Brand Engagement: Different Types and Ways to Increase it
Brand engagement

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Brand engagement is one of the most crucial and desired marketing objectives in marketing plans of small and big companies. But can identify it in your marketing actions? There are different types of brand engagement and we talk about them in this article. Continue reading to find out how to enhance your brand engagement!


Gamification For Marketers: What It Means and How to Use it

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What does the perfect marketing campaign look like?

The answer is different for every person, brand, place and time. But right now in 2020, we can make some broad statements about what a great marketing campaign includes.


3 ways promotions can help you conquer your marketing plan
promotions in marketing plan

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Whether you’re working for an established brand or setting up a new business, a good digital marketing plan is key to success. Here’s what you should include in your go-to marketing plan – plus some tips on reaching your goals with promotions.


3 digital marketing strategies to boost brand awareness
strategies to boost brand awareness

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The best way to learn something? Watch the experts! Read on for 3 real examples of digital marketing strategies that boost brand awareness. We’ve included some recommended KPIs and easy ways to apply these strategies for your own brand.


Online promotion ideas for cycling teams and races
Online promotion ideas for cycling clubs and races

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Cycling teams might sometimes struggle to come up with new and engaging promotions for their audiences, or ways to maintain a healthy relationship with their sponsors. The same problem is met by cycling race organizers. This is why today we bring you a whole lot of new and interesting ideas to promote your brand, obtain user-generated content, and entertain your online community!


How to Grow Your Personal Brand with Giveaways
How to Grow Your Personal Brand with Giveaways

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Ready to grow your personal brand? Follow these tips to make the most of giveaways on social media, through email newsletters, and with your website.


How to Use Social Media to Start and Grow a Business | Success case of AUssieYouTOO

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Nowadays, there are many brands that start and grow on social media. They commonly use contests and giveaways as an easy tool to accomplish their marketing objectives. AUssieYouTOO is no different. They systematically raffle scholarships and gifts among their audience, concurrently building and increasing customer loyalty – one of their main marketing goals. AUssieYouTOO often collaborates with different brands, attracting the attention of other audiences. Discover how AussieYouTOO takes advantage of social media channels, and get ideas for your own social media marketing plan!


How to Design Your Next Giveaway to Generate Better Leads
How to design your next giveaway to generate better leads

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Looking to amplify your lead generation strategy this year? Try hosting a
giveaway! Marketers can leverage giveaways to identify the right leads for their
business, expand their email list and improve conversions. Keep reading for 4 tips
to design a giveaway and generate high quality leads!


How to Run Video Contests to Grow Brand Awareness
How to run Video Contests to grow Brand Awareness

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Are you looking for innovative and creative ways to grow brand awareness? Video Contests should be your go-to solution! Collect user-generated content, earn loyalty, retain customers, and gain new brand ambassadors. Keep on reading to find out more!


How to Create a Branded Hidden Objects Game?
How to create a branded Hidden Objects game

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Offer your audience an entertaining game and attract their attention in the blink of an eye! In this post, we will take you through all the marketing objectives that you can achieve with this new branded mini-game. Do you want to build your brand awareness? The keep on reading!