Fun Ideas to Promote Sports Events Online

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Sporting events can provide the perfect opportunity for planning creative promotions on Facebook. They constitute one of the areas which generate most implication and participation by users across the social networks. In this article we outline three examples of sport-related promotions.

If you’re here reading this post, it most likely means that you’re looking for ideas to promote sports events on social media networks. Using the right type of promotions to market a sporting event can determine how successful your final result will be. Nowadays, elite sportsmen and sportswomen, agencies, federations, sports-related brands, and media use social channels. It’s a really great way to reach millions of users quickly and easily.

Today, we will show you some successful examples of great marketing campaigns with the main goal to market sports events!

User-generated content at the Netball World Cup

There’s no better content than user-generated content! And especially when it’s gathered in a great way and on a large scale. That was the case with the #ThisIsNetball campaign. During 10 days of the tournament, users generated more than 45,000 pieces of content. And then 1,500 of these pictures were then displayed on big screens in the tournament arena.

ThisIsNetball user-generated content

User-generated content can be easily displayed on screens like in the example above. However, you can also share it on your social media channels, as it will certainly reinforce the relationship between you and your clients. This is a great example of a successful marketing campaign for sports events, as it achieved the main objectives: increase of engagement and exposure, and most importantly high-quality content. You can use our Mention + Hashtag app to gather user-generated content.

Here you can find out more about this successful campaign!

Instagram tickets giveaway to promote sports events

Now ask any sports fan what would be the best incentive in a giveaway organized by their beloved club… Surely, “entry tickets” will be the most common answer! So take advantage of your Instagram community and organize a giveaway. Ask your followers to mention their friends, share stories or simply explain why they deserve tickets to the next game. Just like Salt Lake Bees did!

Salt Lake Bees Instagram Giveaway

The random winner of this Instagram Giveaway won a set of 4 tickets to a game, along with a team hat! That’s a great way not only to market the match, but also to stimulate engagement and promote your merch.

Personality Quiz as a promotion tool

During the period of the 2015 NBA All-Star championship, the AS newspaper organized a quiz, where users could find out which All-Star player they most resembled, based on their abilities and physical appearance. Participants had to take a simple test, and, depending on their answers, the application showed them with a personalized result, including a photo of one of the players.

Surveys and quizzes tend to attract the attention of many online users, as they’re a great tool to entertain the audience. Ask the users to leave their contact details in order to obtain the final result. That way you generate leads, while you engage your online community.

Allstar sporting event online

Use the Personality Quiz app by Easypromos to entertain your audience and generate new leads, while promoting your sporting events.

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