Case Study of an Annual Photo Contest: Miss Diving Specials

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The photo contest Miss Diving Specials has become an annual recurring marketing action for the website Diving Specials that help them obtain user generated content and email addresses for their email marketing.


New Easypromos API for Developers

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We’ve launched an updated version that makes the use of and the integration with our API easier. The Easypromos API allows developers to program automatic export of the users that register in a promotion to integrate the data in external or third party platforms.


Google Primer, New App with Bite-Size Marketing Lessons Advise to Run Contests on Social Media

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5 minutes a day is all you need to learn valuable business advice and catch up on Digital Marketing with the new app from Google. And pay attention! The new app Google Primer mentions competitions as a recommended action in your online marketing plan. Do you want to know how to organize a successful contest? Keep reading because this gets interesting.


Quizzes: Get New Leads While Your Followers Have Fun

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We’re going to look at a type of contest that often works well on social media: the trivia quiz. We’re going to explore this type of contest from a perspective of inbound marketing. Quizzes are great for testing the knowledge of your brand’s followers. To participate, users must answer one or more questions about a specific subject.


6 Ideas to How to Announce the Winners of an Instagram Sweepstakes

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Have you organized an Instagram sweepstakes and is it time to contact the winners? Once you have the list of the winners of the prize draw, time has come to contact the lucky ones so that they can receive their prize as soon as possible. But, how do you announce the result of the Instagram Sweepstakes and even more important, how do you get in touch with the winners? Here we give you 6 ideas to how to announce the winners of the sweepstakes on Instagram.


Changing the Thumbnail of Your Facebook Live is Easy if You Know How

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Broadcasting live videos and polls with Facebook Live will increase the reach of your posts given that Facebook gives more reach value to this type of content and your videos will be shown before posts from other users and will have more views in the users’ newsfeed. If in addition to that the thumbnail image is interesting and striking, your video is sure to be seen even after the live streaming. You can change the thumbnail image of your Facebook Live videos to help achieve that. Keep reading and we’ll explain how.


How to write a post for an Instagram Sweepstakes

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Continuous growth in the use of Instagram makes it an ideal social platform for brands and businesses online campaigns. In particular, running sweepstakes on Instagram is a great way to boost followers and strengthen ones brand image. As you continue reading we’ll reveal 10 plus vital tips for writing great giveaway posts where you invite your audience to comment in order to participate. This will include tricks to make a post efficient in limited space, make it viral for best exposure and that will get you followers and interactions on your profile.


Practice lead engagement using voting contests
lead engagement voting contest

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When a brand wants to interact with an audience and dynamize its online community, implementing a social media contest or promotion is generally an effective method of doing so. Brand followers are usually enthusiastic about such initiatives. You have a lot of options, but if what you’re seeking is to generate engagement with your public, then we suggest you give voting contests a try: you won’t be disappointed.


Jeremy Stern, founder and Managing Director of PromoVeritas

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Jeremy Stern is the founder and Managing Director of PromoVeritas. In his previous role as European Promotions Director of Coca-Cola, he saw a gap between the brilliant ideas of creative agencies and their clients who wanted to follow the rules and regulations for promotions. Hiring a lawyer was expensive and few had the necessary knowledge. As a result, many promotions were run casually and with limited respect for the laws. Whilst many others were busy setting up creative agencies, and frequently shutting them due to competition, PromoVeritas chose to operate in a niche and has grown and prospered. It now operates globally, has over 200 active clients and runs over 1500 campaigns a year.



Judging Prize Promotions
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When you want to host a photo, video or writing based contest in the UK, you have to know the CAP Code. With the Easypromos app, you can choose to select the winners randomly but maybe you want the winners to be selected manually by a judge or a panel. In that case, this article will help you to understand the aspects that you need to keep in mind when organizing the contest and how you should proceed. Our partner PromoVeritas explains all the details here.