May Day Promotion and Giveaway Ideas in 2021

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Do your customers and followers celebrate May Day? We take a look at the history of this charming festival – plus tips and templates for a May Day marketing campaign.

What’s the history of May Day?

May Day is traditionally the celebration of spring coming and fertility. The tradition comes from different pagan festivities that have all come together to form the May Day.

The Gaelic May Day, known as Beltane in Ireland and Scotland, celebrated the spring equinox with bonfires to protect crops and cattle. In Roman culture, the goddess of flowers, Flora, was celebrated in the end of April and around the same date, Walpurgis (Valborg) is celebrated in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic and Slovenia with bonfires.

In the UK, the May Day bank holiday is always celebrated on a Monday in early May. That’s so that we can all enjoy a long weekend! But in other countries across Europe, the first of May has become International Workers’ Day: an annual event to celebrate ordinary people and workers.

Whichever aspect of the tradition you plan to celebrate, we’re here to help. Read on for May Day promotion and giveaway ideas!

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May Day giveaway ideas

If you’re a local business, you can run a giveaway on Facebook or Instagram. You can raffle one or more of your products, discount coupons, or event tickets.

Example of a May Day giveaway on Instagram

Make your May Day giveaway attractive with a nice, colourful image. Ask users to comment on your post and on May Day, you simply pick a winner.

Example of a May Day giveaway on Instagram

If you want to grow your email marketing list, you can set up a May Day giveaway where users fill in a customized registration form to take part. Because this is a bit more demanding than a comments contest, make sure you offer a generous prize to incentivize people!

Make sure your email subscriptions are GDPR-proof.

Finally, the bank holiday weekend is the perfect opportunity for a photo contest. Ask people to sign up and share photos of their holiday, or what International Workers’ Day means to them.

Screenshots from a spring photo contest, showing the promotion homepage and a decorated spring selfie by a participant.

Try the Spring PhotoFun DEMO for some cute inspiration.

Do you have questions about May Day promotions and giveaways? Make sure to contact our Customer Support Team.

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