International Women’s Day Promotion Ideas for your Brand

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International Women’s Day falls every year on the 8th of March. This special day is now celebrated globally, with people uniting together to celebrate women’s rights, equality and also their achievements. With the development of the Internet and social media, International Women’s Day has become the second most celebrated holiday (right after Christmas) in the United States. Over the last years, brands have also joined the global celebration, adding gender equality to their company values. One of their ways to empower women is International Women’s Day marketing campaigns. So if you want to join the celebration you’re in the right place! We will now share some creative ideas to incorporate into your marketing strategy!

The United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day in the International Women’s Year in 1975. In 1977 the UN invited member states to declare March 8 as a day for women’s rights and equality. The official UN website states that “in recent decades, we have seen remarkable progress in women’s rights (…) but these gains are far from complete or consistent. We live in a male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture.” For this reason, brands that added gender equality to their company values should take part in promoting the event and mission of achieving gender equality. You can do so by organizing social media campaigns, promotions, and events. 

Online contests, giveaways, and promotions can help you emphasize your commitment to promoting women’s right and their achievements. By organizing online promotions aiming to empower women you will automatically work on goals like brand awareness, and follower engagement. So let’s skip the small talk, and take a look at examples of International Women’s Day promotion ideas for 2021!

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Your mini-branded educational game to celebrate International Women’s Day

Is your audience tech-savvy and used to social media networks? If the answer is yes, then the first example is something you should give more thought to. Gamification is one of the latest and most popular trends. Its dynamic and vibrant nature attracts a lot of attention from online users. Use mini-branded games to support the deep cause of International Women’s Day celebrations, but also to entertain your audience and promote your brand like any other marketing campaign. By sharing fun and interactive content you’re more likely to convert followers into paying customers

In the following Match It DEMO, you will see how you can entertain and educate players by showing how certain inventions known to all were created by women, an aspect that is normally unknown to society. 

International Women's Day

We honestly love this Women’s Day promotion idea! If you like it too, you can use our ready-made template to launch your own Match It game for International Women’s Day! Organize a prize draw between the 10 fastest participants or award the fastest player. The integrated registration form will also generate new leads.

Here’s another example of a Women’s Day Match It game organized by a HarperSage, a women’s clothing brand. To celebrate the 2021 Choose to Challenge campaign, the organizer wanted to fight against gender bias.

women's day match it game

Participants were asked to pair five biased words with their empowering synonyms. What a great idea! All participants entered a giveaway for bundle of products valued at a $150.

Share a Women’s Day message with an interactive Puzzle

Looking for another way to generate engagement and leads? We recommend you share an interactive Women’s Day message. With an interactive Puzzle of course!

interactive puzzle, women's day promotion idea

In the above example, you can see how a local supermarket can wish happy Women’s Day to all their customers and employees. Users participate by rearranging puzzle pieces before time runs out and register to download a discount code for their next purchase at the organizing store. Instead of distributing discount codes, you could organize a random prize draw for all registered users.

Are you interested in our Women’s Day Puzzle? Try the DEMO and if you like, download our pre-configured template and launch your game in minutes!

Women’s Day Knowledge Quiz to highlight the female contribution to society

Educational campaigns are a very popular and successful approach to online promotions celebrating women. Many brands focus on achievements and successes that have been achieved by the female part of humanity over the years. Promoting female doctors, inventors, astronauts, and scientists is something that not only educates the audience but also celebrates the legacy and importance of female pioneers. So why don’t you follow the same example? 

International Women's Day

If you decide to organize your own Knowledge Quiz to celebrate International Women’s Day you will not only educate and entertain your audience. You will support the cause and also accomplish some of your marketing objectives. Why? Because the Knowledge Quiz app by Easypromos comes with an integrated registration form that you can edit according to your own needs. This means you will be able to collect new leads. To increase the participation numbers add a random prize draw. You can, for example, raffle a prize among all the entrants that answer all the questions correctly. And to promote your company, even more, make sure that the main prize is your own product! 

Are you interested in setting up your own International Women’s Day Knowledge Quiz? Try our DEMO and if you like it use our ready-made template to save some extra time! Or maybe you want to check your audience’s knowledge about your brand? Discover our brand awareness quiz apps.

Photo Contest to celebrate International Women’s Day

If you have ever thought about organizing a Photo Contest, then International Women’s Day might be the perfect occasion to obtain some user-generated content. Ask your female followers to share with you their pictures! Any theme will work! Pictures with their friends, female family members, favorite things, sharing their moments. All these pictures will have a story behind and you can be the one to share them. And if the participants submit their pictures through one of the photo contest apps designed by Easypromos, they will grant you permission to share their pictures on your social media pages. 

International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day Photo Contest was organized by a hospital in Dubai. The participants submitted their pictures through a competition app, sharing stories behind their pictures. In such a Women’s Day promotion, you can enable public voting to attract even more attention to your promotion. Once you announce the winners you can share photos of your participants and emphasizing their impact on our society. Remember, that at the end of the day the main objective of such a campaign is to empower women and their stories! 

International Women’s Day Promotion idea: Writing Contest

Writing Contests are great to celebrate important and meaningful events like International Women’s Day. Invite your audience – female and male – to share stories about important women in their lives. Writing contests can become more personal, creating a strong connection between the audience and the brand

International Women's Day

In this example, Michelin organized a Writing Contest for their female audience, asking them to explain what they’re best at. From more than 1800 participants the brand drew 5 lucky winners. 

Social media giveaways to celebrate International Women’s Day

Are you looking for something more simple? Don’t worry, you can still celebrate International Women’s Day in great style. Organize a social media giveaway to celebrate and cherish women. Comment-based giveaways tend to be successful and easy to set up! We have prepared a special blog post about International Women’s Day social media giveaways

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