the months of October and November. It is only logical that you take advantage of this surge by organizing some online promotions or contests for your existing and potential customers. Read on to get some promotion ideas for your Diwali campaign!


How to Organize a Drawing Contest to Promote Values | C&A Case Study

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Whenever a brand or business communicates with its target audience, it’s important that it also conveys its core values. Therefore, customers are more likely to remember communications from your brand more positively if those communications are infused with your brand’s ideals. In this C&A case study, we can see how the clothing brand successfully promoted its values of sustainability by organizing a children’s drawing contest. They used social media to promote the campaign and engage families.