User Registration in Online Promotions: All You Need to Know

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Launching a new promotion means deciding whether you want the participants to register. Once you have that clear you’ll have to decide whether the registration process will take place before or after the participation. In this blog post, we take you through three different user registration and identification options. Take a look!


Social Media Marketing Leader Easypromos Becomes Mailchimp® Integration Partner

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Easypromos, an international leader in promotional campaigns, announces a new Mailchimp® integration. The integration allows Easypromos clients to sync the participants in any of their promotions with a subscriber list on Mailchimp.
The integration with Mailchimp is designed to automate the process that progresses an unknown user on social media to a qualified lead and nurtures them with personalized emails. Gamification and incentivization are proven strategies to attract users on social media and to capture data and marketing consent.


Create Strong Brand Positioning: 4 Ideas to Implement into your Marketing Plan

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So we’ve set up your brand, launched new products, established your social media accounts, and even identified your target audience. Well done! What’s your next step? How can you make sure your brand doesn’t get lost in the crowd? How will you achieve a highly differentiated positioning in the market? If you ever find yourself asking these questions this blog post is for you! Today we take a look at building a strong brand positioning with a little help of interactive marketing campaigns. Read on!


Examples of Successful Lead Generation Campaigns on Social Media

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If you’re in charge of generating leads then you definitely know how tough it is to come up with effective and efficient strategies to collect the so desired leads. Social media brings together a tremendous number of people, therefore it is a perfect place to turn to for data collection. But it is often difficult to attract the attention of your target audience and even more to obtain their contact details. However, it’s totally doable with the right approach and the results can be resounding! Are you interested in finding out more about generating leads on social media? Read on because we’re about to explain some interesting facts and examples!


8 Fun Ideas to Build an Online Branded Puzzle

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What do people use the internet for? Entertainment and shopping, above all else. Online puzzles and branded games can help you boost sales while entertaining your customers. Read on for 8 creative and fun ideas for branded puzzles online on social media!


7 Ideas for a Branded Word Search Game for Any Brand

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Gamification has become an inseparable part of content marketing and it’s a fact that gamified promotions help brands achieve resounding results. Branded Word Search games are being more recognized by brands looking to promote their brand and product, generate leads, boost sales and strengthen customer relationships. Today we share 7 ideas for branded Word Search games that can be organized by any brand. Read on!


How to Organize TikTok Giveaways and Contests

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TikTok is hot right now! This new platform is currently the fastest growing social media network with more than 800 million monthly users already. Brands turn to TikTok to find and engage with new audiences, while viewers interact with looping and edited videos for entertainment. Is your brand still not on TikTok? We hope it’ll change once you arrive at the end of this blog post!


5 Steps to Better Lead Collection and Data Marketing

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What’s the secret to a strong brand in 2020? Strong relationships with your customers. Modern consumers buy from brands which they feel share their values, anticipate their needs, and care about their experience. If that sounds like a tall order, here are 5 steps to build relationships with your audience through data collection and lead generation.


Summer Social Media Giveaways Will Take Your Brand Engagement Through the Roof

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Social media has taken over our lives and it’s certainly here to stay. Summer tends to be the time of the year when people are most active and up for adventures and new experiences. This leads to increased social media activity and we believe you should take advantage of it. We’ve gathered examples of engaging giveaways organized on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to inspire and convince you to create your own summer social media giveaway! Read on!


5 Engaging Ideas For a Branded Memory Game

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Brands are starting to embrace interactive content with enthusiasm. Social media, mobile apps and ads are full of branded games which get customers’ attention and raise brand awareness. Here’s how to use branded games in your marketing strategy – with some easy ideas and tools to get you started.