How to promote a cookbook on social media and reach more readers

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Whether you self-publish or sell your first cookbook to a publishing house, you’ll need to take the initiative to promote your work online. Here’s how to get started with a cookbook campaign on social media.


5 Ways to Balance Your Print and Digital Media
5 ways to balance your digital and print media

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The popularity of digital media over print media has exploded over the last decade. Unsurprisingly, it has led to endless debate about whether or not print media can survive in the current market. However, while pundits prematurely announce the death of print media, most businesses know that the best way to reach consumers is by using a combination of print and digital resources.


How 1 influencer ran a successful giveaway on 4 different networks

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James Deakin has been running giveaways on Facebook and Instagram for a couple of years, always with great success. But this time he decided to run one big, simultaneous giveaway on the four big social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, all at the same time. Here’s how that went.


Contests and giveaways in Portugal: what you need to know
Contest and giveaway rules for Portugal

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Giveaways are a popular tool to raise brand awareness and incentivize customers – especially for digital or direct-to-consumer brands. But like any other marketing campaign, each giveaway is designed for a specific audience in a specific place. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your giveaway is in line with local legislation about online contests. In today’s post, we’ll cover everything you need to know to run a free, valid giveaway in Portugal.


How Tombow USA got their highest Instagram engagement ever

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Tombow USA have grown their Instagram profile to hundreds of thousands of followers – in just four years. Here’s how they got their best engagement figures yet, with 12 days of Christmas giveaways on social media.


How to give away multiple prizes in an online contest
How to give away multiple prizes

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How do you get people excited about your giveaways? Often, the trick is to introduce an element of chance – and the more random the contest, the better. If you can create more chances to win, you’ll increase participation too. That’s why giving away random, multiple prizes is so popular.


Build your audience with an NBA finals predictions contest
NBA finals predictions contest

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The 2018-2019 NBA season is inching towards a close – and it’s already been a year full of surprises. Here’s how to tap into the excitement and expand your audience with an NBA finals predictions contest.


7 innovative ideas for marketing malls on Instagram
7 innovative ideas for marketing malls on Instagram

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Malls have struggled to adapt to the modern world of online, mobile-first retail. But as marketing strategies swing back in favor of real customer experiences, things are looking up for commercial and shopping centres. This guide is for mall marketers who embrace the realities of retail in 2019 – and aren’t afraid to experiment.


Combine email marketing and giveaways to send your reach skyrocketing
Combine email marketing and giveaways to increase reach

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There have been arguments upon arguments about whether email marketing is better than social media marketing, and which one has has the biggest reach. This is not another article aiming to settle the question. Email marketing’s reign is an undeniable fact.


How to test your promotions before launching – and why it’s so important
How to test your promotions before launch

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You’ve spent hours setting up your promotion, checking the settings, working with your graphic designer, editing the perfect copy, and you’re finally ready to launch – just in time! But there’s one more task on your to-do list: Test the promotion before you launch.