7 Ideas for Social Media Promotions

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Even though you know that you should be using a promotion strategy to energize your social media channels, it can be tricky to turn this strategy into specific campaigns. This is why we want to give you a helping hand by providing a series of proposals to serve as inspiration. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect way to adapt them to your goals, products, and target audience, and put them into practice. ?

Without further ado, here are seven sure-fire ideas for energizing your social networks:

1. Finish the sentence

Ask users to complete a sentence. Choose an evocative story about your brand and products. You can then use this phrase as a brand claim, on the packaging of one of your products, as a campaign thread, as a hashtag for an online promotion, and so on. It all depends on the style of your brand or product, and on the focus that you want to give the contest.

What could the prize be? The prize could be to use the winning phrase for a promotional campaign and to run a sweepstakes among all participants for the chance to win a copy of the product being promoted.

What are the benefits of this type of action? This sort of campaign generates great interaction among the community and is a good way of having fun with your followers while showing them that their opinion is important and valuable to the brand.

Which Easypromos application should you use? To carry out this type of action you could use the Facebook comments giveawaysInstagram comments sweepstakes or the YouTube comments sweepstakes. Ask participants to finish a sentence and then carry out a random sweepstakes among all the participants.

How about an example? A decoration company called DecoFun is looking for a slogan for its summer campaign showcasing bright, colorful fabrics. The company suggests the first half of a slogan – “DecoFun summer is…” – and participants are invited to complete it.

2. Share an experience

Brands can often play a part in people’s happy memories. A particular brand might remind someone of their childhood, or of fun moments with family or friends. The type of product sold by the brand is obviously a determining factor when it comes to launching this type of promotion, since the participant is encouraged to share a life experience that is in some way related to the brand. Show your sensitive side and touch your followers’ hearts.

What could the prize be? The promotion prize could be a parcel of products connected to the experience you are asking participants to share. Participants can be entered into a random sweepstakes for a chance to win the prize.

What are the benefits of this type of action? This sort of promotion can generate plenty of interaction with the community. You can find out which of your products’ characteristics are most important to consumers, which are your most-used products, and how your customers remember your brand, etc.

Which Easypromos application should you use? To carry out this type of action you should definitely use the Writing-Based Contest.

How about an example? The legendary sneaker company Converse runs a text contest asking participants to share adventures they’ve had while wearing Converse footwear. The prize is a pair of brand new Converse shoes.

3. Use the brand in a game

Find out how much participants know about your brand. Ask a series of questions about the history of your brand, and about the products and people who have formed part of your advertising campaigns. Encourage participants to share the quiz with their friends in order to stimulate some good-natured rivalry between them.

What could the prize be? If you time the promotion to mark an important date for your brand you could reward those who get the answers right with a special or commemorative edition of your product.

What are the benefits of this action? This type of action can boost the branding of your company because you’re encouraging participants to dedicate some minutes of their time to you. You can also obtain useful information about which aspects of your products consumers remember the most, which ad campaigns had the biggest impact, and how much participants know about your brand.

Which Easypromos application should you use? A trivia is an excellent way of finding out more about how much your followers know about your brand and products. Organize a fun experience that will motivate and challenge participants and reward those who prove they know the most.

How about an example? Chocolate spread brand Nocilla challenges its followers with a quiz, including questions like: What was our brand’s slogan during the 90s (milk, cocoa, hazelnuts and sugar…). Who is our most well-known competitor? (Nutella). What’s everyone’s favorite birthday party snack? (Nocilla spread sandwiches), and so on. Nocilla enters everyone who gets the answers right into a sweepstakes for the chance to win a special 10kg pack of Nocilla.


4. What do you like most about our products?

One way to fill social media with positive comments and recommendations is to ask customers what they value most about your products. Ask them to leave comments or upload photos that explore the unique features which make your products stand out from the competition.

What could the prize be? If the product is high cost, you could reward participants with coupons or discount codes.

What are the benefits of this action? This type of action is a great way of obtaining content in which your products appear, generating positive dialogue with your followers and obtaining recommendations and testimonies indirectly. Also, by giving them discounts, you’ll be loyalizing your customers and encouraging them to viralize the promotion among their friends.

Which Easypromos application should you use? The best way to upload photos and gather them into a wonderful gallery is with a social media Photo Contest. You’ll have a dashboard from where to configure and customize the contest to fit your requirements, manage and moderate all the images, and measure the results obtained.

How about an example? Your brand is called Xpresso and you’ve developed a line of modern coffee machines with an innovative, programmable capsule system and a modern aesthetic. To make your product better known you run a photo contest where users have to submit photos showing what they like most about your coffee machine. Participants get entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win big discounts on coffee.

5. What do you like least?

If you’re feeling brave and you’re looking to make improvements to your products and services, ask your followers what they like least about your product, or what changes they would like to see. If you have a broad and representative community of followers, this could be an excellent opportunity for conducting market research.

What could the prize be? The prize for this type of action could be a visit to your company’s facilities, plus gifts of merchandising and products.

What are the benefits of this action? You can have your suspicions confirmed and make successful changes, obtain feedback and user engagement, and create a community around your brand and its products.

Which Easypromos application should you use? Create a survey for participants to indicate what they like least about your product and what improvements they’d like to see. This feedback can be analyzed later.

How about an example? The Cuétara cookie company wants to know which flavors are people’s least favorite and what can be done to improve them. They create a survey with questions like: “Which type of biscuit do you like most? Black chocolate or white chocolate?” And: “Which is your least favorite Cuétara cookie? Why?”.

6. A video filmed in the company’s facilities

For a company that has physical stores that sell its products, or for hotels, restaurants or coffee shops, it can be interesting to ask contest participants to share videos filmed on the brand’s premises. The contest could consist of video selfies, videos of specific areas of the facilities, and so on. It is important to think carefully about your objectives if you want a successful promotion. Plan a contest dynamic that is coherent and fun for your participants.

What could the prize be? For this type of promotion, the prize should be a free stay or a meal in the company’s hotel or restaurant. These types of prizes provide great value to the promotion and boost the brand’s image by giving free “products or services”.

What are the benefits of this action?  You can obtain lots of shareable content – generated by the users themselves (UGC) – that will spread the word about your brand. If your company has branches in several countries, you’ll also be emphasizing its international nature; if you’re going to inaugurate a new center, this is an original way of presenting it to the public; if you’re launching a new product, this could also be a great way of promoting it, etc. We’re sure you’ll find the right occasion for this type of promotion, don’t miss the opportunity.

Which Easypromos application should you use? It’s clear that Video Contests are the perfect tool for these types of actions. Make the most of our specialized tool for creating video contests. It’s easy to set up and participants will find it highly intuitive and simple to use.

How about an example? The hotel chain Hoteles Playasol wants to promote a new hotel that’s just opened in Ibiza. They ask customers to record a video of themselves enjoying the hotel’s chill out area and saying what they think of it.

7. Registration with prize

Even if you don’t have a physical store you can still show off your products. Launch a sweepstakes and give your products away as prizes. Create an entry form where users can leave their contact details and tell you which product they’re most interested in. You can then run a sweepstakes among everyone who registers and reward the winners with their favorite products.

What could the prize be? As mentioned, you could reward winners with your products.

What are the benefits of this action? This action can generate new leads for your brand and promote your products.

Which Easypromos application should you use? With a simple Sweepstakes you can run a sweepstakes automatically and randomly for each prize, creating as many prizes as products.

How about an example? Well-known cosmetics company Kiko Milano is launching a new set of lipsticks of eight autumnal colors. To promote them the company asks participants to choose their favorite color. After registering, participants are entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win the lipstick of their choice. At the end of the promotion period, the company runs eight different sweepstakes, one for each shade of lipstick.

What do you think of our ideas for Social Media promotions? Try them for yourselves with an annual subscription. You’ll see your sales increase and your relationship with your community become stronger, all thanks to your social media promotion strategy. Sign in to your dashboard and get started or contact us in case of any questions!

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