Share a contest or sweepstakes via Whatsapp, Telegram and Line

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Whatsapp, Telegram and Line, the reference instant messaging apps, have become the preferred means of communication for millions of users worldwide. Whatsapp is one of the most popular, with over 600 million users. Its immediacy, ease of use and compatibility with the operating systems of all smartphones has made it one of the most popular apps for sharing, disseminating and exchanging information.

More than 65% of users who participate in Easypromos promotions do so via mobile devices. With the objective of providing these users with an even easier way of sharing with, and inviting, their friends, we have now introduced integration with Whatsapp, Telegram and Line. These have been included with online campaigns as new channels for viralizing promotions. The chance to share a promotion via Whatsapp is available for users who take part in Easypromos promotions via their smartphone.

Below we explain what the user’s experience is like and outline all the customization options on offer.


How does it work?

One of the main actions in all promotions is the chance to share, quickly and easily, with friends, family, colleagues and other contacts. With this objective in mind, all the screens in a promotion display the ‘Share’ button, which offers users different channels for viralizing the promotion. Now, Whatsapp has been included as a new tool for users who are connecting via their smartphone.

In this way, with just one click, users can send a message to friends or even whole groups of friends via Whatsapp. The message will include the viral content defined by the administrator, as well as a link to the promotion.

In the following infographic we outline how a user can share the promotion via Whatsapp:


Would you like to know what it’s like to share via Whatsapp? Take your smartphone and try it out with this DEMO. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!


Features of Whatsapp integration

The possibility for sharing and disseminating the promotion via Whatsapp is present in all the promotion screens via the ‘Share’ and ‘Invite friends’ buttons which are shown in the final page of the promotion.

From the promotion administration page, the administrator can customize content to be shared by the user via Whatsapp, and configure it so the content is different depending on the screen:


Landing page

The administrator can define a generic message that the user can share via social networks, sending a private message via Whatsapp, Telegram and Line or email:

Share and invite via Whatsapp - Easypromos


List of participations

After participating in a contest and uploading a photo, text or video, the user can easily share his or her participation with friends in order to disseminate it and obtain votes:

Share and invite via Whatsapp - Easypromos


Final page

Once the registration form has been completed, users access the final screen, where they will find two different buttons:

  • ‘Share’ button, which allows users to publish the promotion via social networks, and send a message via social networks, Whatsapp, Telegram, Line or email:

Share and invite via Whatsapp - Easypromos

  • ‘Invite your friends’ button, which permits users to send a private invitation via Whatsapp, Telegram, Line and email:

Share and invite via Whatsapp - Easypromos


To customize the users experience even further, the administrator can define viral content for each action. This means that they can configure a different Whatsapp message, shaping the text to match the type of screen being used by the user. So, three different viral messages can be customized:

1. Generic content: It is the generic message of the promotion that appears in the share buttons of the home page, the registration form and the participants’ list.

2. Recruiting content: This is the message that can be customized so that by sharing it users encourage their friends to take part, thus recruiting new users. It is displayed in the “share” and “invite” buttons on the final page.

3. Participation content: This is the message that can be shared from the participations page or from the final page of the promotion if the administrator configures it that way. This message shows the user’s entry (whether photo, text or video) and links directly to the individual participation of the contest.


Share and invite via Telegram, Line and e-mail

And because not all users use the same applications and channels for communicating with their friends and contacts, we have also incorporated the following channels for diffusion:


Telegram and Line

These instant messaging applications are also at the disposal of users from the same Sharing and Inviting window (in the case of users who are participating from their smartphone), and the operation is exactly the same as with Whatsapp: the user can decide which contacts to share the promotion with.


Send an email

As email continues to be one of the favorite methods for sharing information on the internet, the application also facilitates participants with the opportunity for sharing the promotion by email and sending a private invitation. This feature is available for all users who connect to the promotion via their desktop PC, as well as via a mobile device, and it allows them to send an email with a link to the promotion. In this case, the application will open the email administrator that the user has configured by default in his or her device.


Who is the Whatsapp, Telegram and Line integration available for?

The integration with these messaging apps is available for all promotions created with the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos, and it will also be available for Basic promotions from 1st February.



Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2015-01-22