How to get 1000 Facebook Likes in 6 steps

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One of the challenges for companies that want to be present on Facebook is the good old “And now what?”. “And now what?” happens just after one creates a Facebook Fan Page, unless you have the budget for a social media consultant or agency. The administrator has followed all the steps to sign up and once the page is online, doubts arise: What should I do? What should I say? How do I get fans? We all know beginnings are hard so taking a practical focus based on our experience, we here offer a short guide of first steps that will help you get to this critical mass of, let’s say, 1000 Facebook Likes. We hope it is useful!

1. Create a quality image:

Once the Fan Page is open to the public and before you start sharing it with your contacts, make sure that you have good cover and profile pictures. These should of course be aligned with your brand image. Whether it is a logo or a picture representing your products/services, it is extremely important that the images have good resolution and correspond to the sizes determined by Facebook: cover picture of 851×315 pixels and profile picture of 160×160 pixels. Blurry photos or images with colors that don’t match would give a bad image of your brand.
You can find more information on the following Facebook  page: What are the guidelines for my Page’s cover photo?

2. Share with family and friends:

The first round of Likes is not that hard to get if you count on your circle of relatives and close friends. They would be already aware of what your business is and in any case a Like compared to hours of listening to you talking about work is as easy as pie. Send them e-mails with the page URL or invite them directly using the “Invite friends” button on the admin panel of your page.


3. Personalize your page:

Not only the cover and profile pictures give personality to your page. They do give a first impression but from now on you should reach a continuity in the content shared with your audience so the added value for your fans justify this Like.  For example, if you are a hotel, share chef´s recipes, beauty tips from the spa staff, etc.  Don´t limit yourself to sharing links and pictures from other blogs/websites. Try to curate your own content. If you think it is too complicated, get an original selection of content related to your sector.


4. Link your Facebook page to the existing promotional materials:

If you have business cards, leaflets, posters, etc you can place a link to your Facebook page. The easiest way is through a QR code, which once scanned on mobile will take the person to the page directly. It is perfect for packaging if you offer a physical product or for your restaurant’s menu. And don’t forget your website or your mail signature!


5. Engage tour fans and win new ones through a promotion:

Once your family, friends, business contacts/clients are on board the fan acquisition process slows down. In order to accelerate it, we recommend a strategy as ancient as trade: a promotional campaign so people learn about you and your business. Ordering an incentive to become a fan works! You can use the Easypromos free Basic promotion to test the impact of such activity on your page. In this tutorial we explain how to set it up.
Once you feel comfortable with it, you can take a look at the rest of promotions you can create with Easypromos and decide which one fits best your page.
At Easypromos we have run more than 75.000 promotions so we know Facebook promotions do work and very well. They are good to get new fans but also to engage with the existing ones. If you need more tips on how to create promotions we suggest you get our tips when creating a promotion in FB‘.


6. Use Facebook Ads:

It is not necessary to have the budget of a multinational in order to promote your business with Facebook ads. Even with 10 USD per day you can have a positive result as you only pay per click. If your page has followed the previous steps and tips, “Liking” it after clicking on an advertisement is highly probable. The main benefit is the segmentation by location, age, gender and, most of all, interests. You can be as specific as launching a campaign to people who like a certain song, a food ingredient or a brand of shoes. We recommend that you link the ad to an open promotion. This way the newcomer will have an immediate reward for “Liking” your page: the opportunity to win something.

The next step would be to care for existing fans and grow. Our recommendation in this case, when you already have a Facebook page running, would be to delegate or outsource its management to a professional consultant, community manager or digital agency. These professional services will help you take your Facebook page to a new level.

We hope this guide will be useful. For any questions about using applications Easypromos please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Miquel Bonfill

Co-founder at Easypromos