5 Ideas for Facebook Giveaways, Contests, and Competitions

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Facebook continues to be the top social media network and brands actively working on capitalizing on their Facebook communities. In this blog post, we share five Facebook giveaway ideas that will help you boost your brand, sales and leads. Learn how to work towards your objectives with giveaways, games, contests and competitions. Read on!


New Website Promotion: How Giveaways & Prizes Can Promote Your Site

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Have you just launched – or are planning to launch – a new website or e-commerce site? Make it go viral so that you can capitalize on traffic. Learn how to use online promotions, giveaways, and prizes to promote your newly launched site.


How to Create a Daily Trivia Quiz: Generate and Maintain Brand Engagement

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Want to increase engagement, educate your customers, and keep them coming back to your website? A daily trivia quiz is a quick, fun way to keep all eyes on you.


How to Celebrate Dog Day Online: Ideas for Giveaways and Contests

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We’ve all heard the saying “Dog is man’s best friend” – and we couldn’t agree more. They’re fantastic companions full of affection and love. It’s been scientifically proven that they have a great impact on our lives and well-being. We bet that a big number of your customers are dog owners and let us tell you – it’s something you share bear in mind! In this blog post, we take a look at promotional ideas for celebrating Dog Day online – and therefore create strong customer relationships.


Banks and Financial Services: Examples and Ideas for Promotional Campaigns

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Banks, as well as other credit and financial institutions, have been digitalizing over recent years to cater and adapt to the changing society. Apart from the obvious implementation of technological improvements to online banking, there has also been a significant change in the way financial services approach their marketing strategies. Banks are no longer solely focused on sponsoring major events; they’re now on a mission to boost brand awareness, attract new clients as well as increase customer loyalty. In this blog post, we take a look at different promotional strategies launched online by banks, insurance brokers, and other financial services.


Success Story: An Instant Win Promotion Enhanced Brand Awareness for a Cheese Brand

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Online campaigns are the perfect avenue for product promotion for brands with an online presence. Today we share with you an example of a successful promotional action launched by a Swiss specialist in dairy products. Discover how an Instant Win campaign generated more than 300,000 page views and attracted more than 12,000 unique users.


How to Run a Professional, Transparent LinkedIn Giveaway

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LinkedIn turned 18 in May 2021. This social network’s coming of age finds it in fine fettle, clearly positioned as the best-known professional network and the perfect place to share business, work, and educational content. In B2B marketing, being able to generate promotional actions on LinkedIn is a growing necessity, and many clients are asking us how they can organize a giveaway on LinkedIn. In this article, we answer that question. We will explain how LinkedIn’s guidelines influence digital promotions, and we suggest ways of running contests and sweepstakes on this professional social network.


Event Lead Generation with a Timed Quiz: a Success Case of La Trobe University

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When La Trobe University could once again attend career expos after the COVID-19 pandemic, they wanted a new way of creating engagement to support their lead generation. Together with their new stand, they created a ‘Test your clever’ quiz that event attendees could play on their phones. Learn here how to use a Timed Quiz for your event lead generation.


Brand Awareness Questionnaire – Boost Visibility with Online Quizzes

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Brand awareness is one of the most vital keys to success. But as important as it is, it might also be equally difficult to find efficient ways of enhancing it. The XXI century customers don’t want to see hard-sell campaigns; they respond much better to thoroughly planned promotional actions that focus more on the customer, their needs, and pain points, rather than the special price of the product itself.


Celebrate the Olympic Games with Online Promotions

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Are you ready for the Olympic Games? We expect to see spikes in the number of people tuning in to watch the competitions due to restrictions that prevent people from attending the event personally and because it’s the biggest sporting event since 2016. Certainly, there’ll be loads of trending topics, funny situations, and new records that will take over social media. Take advantage of the excitement that comes with the Olympics and turn it into engagement for your brand. Read on to discover our favorite ideas for online Olympic Games promotions that will not only boost engagement but also better position your brand and generate new leads for your marketing purposes.