5 Ideas for Promoting a Music Festival

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Festivals can get great exposure on the social networks. News, images and music from the artists on the poster can be shared with your followers, keeping them up to date with all the latest festival news. If you are thinking about going one step further, we suggest you carry out a digital marketing action to make your festival become more viral and reach a wider audience.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are 5 ideas to promote a music festival which will improve the experience of those attending and ensure that people connect directly with the event in question.


1. The best publicity of all

If you want to boost ticket sales in the weeks leading up to the festival, prepare a sweepstakes on your Facebook Page Timeline to give all those who ‘like’ or comment on a post the chance to win tickets or merchandising.

You can encourage the participants to share the post so that their friends who are not followers of your Page can also have a chance of winning. Write the post yourself or follow a template provided by the app in order to save time.

The idea:

Carry out one or several sweepstakes on the Timeline of your Facebook page to promote the festival and give away tickets or merchandising before the event starts.

The advantages:

  • The ideal app to increase engagement with your Facebook Page.
  • You can set up the sweepstakes in just three clicks.
  • By giving away pairs of tickets, you will ensure that the sweepstakes becomes viral quickly as participants will share it to invite their friends to join in.
  • You can use more than one post to remind users about the sweepstakes; you can make the application collect all the likes or comments of all the posts that you select.
  • No registration is required from the user – they are entered into the sweepstakes just by liking or commenting on a post.


2. Capturing each moment

We’re sure that each year your festival has its own unique hashtag for visitors to upload their photos and provide greater visibility to the event. However, there is much more you can do with a hashtag.
Organize a hashtag contest to run during the festival and instantly import tweets, photos and videos from Twitter and Instagram. You and the users will then be able to share the content via the contests gallery provided by the app and make it viral.
If you want to boost participation, carry out a final sweepstakes among all users who have used your hashtag to upload audiovisual material. You could give away festival merchandising or tickets to next year’s event.

The idea:

Use the official festival hashtag to encourage people to upload photos and videos during the event; then carry out a sweepstakes among all your users.

The advantages:

  • A perfect tool to boost hashtag-identified events.
  • Lots of festival-related content generated, such as texts, photos and videos, which you can import easily.
  • You can display this content in a customizable, responsive and multi-platform gallery which you can publish on your webpage, blog or across the social networks.
  • The sweepstakes will be carried out randomly and you will obtain a certificate of validity as a guarantee of transparency.


3. The audience is the star of the show

Did you like the idea we just mentioned? Well, it gets even better! If your festival has large screens, we suggest you use the Full Screen feature as part of your hashtags contest.
This tool serves to project images on any type of screen or high-resolution monitor in real time. When the participant uploads a photo with the hashtag, this photo is then projected onto the screen, where it is displayed as part of a slideshow.
This way, the public can see any images they upload to Instagram and Twitter during or after the concert instantly and this will make them feel like they’re really part of the event.

The idea:

Automatically project images uploaded by attendees using the official hashtag of the festival.

The advantages:

  • It adapts 100% to any type of screen, monitor or TV.
  • It offers the option of projecting images only, text only or images plus text.
  • The images flow at a slow pace which is pleasing to the eyes.
  • It offers an optional pre-moderation system for reviewing images before they appear on the screen, thus giving you the chance to block any inappropriate content.


4. May the best song win

If your festival gives awards to the best artists or concerts, we suggest you employ the Pick Your Favorite app using music videos from each group.
Post the artists’ videos in a public gallery to display them for voting. By default, each user can only vote for one of the proposals, although you can allow users to vote for more than one. You can also determine the maximum number of votes that a user can cast.
Even if you don’t give awards to the artists, you can still take advantage of this promotion to ask attendees to vote for the concert they enjoyed the most.

The idea:

Use the Pick Your Favorite application to ask users which concert they liked best.

The advantages:

  • Set up the best way of presenting the options: via a vertical gallery or a mosaic gallery (which displays more than one option per line.)
  • Obtain the email addresses of voters via the registration form. You can then download all the users’ information in an Excel file.
  • In order to encourage participation, organize a final sweepstakes giving all voters the chance to win tickets to next year’s festival.


5. A live contest

All you need is a tablet to carry out a live sweepstakes and boost your ticket sales massively. How? It’s very simple: Have somebody from the organization stand at the entrance to the festival inviting people as they come in to register their details on the tablet for a chance to meet the artist after the concert. You’ll then be able to carry out the sweepstakes from the tablet once all the attendees have entered.

If you want to make the promotion even more spectacular, ask the artist to read out the name/s of the winner/s at the end of the show. This will create anticipation and provide the public with a moment of great excitement. Alternatively, you can send an automatic email alert to the winner, informing him or her where to go after the show to have a photo taken with the artist.

Here is a post containing an example of how to carry out a live survey at a trade fair. Read this to discover all the uses that this action can offer.

The idea:

Carry out a live sweepstakes before the concert starts and reward the lucky winner with the opportunity to meet the artist in person.

The advantages:

  • If you announce this sweepstakes across the social networks a few days before the event, you will boost ticket sales.
  • You will be giving an innovative and fun image by carrying out a promotional action that the audience will never forget.
  • Ask participants for all the details that you require, but bear in mind that the registration form shouldn’t be too long or take too much time to complete.
  • Carry out a random sweepstakes among all registered participants so that they all have the same chance of winning.


Silvia Marti Ferrer

Marketing and Customer care Easypromos’ team