Ideas for EURO 2020 Promotions to Connect with your Followers

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After a year where almost all international sports competitions were canceled, this year the EURO 2020 will take place and football fans all over the world are awaiting it anxiously. Make the most of this tournament to generate branded content and promotions related to the European football championship. This can help you increase engagement with your followers, collect leads and improve your brand reputation. Here we give you 9 ideas to organize an online campaign for EURO 2020, which is now EURO 2021.


How to make a timed quiz online | 4 examples with Easypromos
examples timed quiz

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The clock is ticking, the excitement is building, and time is running out! Everyone loves the challenge of a timed quiz. Here’s how to make a timed quiz online for a marketing promotion or competition. Plus 4 examples of fun promotions made with the Easypromos timed quiz app.


EURO 2020: How to Create an Online Tournament to Promote Your Brand

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Will Euro 2020 be the most digital, and most popular, European Championship to date? It certainly looks that way! Since the tournament was postponed in 2020 due to Covid-19, a lot of expectations have been placed on this sporting event, and it’s already generated plenty of buzz among soccer fans. Take advantage of this great digital moment to promote your brand and get consumers thinking about your products. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how you can create your own online tournament.


How to Engage your Followers with Giveaways for International Day of Yoga

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The International Yoga Day falls on June 21. It’s a fantastic opportunity for yoga teachers, studios and accessories companies to connect with the yogi communities online. Discover how to celebrate Yoga Day with your online audience – with fun giveaways and raffles.


Real Examples of Brand Recognition Campaigns

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You need your customers to be able to think of your brand whenever they face new purchase decisions. Digital promotions can help your existing and potential clients recall your brand when making these choices. Take a look at how to use online campaigns to your advantage and improve brand recognition in no time.


Tips for Organizing Giveaways on Instagram TV: Tips & Advice

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At Easypromos we constantly watch social media giveaways and there’s one aspect that we particularly love: the extent to which social media managers go to when it comes to experimenting, trying new tools and generating engagement. Instagram TV rocked the social media world in 2020 and some content creators tried their hand at organizing giveaways on this new content format. However, until not long ago, there were no tools to automatically import all comments from IGTV. But it’s finally possible to organize IGTV giveaways and with Easypromos, automatically! Do you want to launch a giveaway on your Instagram TV video? You’re in the right place if you’re looking to discover some tips, ideas and most importantly the tool you need to finalize your IGTV giveaway in a transparent way.


How to Run a Fair Online Voting Competition

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Online voting competitions can increase your reach, collect user-generated content and boost your reputation. Here’s how to run a fair, effective contest with an online voting app – and keep fraudsters out.


How to Create an Employee Engagement Quiz: Champions League Predictions

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The online broker DEGIRO has been the main sponsor of Borussia Mönchengladbach since July 2020. When the team made it to Champions League, the company was looking for a way to promote the Champions League matches to also address the sponsorship internally. They did so with a Multi-Round Predictions game; its ultimate goal was to create employee engagement. The employees could make their bets the days before the matches and earn points for each correct prediction for the chance to win team merchandise prizes. Here you can read more about it.


How to Create Online Team Building Activities

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Team building is a vital aspect of any successful and efficient team. The lack of cooperation and coordination between team members may lead to decreased productivity and low performance. Keeping that in mind, companies must invest time and resources into team building activities, especially now when remote working is becoming the new norm. Luckily for supervisors and employees, the Internet is full of possibilities for online team building activities.


Relationship Marketing: Improve Customer Relationships with Promotions

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Looking to create lifelong customers? It’s time to introduce digital promotions into your strategy. In this blog post we take a look at how to boost brand engagement, customer loyalty and sales with a good relationship marketing strategy.