How to create your Facebook Live Poll

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Have you heard of live polls with Facebook Reactions as a voting mechanism? These types of promotions use Facebook Live technology to stream a video in which users are presented with a question and a series of options. Participants are then invited to use the reaction feature to vote for their favorite option. Because of the powerful viral effect and organic reach of this type of survey, many pages have begun using it as part of their marketing strategy.

Attention! As of May 16, 2017, our Facebook Live Polls app is no longer available as it doesn’t comply with the new change to Facebook’s policy on the use of the Facebook Live API and therefore it’s not possible to run Facebook Live polls and surveys with Easypromos. You can read more about it here.

However, you should be aware that Facebook prohibits the use of Reactions as a voting mechanism. This might seem surprising, considering how many Pages publish this sort of polls. But Facebook’s guidelines on the correct use of Reactions leave no room for doubt.

Facebook specifies the following practices as not being acceptable ways of using Reactions:

If using Reactions as part of a poll, don’t use Reactions in the following ways:

  • Don’t associate a Reaction with something that doesn’t match its emotional intent (ex: “choose angry if you like the cute kitten”).
  • Don’t make Reactions the most distinctive or prominent feature of your creative.
  • Don’t use Reactions for polls in video where the whole stream consists of static or looping graphics or images

Facebook Guidelines Reactions for Polls

But it’s not all bad news! In Easypromos we’ve developed an app that enables you to take full advantage of the potential and virality of Facebook Live in a way that’s 100% compatible with Facebook Guidelines. The app is called Facebook Live Polls and it enables you to present a question that participants can then vote on by leaving comments with different words. In addition, you’ll also be able to set up the Survey so that the user can use a specific hashtag, which will give you more control. You’ll also have a reactions counter to display the voting results in real time. Check out the example below:

The main characteristic of this app is its ease of use. It enables you to create a poll quickly, straightforwardly, and in a way that’s totally compatible with Facebook’s guidelines. Most important of all, since no programming skills are required, you can have the poll ready in minutes. All you’ll need to bring to the table is your own creativity.

The primary benefit of this type of surveys is that they can reach a large audience organically, thanks to the following:

  1. The Live Poll is carried out using Facebook Live technology which gives you the ability to stream a live video. Currently, Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes this type of post, meaning that its organic reach is greater than that of other types of posts. In addition, you’ll notice that when launching a live video, Facebook sends real-time notifications to followers who are currently logged in, announcing that a live broadcast has started.
  2. The poll is carried out from the words or hashtags included in the comments beneath the post. The more comments made, the greater the engagement and the more Facebook’s algorithm will reward the post by giving it greater relevance on users’ newsfeed. In addition, when a user comments on a Facebook Live post, the probability of Facebook notifying the user’s friends in real time is greater.

Furthermore, as it’s a poll, it will enable you to obtain valuable information from your followers on any topic related to your services. For example: “Which logo do you like best?”

Would you like to publish your own Facebook Live Poll? Keep reading and we’ll explain the advantages of using Easypromos to set one up.

Facebook Live Polls

This app is available for Premium ($199 USD/month) and White Label ($399 USD/month) accounts. Click here to view all the features of the Premium Subscription.

1. Customize the poll to your taste. No programming skills required!

You have a comprehensive editing tool that will enable you to set up the poll in a highly visual way. Decide which words you want your participants to use; upload a background image or select one of the videos that we provide; customize the colors and the layout; and add a countdown timer. In no time at all, your poll will be ready to post. And the best thing of all is that you won’t need any specific HTML or programming knowledge to achieve your desired design.

2. Filter users that comment with a #Hashtag

The hashtag is a very familiar concept for any user who commonly uses social networks and we can take advantage of hashtags in our survey by asking users to comment with one of the proposed hashtags. Some of the benefits of using hashtags in the comments are:

  • It allows to better categorize the response options of the users in the Survey. This in turn translates into a filter tool that will allow you, once the Survey is finished, to easily filter user responses or comments and perform a random draw by previously filtering users by hashtag.
  • It allows to highlight the answer of the user in the comment in a visual way, because when the word is written with a hashtag, the word becomes a link so it appears in blue, thus standing out among all the other words.
  • Hashtags allow to string several words together, thus giving us the opportunity to propose more complete answers to the Survey than if we only use individual words. For example, you can present longer answers, incorporate the name of your brand or product, etc.
  • Hashtags help to spread content faster, so its use will give the Survey more scope and exposure.

3. Avoid duplication

The system limits users to a single entry by only counting the first valid word or hashtag. So even if a user comments on the publication several times, with a variety of hashtags, all comments after the first will be discounted. The system isn’t case sensitive and it will count hashtags with or without accents.

4. Use a video in movement

They say an image is worth a thousand words. Well, a video is worth even more. To help you achieve the best results, the app will provide you with up to 12 videos to choose from. By accompanying the poll with a spectacular video you’ll be sure to catch everyone’s attention. If you can’t find any videos that you like, you can paste the URL of a video uploaded in Youtube or Vimeo or you can paste the URL of a video on your website or other server.

Facebook Live Poll with Youtube and Vimeo video

5. Forget the technicalities of Facebook Live, tokens and APIs

In order to count comments with words and hashtags in real time it’s necessary to connect to the Facebook Live API, obtain Facebook app permission, generate a token, and so on. But you won’t need to worry about any of this – or waste your time fiddling with the technical, programming side of things – because we’ll carry out the Facebook API connection ourselves. This also means you won’t have to create a Facebook Developers app: we’ll do it for you. That way you’ll be able to focus 100% on designing your survey and getting the best results.

6. Streamline campaign creation

We offer an intuitive and user-friendly platform with all the tools required for streamlining the launch of campaigns for your clients. You’ll have tools for copying, duplicating and saving campaigns in drafts, plus a preview system to send to your clients; you’ll also be able to run tryouts on test pages or from your personal profile; finally, you’ll be able to create several campaigns at a time and allow your client to choose which one they like the most.

7. Save a history of all your polls

Like all other apps created from the Easypromos platform, Facebook Live Polls are managed from the Dashboard. This enables you to centralize all your actions in one place and classify them as Draft Promotions, Active Promotions, or Finalized Promotions. The advantage of this is that you’ll be able to keep a history of all the polls you create and check the statistics of your actions whenever you need to. You’ll also be able to duplicate any campaign saved in your history.

Facebook Live Polls

8. Incentivize participation by running a sweepstakes

Would you like to reward participation by running a sweepstakes between participants? The Facebook Live Polls app is also connected with the Sweepstakes Platform, which will permit you to carry out a sweepstakes between all the users who’ve voted by commenting or using a hashtag. The sweepstakes will be generated randomly and with all the benefits and guarantees that the Easypromos platform provides: management of winners and alternates; tools for publishing results; emission of a Certificate of Validity and so on.

9. Benefit from the added value that Easypromos provides: constant updates, support from the team, and reliability

The continual evolution and improvement of our products is part of our DNA. However, we always prioritize the reliability, security, stability, and ease-of-use of our apps. We love to see the new campaigns that our clients carry out each day; and we always collect feedback from our clients and incorporate the resulting improvements into our products. We’re certain that the improvements we continually make will be reflected in ever-better campaigns for your own clients. Test our application now and send us some feedback. We’ll be delighted to review it. Thanks!

Are you ready to create your own poll? Try this new promotion format on your Facebook Page. We’re sure your fans will love it! Don’t hesitate: create an account with Easypromos now and build your first promotion in minutes!

Marian Jubany

Customer care Easypromos’ team

Publication date: 2016-12-14