Promotion Group: How to Organize a Campaign with Multiple Promotions

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Are you planning on organizing a week-long promotional action on your Facebook Page with a different prize raffled each day? Would you like to create a quiz in which a new question is asked every day? Do you want to launch multiple promotions based on the same theme and group them together on a single screen? In this post we explain how you can prepare these sorts of actions using Promotions Groups – a feature that enables you to display a collection of promotions on the same screen, forming a single promotional campaign.

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Before we begin, would you like to see a DEMO? Find out how to present a promotions group.

What are Promotion Groups?

A group is a collection of individual promotions which form part of the same promotional campaign or which are connected in some way.

There are situations in which planning a promotional activity lasting various days can be an interesting way of creating new mechanisms for attracting fans: daily sweepstakes, quizzes with a new question each day, contests in various phases, etc.

With the aim of making it easier to manage these types of promotions, we have developed Promotion Groups, a feature that enables you to present a collection of individual promotions on the same page.

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Below we explain the main characteristics of promotion groups.

Distributing home page of individual promotions.

All the promotions that form part of the same group are presented on a home page which serves as the distributing page. On this page, the promotions are grouped according to their status: active, inactive, or coming soon. This means that users can quickly see which promotions they can take part in, which have finished and which will soon be active.

The home page also offers various customization options, which allow administrators to design a specific image for the group while keeping the same style for all the promotions.

Benefits of Promotions Groups

1. Present promotions from the same campaign on one screen.

If you have decided to organize various promotions within the same campaign, the home page of the group will enable you to present all the planned promotions to users at the same time.

The group home page offers the following characteristics:

  • Customize each individual promotion within the group. Each promotion can be represented with its own image so that users can easily locate the promotion they want to take part in.
  • Show the status of the promotion. Each promotion displays its status so that users can see whether it is active, inactive, or coming soon. This will keep users engaged and expectant as they can find out which promotions will be available in a few days.
  • Order the promotions within the group. The administrator can decide the order in which to display the different promotions that make up the group.
  • Display the promotions in the group context. Each individual promotion will open in a modal group without leaving the promotion group. This means that the user does not lose the context of the group.
  • Customize the header of the group page. The administrator can define a header image with a title and a description of the campaign.

2. Facilitate the administration of recurring promotions.

This distributing page will facilitate the organization of promotional actions which consist of various promotions with the same theme or mechanism.

Example: If you have decided to organize a weekly raffle over the course of two months you can create eight individual promotions and present them on the same screen. Nevertheless, each promotion will be independent.

3. New design.

The promotions distributing page has a new design conceived as a new template for presenting a campaign differently from an individual promotion. The new design can be customized from the administration panel without needing any programing knowledge.

4. Advanced customization of the group page.

All the graphic and text elements that appear in the template are customizable without any programing knowledge. Advanced users also have the option to customize the template with their own CSS styles, HTML code and Javascript.

5. Responsive.

The home page template of the group uses the responsive template and adapts to all screen and device resolutions, meaning that the user has an optimal smartphone experience.

6. Have a single link to the promotions group

The promotions group has a single link which administrators can share with users to redirect them to the distributing page. This enables administrators to share the group’s home page directly with their fans and show them all the promotions that form part of the same group.

7. Shared settings

In the groups there is information that can be shared between the different promotions; for example, legal bases. The administrator can define the unique legal bases of the group.

8. New promotions mechanisms.

Promotions Groups enable you to design promotions which work individually while forming part of a more global promotional action. This feature opens the doors to new dynamics for surprising users with promotions that are different to those they are used to.

Example: Do you want to create a quiz? Divide the action between various days so that in order to advance the promotion it is necessary to correctly answer the quiz question.

9. Sweepstakes segmented promotions.

You can organize a campaign in which all the users choose which sweepstakes or contest they want to participate in. For example, if you organize a sweepstakes for cinema tickets you can create a promotion for each cinema and the user can choose which sweepstakes he/she wants to take part in.

10. Publish the promotions group via a Facebook application.

The administrator can present the different individual promotions in the group via an application installed on their Facebook Page (also available for Facebook pages with a community of 2,000 fans or more). They can also customize their app with a specific image for the group.

11. Embed the promotions group on a webpage.

To give greater visibility and diffusion to the campaign outside Facebook, the administrator can use the Easypromos widgets to embed and present the promotions group on any webpage, blog or microsite. The users can take part in the group promotions directly from the page without needing to access Facebook because the user’s experience is exactly the same.

Practical ideas: When to create a Promotions Group

Trivia with a different question each day. Do you want to challenge your fans with a quiz and ask them a different question each day? Create a daily individual quiz so that users can answer the question of the day. At the end of each day, you can carry out a sweepstakes among all participants or only among those who have got the answer right.

Betting on different days. Do you want to your fans to place their bets? If it’s for a sports competition that takes place over various days you can create a new promotion each day.

Linked promotions. Would you like to raffle a prize among all participants? Make it so that only participants who have correctly answered the quiz can be eligible for the prize; all those who get the answers right will obtain a password which they can use to ‘unblock’ the access to the promotion and register for the sweepstakes.

Instant Win: Try your luck every day. If you have various prizes to share out and you’d like to assign them at specific times you can create a Winning Moment campaign. Take advantage of the immediacy of these types of promotions – each promotion hides one or two prizes and the user tries his/her luck in all of them.

Daily/weekly sweepstakes. Managing daily/weekly sweepstakes in your Facebook Page is quicker and easier with promotions groups: decide for how long users will be able to sign up, and, once the registration has finished, carry out a sweepstakes among all the participants. The home page of the group will show all the planned sweepstakes and the finalized promotions will show the name of the lucky winners.

Contests by categories. Would you like to organize a photo or video contest? Prepare the action in different categories (landscape, sport, animals, etc.), and let the users decide which category they want to participate in. For each category you can create a new individual promotion, customize it according to the theme of each contest, and create a group to present all the contests.

Give away a coupon or promotional code each week. Award your fans with a coupon or promotional code that they can exchange at your physical or online store. Give them the chance to win a new coupon each week. In this way, you’ll encourage them to come back to your Facebook Page and you’ll keep them interested throughout the whole campaign.

Promotions with different geographical locations. If you have a global Facebook Page with users in different countries, create an individual promotion for every country: each promotion will be in the corresponding language and will have its own participants. This will allow you to set up the promotion in accordance with the characteristics of each geographic area. The different promotions can be grouped in the same group page. You can use the unique link of the group for all communication and diffusion actions and enable your users to decide which promotion they want to take part in.

How to create a Promotions Group

The Promotions Groups feature is available in Premium and White Label.

You can learn how to set them up by following the instructions in this tutorial.

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2014-06-04