Sweepstakes between participants in Offline Events

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Would you like to carry out a sweepstakes between attendees of a conference, workshop, party, training session or seminar? Would you like to give your guests a fun surprise to thank them for attending? Run a sweepstakes between attendees quickly and easily with the “Pick-A-Winner App” and give away gifts, discounts and other prizes.

This tool enables you to import, from an Excel, CSV or TXT file, a list of everyone who attended your event. We suggest that the file include key fields such as names, surnames and email addresses of attendees so that you can identify each attendee accurately. This, in turn, will ensure an easy and transparent prize presentation.

This type of sweepstakes is ideal for the following types of scenarios:

Loyalizing students

Does your educational center or training company want to gather continual feedback from students? Would you like to keep in touch with students by carrying out promotional actions and rewarding them for their loyalty? Create a list of your students and carry out a sweepstakes between them all. You just need to import the Excel/CSV or TXT file and decide how many winners and alternates you want.

Thank people for attending an event

Reward your conference attendees to thank them for coming. Announce a sweepstakes among everyone who came to your event so that they feel cared about by organizers. This type of sweepstakes is ideal for loyalizing attendees and making them more likely to come to subsequent conferences! You’ll be able to use the tool to select a winner from the list of attendees on your Google form, Excel or CSV file, generating the result in seconds.

Promotional events

If you’ve organized a promotional party to present a product, you can dynamize the event by running a sweepstakes between attendees, offering them the chance to win a sample or packs of a new product. This is a simple and successful way of making sure that the product is the focus of the event and everyone’s talking about it. If the product is physical, display it prominently, using posters to inform customers that they can win the product in a sweepstakes. Get people excited to see the results of the sweepstakes and find out who the lucky winner will be.

Once everyone’s arrived to the event, check over the list and then enter it into the app to select the winners. With the ‘Picker-A-Winner App’, winner selection only takes a few seconds. Afterwards, you can display the Certificate of Validity to prove the transparency of the process.

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Gabriel Cruz

Customer Care Easypromos team