How to Organize an Annual Online Contest

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How many events have you attended in the last couple of years? Surely, you have your favorite. Have you noticed that many of them take place yearly? Have you ever wondered how to improve your company’s anniversary event or any other yearly event in your sphere? Which do you think are the most effective strategies to make a celebration successful? We have chosen a set of yearly events for you to analyze, implement into your marketing strategy, and hopefully find the answers to those questions. Let ‘s get started!

The key to organizing yearly events is to provide users with new motivators to keep coming back. You can do this by either bringing in different speakers every year, changing the event’s topic, introducing new products or features, or organizing promotional campaigns to catch the attendants’ attention.

So, let’s take a look at some examples of what big companies and entities have done to organize yearly online contests.

5 examples to organize yearly online contests

1. Greenpeace

As in the case of the NGO Greenpeace, your marketing strategy should include yearly photo or multimedia contests.  With a promotion like this you can increase brand awareness, increase your followers in social networks and promote your values and services. With Easypromos you can set up a Multimedia Contest in which participants submit photos, videos or PDF documents and create excitement around your brand. Users are always on the lookout for discount and prize opportunities. Therefore, organizing a contest that offers prizes is a good way to collect user generated content easily. 

Let’s take a look at an event that we look forward to every year. The Greenpeace Photo Contest. 

Greenpeace yearly photo contest

Every year, users submit their nature or wildlife photos in the hopes of being featured in Greenpreace’s magazine or calendar. Pretty stunning images, aren’t they?

Greenpeace yearly photo contest

Think a Multimedia Contest is a good idea? Don’t wait any longer and create your own with Easypromos. With our preconfigured templates you’ll have it ready in no time.

2. Malaga city festival

If you’re looking for community engagement for your project, it’s a good idea to involve them in some sort of decision making for your event. For instance, you could ask for users’ opinions through a popular vote to choose a new brand image, a new product or service, an event’s poster…

With the Pick your Favorite app you can get people’s feedback through a transparent and trustworthy process. As a matter of fact, the Spanish city of Malaga did just that and asked its citizens to vote for their favorite poster for the annual city festival. And if you’ve ever been to Spain, you probably know that city festivals are a BIG deal.

City of Malaga pick your favorite contest

Being a public contest, transparency, fairness, and trust play a major role. In order to guarantee that, our platform provides an anti-fraud system made up of 11 security controls to prevent invalid votes.

Want to see more examples? Take a look at these Pick your favorite DEMOS and, if you like them, download the template and create one for your brand.

3. Illustraciencia

Illustraciencia is a Barcelona based scientific illustration project that runs a yearly contest. Consequently, the creativity, talent, and inspiration of the works submitted never fail to impress with every yearly edition. Illustraciencia uses our tool to host the voting to choose the winning submission. These are some of the finalist illustrations.

Ilustraciencia yearly contest

With Easypromos you can create a Photo contest and set it up to select the winner through a popular vote. What’s more, you can set up a public gallery to display the images in a vertical or gallery view mode, and ask users to vote their favorite to select a winner.

Keep in mind that you can share the contest in your social media and web page using the promotion’s url. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Does a Photo contest sound like a good idea? Get on with it and create your own with Easypromos. It’s easy and takes no time with our preconfigured templates

4. Miss Diving Specials

This is another Photo contest example. We are pretty sure you’ll agree with us in that these are great marketing tools for all kinds of businesses. You can use the submissions to promote the contest itself while promoting your product or service. Take a look at the example of the SCUBA diving website Diving Specials. Every year they organize the popular photo contest Miss DIving Specials, where women from all over the world participate for the chance to win a diving cruise. Interesting, isn’t it?

Diving Specials photo contest

This kind of contest will help you gather user generated content (UGC), promote your brand, build customer loyalty, and obtain new leads for later email marketing campaigns. 

Want to know more about this contest? Check out Miss Diving Specials case study!

5. Spanish Postal Service

Renowned yearly events or festivals are an effective tool to promote tourism, such is the case of Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James or St. James’ Pilgrimage). These events draw many attendees, most of them with a smartphone, who generate high quality content to promote your brand, company, or project

A good example is the Spanish Postal Service photo contest, themed around the Camino de Santiago.

Correos yearly photo contest

Participants access the brand’s fully customized microsite where they register and upload their submission. The success of this campaign relies on good planning, adapting it to all kinds of mobile devices, and the possibility to obtain the participants’ contact details.

Reasons to use Easypromos for an online contest.

Easypromos offers several tools to make it easy to configure your promotion and to maximize participation:

  • Every promotion has its own url that you can share on social networks, in a newsletter, or embed in your website.
  • You will get your own participation and engagement statistics to use in your monthly or yearly reports.
  • Copy the same promotion feature available. You can store one or more copies so you can use the same promotion the following. You will have the same configuration and save time.
  • Country and age restrictions available so you can better segment the participation in your contest.

Are you ready to set up your yearly contest? Do you have any questions? Contact us via live chat. Our customer support team will be happy to help.

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